While the general taste is similar, dried and canned longan fruit contains significantly more sugar than fresh longan. We will look at the case study in detail; but before that, here are a few longan benefits that we can enjoy by adding the fruit to our diet. The nutrient most present in langon is vitamin C, which appears to be more abundant in fresh longan compared to when it’s dried/canned. Since dried longan has lost its water content, it contains a much more significant amount of sugar (and calories) per gram. Excellent as a low-calorie diet. Health Benefits of Eating Longan. Dried longan ... Place it on your tongue and savor the tarty sweetness of summer. Watch Queue Queue. The dried product is black and leathery in texture, she added. Longan Nutrition Facts. However, dried and canned forms of longan are more widely available and hence easier to find. Longan is low in calories, with less than 20 calories present in an ounce of these small fruits. A number of studies have suggested its effectiveness as an antioxidant when tests were conducted on lab mice. Superfood Spotlight on: Longan Fruit What You Should Know: These exotic and translucent little fruits are also called euphoria fruit – and with good reason: longan fruit have long been part of traditional Chinese tonics for anti-aging and sexual health. A 300g packet of dried longan is sold at $12 at some medical halls here. This video is unavailable. I hope you enjoy longan tea (or dragon eye tea) as much as I do. A 0ne-ounce serving has about 80 calories and 20 grams of carbs. If it has a seed, you can eat the seed, but spitting it discreetly into a napkin or your spoon also works. Longan fruit extract works as an excellent antioxidant. When dried, it’s easier to eat more longan in one sitting. 1. Eaten fresh in the summer, longan are dried for winter use. In smaller amounts, minerals such as potassium, magnesium and B vitamins are also present. Watch Queue Queue I’m going to make myself a cup now! Dry Longan Directly Natural Delicious Eat Dried Longan Oem , Find Complete Details about Dry Longan Directly Natural Delicious Eat Dried Longan Oem,Canned Longan,Thailand Longan,Dried Longan from Dried Fruit Supplier or Manufacturer-A-SIS TRADING CO.,LTD.

how to eat dried longan

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