either way will take a couple of minutes. I've read that tinting a clear urethane is a possibility, or using a gel stain. We didn’t anticipate this cost and like the look of the original which appear to be natural color. Anyway with out sanding the whole floor? Stupid me. Waterbased poly is good if you are using the right stuff. To find out what lacquers and hardwax oils I use (as well as recommendations for US readers) click here. I have what is possibly a half oiled – but otherwise well finished floor in one room, but there is one dark stain – the old carpet was doubled and the underlay was cardboard and newspaper- I guess I need to sand it? If you have done this please let me know how you got on, or if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below. hi if you remove the hardwax oil with the mech buffer is it possible to to re stain the floor to a slightly darker colour? Step 1: Lightly Hand Sand Using a light grit sanding block, lightly hand sand the entire surface of the wood piece that you would like to darken. you will never get it looking nice again until its completely resanded. Use a waterbased lacquer if you are concerned with sensitivities. I tried to oil it, in order to make it slightly more matching, and protect it from kitchen stuff. Thanks. Prefinished or Site sand/finish hard woods? Will penetrate, can't be scrubbed off. So, I’m lightly sanding, and oiling, and doing it again and again, but I have the feeling I’m going in circles. I just refinished my hardwood floor and failed miserably. Everyone seems to want to know, how to refinish a wood floor without sanding. Use a finish compatible with the existing finish. Do the same application instructio ns apply? We just moved into a house where the floors were sloppily refinished at only the perimeter of each room, leaving a dull, but lightly finished (probably original) somewhat rectangular space where there were once area rugs. Does it go matt in time? Or is sanding effective (I don’t want to rent a machine – just 13 m²). It is a dark and rainy day in Oregon, but I'll post pics later with lights on. 2 Determine if you want to lighten or darken your piece. Not happy with the result, my husband decided to apply a dark tint poly coat over it. Any suggestions for how we can tone them down without doing it all again much appreciated. I want to do it without a full sanding but have a few spots that need sanded really good to bare wood. You could just buff it as i do in the video and maybe put a coloured hardwax oil over the top, hi, we have an old victorian floor in our new house that has been under carpet for a long time. (without changing floor colour) and do we need to sand or just buff the current wax off? thanks. This is ideal for floors that are not significantly damaged. We first took the carpet off after maybe 20 years or so and there were some stains from the pets. Miners cottage staircase in middle of floor. Sorry to hear about this mess. They may have an idea of the outcome. Was this blanchon product an oil? Do we need to resand it all back down and re varnish it so that it’s fairly thick or can we just go over the top of it do it as a fourth coat? I’m selling and just want them to look a little better without investing too much. Ben Osborne is the owner of HowToSandAFloor.com. Worst thing is that I already do not have time to resand entire floor due to family visit in our house. I have used treatex before its good stuff, but i don’t know about their colouring products, if its just the hardwax oil with some colour in it then its probably fine to go over the top without fully sanding, but again, check with the source. Wash for wood is 2/3 paint, 1/3 water painted on, wiped into grain /off. We bought a home 3 years ago that was….VERRRYYYY Italian. Gym floors are generally finished with polyurethane, it sounds like it needs sanding if anything. Your email address will not be published. Last year my 15 year dog passed away and i decided that this summer i will have to clean the entire floor of the apartment. Assuming refinish is an oil-based polyurethane lacquer- it’s got a thicker, high-gloss look and rubbery feel as well as deeper amber color compared to original. Make sure you do this methodically so as to not leave any areas unabraded. unfortunately, it sounds like its going to need a fair bit more than that. Do not try this, I can’t say it gravely enough. They also tend to be slightly more of an orange color and slightly darker. If you want a dark floor without the appearance of scratches and dirt, you can apply a satin finish that hides imperfections in the wood. One thing that stood out to me in this article is looking for the difference between an oiled floor or a lacquered floor. My floors have very heavy wear patterns. Do you think your buff and coat technique applies to parquet flooring that has had surface damage? There may not be a good solution. "Ask the guys at Home Depot - they know their stuff and can explain it to you.". It scratches very easily and flakes off at points. You cannot just sand a patch through to wood. make it more red or brown) without darkening it, PolyShades® can help. I cleaned a portion of my floor and applied some to the corner of my floor and realized it seems to be dull and stopped.

how to darken hardwood floors without sanding

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