Once you have only the sticky film in your hands, starting near the top where the window bird house is located, place the top edge of the film against the glass from the inside of the window. The conventional method of using water or spit doesn’t work as well because these will evaporate off the cup over time, while oils will not. Suction cup feeders also come in a variety of specific designs for different types of food, such as for feeding suet blocks or hummingbird nectar. Cats and even some dogs will love watching the birds flying by the window and bouncing around on the feeder. All bird feeders need to be cleaned on a regular basis, these are no exception. If you click a link on our site then make a purchase we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. . Be sure the house is the right overall size, including interior floor space and height. Make sure to remove any old seed that has begun to clump together or looks wet and moldy. For keeping seed dry – a feeder that is mostly enclosed in plastic with only a small feeding area would work best. The birdhouse must be the right size for the nest that particular bird prefers and the entrance hole (as you mentioned) must be the preferred size too. So not all birdhouses are suitable for all cavity-nesting birds. Having the correct … 5 Handmade Cedar Bird Feeders (Attract Lots of Birds). The main thing that will keep birds in your area is to keep food near or on the birdhouse. The feeders will stay up indefinitely and are able to hold the weight of both seeds and birds easily. We talk about all things related to backyard birding and bird watching. Each time you fill the feeder, “burp” the cups to eliminate bubbles. Happy birding, Any suggestions on how to keep the heavy rain off the bird feeder or any kind of bird feeder that is weather proof. Regular seed mix, large peanuts, mealworms, small suet nuggets, dried fruit, etc. Im so pleased that I have seen small birds on the window feeder. If you have a lake, pond or stream near your property then this factor has taken care of itself and your chances of having a bird actually nest in your birdhouse is dramatically increased. My Spy Birdhouse, As Seen on TV, is a window-mounted birdhouse that allows you to spy on birds with its see-through panel. Sign up to our mailing list and join over 1000 other birders! Also, a … Nothing can bring you more joy than small birds in your garden frolicking in a birdbath or taking care of their young in birdhouses that you've hung for them to feel safe and keep them warm and dry on those cold days and nights. Read further below for tips on properly adhering your suction cups. A small simple bird bath with only a couple of inches of water in it works perfect for this, just make sure you change out the water on a regular basis to keep it fresh. Start with clean windows! I know it’s exciting when you put up a new feeder, it’s hard to be patient! Once they realized what they had they fight over the best place lol! The feeder is then secured by closing the window on top of it. If you find window strikes are a particular problem for you, there are products that can help reduce this. For a window feeder the only thing that may provide some shelter is having some type of awning above the window. Now , the birdhouses! These won’t keep things bone dry by any means but they do help provide some cover. They may also not work in homes where the windows are monitored by security systems. Enjoyed your hub. Below is a video that shows a product that spins when a squirrel tries to eat the bird food and they eventually learn to stay out of your feeder. Spy House See Through Two Way Mirrored Bird House - Suction Cup Window Mounted Bird Nesting Box 3.5 out of 5 stars 334. Then before you know it, they're grown and gone. If you have multiple good windows for placing a window feeder, consider other surrounding environmental factors that may influence the birds. Only 14 left in stock - order soon. Hi Lacey – So in your scenario, the windows are basically ground-level? This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. Question: Do birds like it if there is a small hole in a tree which they can fit through? For a deeper dive, check out our dedicated article on avoiding window strikes. These feeders are often made of a durable clear plastic, and attach to the surface of a window via suction cups. A smaller window feeder might not be able to accommodate a larger bird. A distance of 10-20 feet is ideal for providing close shelter, while also being far enough away so that squirrels and pouncing cats are not an issue. It's a special treat when they choose to stay a spell with us. It doesn’t turn out to be going away. Make sure the diameter is 1 1/4” which is large enough for all types of Wrens and Black-capped Chickadees to use, but too small for House Sparrows. Typically there will be adjustable side pieces that extend to the sides of the windowsill, closing off the open space like a window air conditioner. When possible, install on warm glass. Research shows that the opposite is in fact true. Whoever said it was easy being a parent! If you live in an area where snakes are a problem then you can find products to help keep them out of the birdhouses. How to attract birds to my window feeder Add a bird bath. I was able to get birds coming to my window feeder within four days, but for some it could take up to a month or more. Some even protrude into the house. After they have moved in, people shouldn't be an issue as long as they don't agitate the birds. As long as the feeder looks clean, it will just need a bit of a wipe down each time you go out to refill. Tree Swallows will also use this type of house. Nearly all types of birds that are attracted to feeders will use a window feeder. However, kills drop to almost zero when feeders are less than 3 feet away from a window. I have a cat and want to provide her with enrichment such as bird watching. Hey Sue – no special suggestion other than what’s in the article. Any special suggestions to attract bird’s to window feeder on 2nd floor of apartment bldg.? Rightsize The Entrance Hole | Deter Predators & Nest Raiders & Invasive Birds. Remember, they have to have water, food and security when it comes to nesting. Feeders that adhere to a window using suction cups, and feeders that sit inside your windowsill. Because they are supported by the window, they can often be larger and hold much more seed than a suction cup feeder. You can get them bundled together here on Amazon. One last option I’ll mention is the big daddy of feeders, the Squirrel Buster Plus by Brome. of Vaseline or cooking oil will work. Remember having the house away from predators and in an area with water and food near by are key to making them feel safe and secure to raise their babies. The feeder has a little “roof” at the top, is fully enclosed in plastic and only has feeder ports at the bottom. To attract Wrens, the most important aspect of the bird house is the hole. I’m moving into a “garden level” apartment but I think it’s in the basement so the only windows have Wells. Today was the best day lol, I had bluetits on my window feeder. Be patient! It is perfect for typical backyard bird species. While waiting, make sure to keep the feeder full and to change out seed periodically so that it stays fresh. If at first after doing these things you still can't get them to move in, you can try some variations of the rules such as different type of food or making a larger entryway into the house. $19.50. Keeping water near the bird house is a must. Most of all be patient, it could take a while before the wildlife finds you. Make sure this food cannot be reached by squirrels or other animals because the birds will feel threatened that possible predators can reach them. its a mega window feeder with an arch and only small birds can get in there. This was a nice hub. If my house is about 20 metres tall, should I put my birdhouse next to my room balcony in order to get a better understanding of how they nest? So not all birdhouses are suitable for all cavity-nesting birds. Answer: They will as long as there are no threats around and plenty of resources such as water and food. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Make sure it is at least five feet off the ground. But so will your pets! In general there are two styles of window feeders. Place the feeder high enough off the ground so that the birds do not have to worry about being stalked by ground predators such as cats and dogs. That might attract birds more readily and the seed that falls to the ground will be right in front of the window providing some activity from ground feeding birds for the cat. Then 2 more built a nest very near on some pipes that come out of our house under the eve. But they do make some large plastic domes you can hang over your non-window feeders. They will find it! By far the most popular type of window feeder. J.ust anxious to see a bird at feeder. Birds need water for drinking and bathing and are always on the lookout for suitable watering holes.

how to get birds to use window birdhouse

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