Cut Up Grapes. Move it around in one direction until its separated. Kiwis are little acidic in nature and hence its ideal to introduce kiwi for babies at 8 months of age. Cut the ends off the kiwi and then cut the kiwi in half. These seeds are ok for your little one to consume. Basic knife method. Grapes, blueberries and other round fruits can be a choking hazard if not sliced. Insert the point of your knife into the skin of the kiwi, and begin to make diagonal slices. Before serving your baby grapes, slice them in half as shown above. Or finally, make a fancy cut destined to be the diva of any fruit bowl. When you introduce, you can offer pureed or mashed kiwi or cut kiwi into tiny pieces and offer as a finger food if your baby can handle the same. Kiwi Slices. You won’t have a ripe kiwi after zapping it for a couple seconds, but it can help speed up the process. It's not that much work to peel the fuzzy skin away and cut kiwifruit into rounds. image credit: Renee Seltzer. Flip the kiwi so that i is standing upright and use the knife to cut away the peel in a downward motion, rotating the kiwi as you remove the skin. You can even try a fancy cutting trick for turning your kiwi into two flower-shaped halves. Take a spoon and run it around the inside of the kiwi between the skin and flesh of the fruit. Step 4: Once the spoon has made a complete circle around the kiwi, the peeled fruit will easily slide out. In fact, there are two ways you can do it: a traditional method and an incredibly simple hack for peeling kiwi without a knife. Refrigeration can keep kiwi fresh for a longer period but you need to do so when it’s still unripe. How to Cut a Kiwi. Keep the blades properly sharpened so they easily slice through the vine without crushing it. I have another post that explains it all How to Peel a Kiwi. The tiny seeds of the kiwi is completely edible and hence its not necessary to remove the seeds. Turn it 45 degrees to cut the kiwi in four equal parts. Many new parents think that kiwi can be a tricky fruit to cut and peel. Using a small knife, slice off both ends of the kiwi. Push the spoon against the side of the skin and move it around the outside of the kiwi. Then, grab a whisk from the hand mixer and stab it in the kiwi. Refrigeration. Disinfect the pruning tools before use by wiping them with a cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol. This is because the low temperatures in the fridge slow down the ripening process hence prolonging its shelf life. Method 1: Star Cut. Kiwi’s have a fuzzy brown skin, but are delicious when peeled and sliced. How to Peel and Cut Kiwi for Baby? Step 2: Insert the spoon near the edge of the kiwi. Pro tip: Once you cut kiwi, make sure to store it in an airtight container to prevent it from drying. These parts are the perfect size for a fruit salad or to take with you on the go and snack on. Place the kiwi on a cutting board on its long side. Watch the video to see how this trick works. The only thing you need to do is cut the fruit in half with a knife. Bypass shears handle most kiwi pruning needs. Due to the acidity of the kiwi fruit for babies, it is not usually recommended under 6-8 months of age. If you plan on using the microwave, all you have to do is put the kiwi in a microwave safe container and zap it at medium power for around 15 seconds. Using a knife, cut both ends off of the kiwi. To be on a safer side many pediatrics suggest that Kiwi fruit should be introduced to a newborn child only after 10 months. For fancy fruit salads or dessert displays, cut your kiwi into a fun star shape. Step 1: Cut off both ends of the kiwi fruit with a knife. But, as we explained above, heat is a good way to speed up the ripening process of the kiwi. If you must cut out large, woody vines or remove dead trunks, a pruning saw provides a better choice. Lay the kiwi on a cutting board.

how to cut kiwi for baby

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