By removing the leftover eggs and eggshells, you will be keeping all those pests away from your snail farm. Before using any organic pesticide on your snail farm, first, harvest the snails in your farm. Remove all the loamy soil in the pen and find a way to heat the sand with fire to kill all the soldier Ant. The best way is to dig a trench, cement it and pour water in it before pouring the engine oil. Just the way human beings maintain quality levels of personal hygiene, snails also need their environment to be neat. You can also spray organic pesticides a few days before stocking your farm with snails. All rights reserved. Your email address will not be published. As the fruit decays it attracts all manner of insects to the snail farm. The best thing to do is to treat the soil. If after 40 days you still have eggs that did not hatch, make sure you take them out of the hatchery immediately. Also, wash the drinking plates and serve only clean water to the snails. Don’t forget to also sanitize all your snail farming equipment to make sure they don’t house any insects. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. To learn how to effectively construct your snail pen, check out these 6 different types of snail house and how to construct them. Cracks on walls and floors must be sealed off. 9 interesting steps to success in snail farming. Some of the organic pesticides for snail farming include’. If you discover areas or pens that are prone to infestation of soldier ants, ensure that you spray insecticides around the pens once in two weeks. 3.Do one apply the organic pesticides on the pen surrounding or the pen soil. How did you construct your snail pens? Also, remove all snail eggshells from the hatchery after hatching. Before going into this business, a wise farmer like you first learns the 9 interesting steps to success in snail farming. Use mosquito nets to construct a good lid for your snail pens. It sits possible to use block to build snail house, I know I use wood is not ok what of block, I prefer emails. 2. Identify the colony of these ants and attack them right there using a very strong or powerful insecticide. 3. When constructing the pen, make sure you use good materials. If those ants should fly over your trench and land in your snail far, subsequently, they will start reproducing. One good way to ensure that soldier ants and other insects do not end up destroying your snail farm is to use organic pesticides. Likewise, if you are running a free-range snail farm, make sure you cover the entire area with mosquito nets. Please sir, my snailry contains a lot of little snails which I can possibly try to harvest to control pest. Dried ginger and onions blended together goes well. To effectively get rid of the ants and pest in your snail farm, do the following; The first thing to consider, as you try to prevent ant invasion into your snail farm, is the construction of your snail pens. Interestingly, most of these ants and insects that affect snails also thrive in the soil. Like other strong smells, peppermint interferes with their ability to communicate. Your email address will not be published. Spring into action and eradicate the ants immediately. Remove all your snails from the loamy soil. Make sure you secure your pen properly and follow the instructions in this guide If you want to prevent pests from affecting your snail farm, you must sanitize your snail farm regularly. A quick way to get rid of ants on your farm is to make sure they don’t find a place to settle in the first. Pls can I use onions and garlic to drive away the ants without hurting my snails. This method is best for people who are into free-range snail farming because of the process it takes. Poultry Diseases that are Rampant in the Cold or Wet Season, How to Raise Broiler Chickens Successfully, A Beginner’s Guide to Local Chicken Farming + eBook, Cannibalism in Poultry: Signs, Causes and Solutions, Prices of Livestock Products / Commodities in Nigeria. However, it’s okay to check every 3 – 7 days depending on the size of your farm. Once you manage to control the ants, you can more easily get rid of the aphids. Use ant-eating nematodes, plant bright flowers to attract parasitic wasps and predatory insects, or find the nest and burn it or pour boiling water into it. If you allow the ants to take over your snail farm, it will lead to the massive death of snails. fruits, and you know how quickly fruits spoil once you cut open. You can replace the snails into the pen after the soil has cooled down. February 29, 2020 Mbazu Chibuzor Snail Farming 27. So, you may choose to check every day. What should be the depth of the soil in the pen. Is there a way to be part of ur group Pls? what do I do in this regard. – Heating the soil directly under direct heat from firewoods. And how can I get rid of them since they can craw into the pen through a small hole. Neem water is prepared by blending the neem leaves, add water and then filter the chaff out. Layers Feed Intake and Weight/Growth Chart, CLICK HERE TO JOIN LIVESTOCKING WHATSAPP & TELEGRAM GROUP, TRY OUR SPECIAL BROILER FEED FORMULAS FOR EXCELLENT GROWTH. 1 How do we prepare the neem water 2.Also please the preparation of the ginger and onions. Use organic pesticides to destroy snail pests. in the snail pen remove the snails and wash with water to dislodge the ants To effectively get rid of the ants and pest in your snail farm, do the following; Securely cover your snail pens with mosquito nets; Dig a trench around your snail farm and fill it with water; Treat the soil in you snail farm; Plant pest repellant plants If you are having problem hatching most of your snail eggs, check out this best way of hatching over 80% of your snail eggs. Watch this video to see how to keep ants away from your snail farm using a trench. The moment you see the first ants on your snail farm, don’t take any chances. One best way to prevent this is by digging a trench around your farm and filling it with water. Note that all the snails will not lay on the same day. Pls 1. Ensure the height of the foundation of your pen is far above the ground level, and concrete cement must be used for construction and flooring. Use the neem water to treat the soil while your spray the ginger and onions around the pen to prevent flying and crawling insects from perching. 3 feet deep is okay for easy access. Benefits and limitations of snail farming Business, How to Hatch Snail Eggs in 6 Simple Steps, How to get rid of insect pests in a snail farm, How to Start and Make Money From Snail Farming Business,, Securely cover your snail pens with mosquito nets, Dig a trench around your snail farm and fill it with water, Remove all leftover food to prevent ant invasion to your snail farm, Remove Unhatched eggs from your snail hatchery, Sanitize the snail farm regularly to eliminate pests, Use organic pesticides to destroy snail pests. Some of the links on this page may contain affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, i will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. So, what can you do to prevent ants and other pests from killing your snails? With these three soil treatment techniques, you can completely get rid of ants from your snail farm. If you don’t treat the soil immediately, ants will kill them all anyways.‍♂️. Clean the trays you use to serve snail foods. Are the pens well covered with mosquito nets? Sir please I’m sorry to disturb you. So, I am sharing these tips with you now so that you can go back and save your snails from insect attacks. Bacterial acts on the fruit remain immediately, causing decay. The smell of broken or rotten eggs can attract ants and other insects to the hatchery. If you want to know the kind of food snails like eating, check out these 7 categories of essential foods for snails. Sanitize the snail farm regularly to eliminate pests, 8. We all know that there are some ants with wings that can fly. You will wake up every morning to pick up dead snails in your snail farm. Do we have to check for the eggs daily? I will advice you take out all the snails and then treat the soil with neem water. I believe anything good is worth sharing with others, please click on the share button now. Is jumbo point of laying better than the normal breeders. When you do not cover your snail pen properly, these ants will crawl their way into the pens and destroy your snails. How to get rid of ants and other snail pests from your snail farm. One of the problems many snail farmers face is that of ants invading their snail farms. By planting those repellant plants, those pests like a snake and other reptiles will not be comfortable to enter into your snail farm. That way, the oil will not dry up easily. Evacuate the snails and then treat the soil before replacing the snails. Some pests are allergic or respond negatively to certain types of plants. You are expected to treat your … I’m sure you know that the more snails you keep alive using best management practices is the more profit you can make. Remove all leftover food to prevent ant invasion to your snail farm, 6. This is important because you will always fill up the trench with water all year in year out as long as you still have your snail farm in that location. Additionally, feed and water remnants must not be disposed of or poured on the floors around pens. Save a snail farm today by sharing this article with someone.

how to get rid of ants in a snail farm

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