While fresh anchovies are actually quite mild, when they are salt-cured and packed in olive oil (like that tin or jar collecting dust in your cupboard), they become intensely rich, salty and meaty. Water preserved… Wild Planet Wild Anchovies come ready to eat and can be enjoyed right out of the can. Fresh and canned or salted anchovies are not interchangeable in recipes, so be sure you have the right ingredient before beginning. To eat canned sardines, enjoy them straight out of the can, or with a drizzle of lemon juice, hot sauce, or balsamic vinaigrette if you like. Once opened, be sure they are covered in oil in a sealed container and refrigerate. Unopened canned anchovies are fine on the shelf up to 1 year. Only anchovies that pass rigorous testing are permitted to be canned and distributed to consumers. Nancy H. October 16, 2013 But keep the can well covered in your refrigerator. Sardines and anchovies are often mistaken for the other. Treat fresh anchovies as you would sardines or herring for cooking purposes. The anchovies have also been third party mercury tested and are canned without additives or preservatives. Sardines & Anchovies. Nancy H. October 16, 2013 But keep the can well covered in your refrigerator. You can also use sardines as a pizza topping in place of pepperoni or sausage. Another of the different ways to eat anchovies is known as “Salting anchovies” and in Spanish as “anchoas en salazon”. Known as the European anchovy, it is sometimes enjoyed fresh, but it’s more commonly canned, smoked, dried, or salted. Small and mighty flavourful, anchovies form the base of many dishes in Mediterranean cuisine. Anchovies should last forever, but in real life nothing ever does! Voted the Best Reply! Read the Tips for how to eat anchovies discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Anchovy food community. Yes, they are both small fish packed head-to-toe in a can, but they are quite different. They are normally sold as the canned Spanish anchovies, as the process of making them is very complicated and everyone prefers to buy them at the supermarket. Health Benefits. Use within two months. It´s probably the second most common way to eat anchovies in Spain. Anchovies are delicious but you don't necessarily want their flavor to invade your butter or other sensitive ingredients in the fridge. Alternatively, serve the sardines on buttered toast, or on top of your favorite crackers. Join the discussion today.

how to eat canned anchovies

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