Oooh! I was just googling whether braunschweiger seemed to be a predominantly northern thing, as pimento cheese seems to be southern..north meets south and found you! This is what I grew up with. Pimento, perhaps. Using a scoop, or two large spoons, form dumplings about the size of small golf balls, or 22 grams, and poach in the stock for 10 minutes at a gentle simmer, then remove, and add to soup (see note). Later I learned the name was braunschweiger. I think it might have been delicious. Nothing better. I still love it to this day (in my 60’s) . Bless you! VERY tasty! Thanks for visiting! ;). German style liver dumplings, they taste a bit like smoked liver sausage. My Dad would buy it when I was young (I think I was the only one of the kids that would eat it!) Try serving the Braunschweiger both cold and pan-seared. I like to add a little hot sauce to jazz it up a little. Thank you Kemens. Nobody has mentioned lettuce or tomato. On pumpernickel with just mustard. I can’t stress this enough. Chill in freezer for 30 minute. Kemens smoked liver sausage is the absolute best I've ever had. Lol!! I love it with sliced onion and mayonnaise. I like to add very sour sliced pickles to m sandwich. Still, onion and liverwurst is just a match made in heaven! Appetizers - use rye Triscuit crackers with braunschweiger, swiss and mustard... and add a little kraut if you want... and even green olives. I just made homemade pimento cheese spread this week. Ha! Spread on saltine crackers, or served as a sandwich with toast, onion, mustard and maybe even a little sauerkraut. Ran out of rye bread today (pity) but used 1 slice of multigrain with slices of braunschweiger and some onions. Don't worry, Adriane - As you've seen, some petty, polarizing and petulant people will try to create an offense from ANYTHING someone says, regardless of whether such "offense" was intended or even implied. But , I'm going to try the rye, B, onion and mustard version. I just mad a quick sammich up! Anyway..I just slapped my two open faced together(toasted, of course) and BOOM! In the beginning of our marriage he said he couldn't stand to smell it. That sounds about right! He had to. 450 gallons. On toasted Rye with homemade brown mustard, lettuce, tomato and thinly sliced onion, with thick slices of liverwurst. I hate to see them go. When it comes to buying braunschweiger, buy the best you can find. I have to be careful because my gout might flair up, but it's a treat I cannot deny myself. Aldi's has its own brand of liverwurst and Braunschweiger. :). on everything. Thanks so much for sharing this and bringing back memories of better days. Grind all meat through 3/16 plate. Lightly sprinkle with coarse salt. Either way is good, but I do prefer it cold myself. In grade school, my Mom made me Braunschweiger and sandwich spread sandwiches. 3 ways to calm liver: cut it, leech it + smoke. Update Browser. No other brand will do. I love the 16 oz. Mmm! I did not find it offensive at all. Homemade is the way to go these days. I usually sleep alone and it is worth it! Pictured is a simple bone broth with vegetables you might find in packets of European soup mix: celery root, potato, kale, leek, and cauliflower. As a matter of fact I have some in the frig right now and need to add a red onion to tomorrows shopping list... keep forgetting it... thanks for reminding me. Liver sausage, also known as braunschweiger or liverwurst, and Scrapple are our specialty products and have passionate, exuberant followers. Transfer the liver puree to a bowl, add in the breadcrumbs, stir well to combine and allow rest, covered, for at least 30 minutes. My Dad turned me on to Braunschweiger in the 6os have only eaten on crackers will try a sandwich and get back to you sounds delicious ! I have been eating multi grain, yellow mustard, American cheese and braunschweiger for 50 + years. Serve As A Dip Added seasonings include salt, white pepper, onion powder, and mace. Lol no, haha lettuce and tomato make the sammich. I also wanted braunschweiger and grey poupon. Your post sure did bring back beautiful memories. Mustard is a yes but just a bit. Pile on several quarter-inch slices of braunschweiger. Calming the liver is basically a 3-pronged process. Oh my goodness! This sounds a lot easier than it is as you can only do about half a cup at a time. Yup, you read it right, its great any time of the day.. However the phrasing of your question is offensive and unnecessary. My wife makes me Pickled Onions to go with my liverwurst and swiss on rye. . HOW TO MAKE BRAUNSCHWEIGER (RECIPE) Ingredients. Braunschweiger (sliced 1/4″ thick) Whole Grain Mustard Red Onion Swiss Cheese A good, dark German beer (optional ) Slice the Braunschweiger into 1/4″ slices, slather on the mustard, slice the onion thin and add a layer of cheese. I will look for it! I have LOVED it ever since. I just use a knife or fork and eat it direct from the casing. I might pair it with a thin slice of sweet or red onion. I savor every bite and enjoy the flavor, texture and aroma. 1 tsp cloves. Soak the liver in water in the fridge for 1-2 days, changing the water as often as you can remember. Try toasting some bread,(whatever you prefer) slather a 1/4 inch of Braunsweiger and then a layer of Grape Jelly. Top with a generous slice of Bermuda (sweet) onion. Mayo, mustard, or both it's a winner. My Dad is gone now but my husband loves it. Typically you’ll see liver being purged in milk, which is good too, but when the livers are from venison, I’ll probably soak them in a few washes of water, similar to how I leech the tannins from acorns. just thought I'd throw in my version! I have been eating this sandwich (dark rye/red onion/cheese/mustard...) all my life. Quality matters. Still a great sandwich. I do not use the mustard as much cause it covers the liver taste but to each his own, cabbage is an absolute must, adds a delightful crunch and pungent flavor... Rye, or pumpernickel if you like it stronger, mayo, braunschweiger, swiss, CABBAGE, and Avacado. Yield: 25 dumplings. Chanterelle Soup, Chicken livers, Corned Venison, Offal, dried marjoram or ¼ teaspoon dried oregano, finely grated fresh ginger or ½ teaspoon dried. Sift the baking soda to break up lumps, then beat into the meat mixture. Discover all-natural and Certified Gluten-Free breakfast sausage, ham, bacon, Canadian Bacon and more. I've never seen it at mine. Add the top slice of bread, cut … Close . First, the liver is soaked. BOOM! I am going to make one for my lunch tomorrow! I've been eating braunschweiger as long as I can remember. High speed blender or good food processor. Now that I'm all growed up, my choice is B and tomato with mayo. Doesn't get much better, but she won't kiss me afterward! Sweet onion slices and horseradish between the rye bread and hope like hell I limit myself to only about 1/2" of stacked slices of the wonderful best sandwich meat ever created. Do you have any helpful hints for aspiring writers? Our butcher was a man named Paul. Your email address will not be published. Meanwhile, bring a pot of salted water to a boil as for pasta. If you're using store-bought bacon, consider using a blender to ensure it becomes smooth. Braunschweiger contains a minimum of 30% liver (pork, calf, veal, beef), binders and seasonings. Take two slices of rye bread and spread them with a thin coat of mayonnaise. I know why Bill G’s wife wouldn’t kiss him....he must have eaten her sandwich.! Would you suggest starting with a free platform like Wordpress or My friends in Missouri would tease me about having it for breakfast instead of cereal. Chop in blender or food processor. We got bread from the baker, meat from a butcher shop, fruit from the Korean grocer and a number of things from Arthur avenue in the Bronx. I'd stand by the table and my Dad & I would eat an entire roll of the best brown meat in the world. go for a paid option? Never tried the sandwich with cheese, but I think I'll give it a shot. Mmmmm. delicious! Loved it then, love it now!! Am I a pussy? You can serve the dumplings in whatever soup you want. And, now I'm hungry. Want to try aging your own meat, Last of the good watercress that was above the wat, Talking horseradish today: when to dig it so it’, How to Cook Deer Liver (10+ Venison Liver Recipes). There are so many options out there that I'm totally overwhelmed .. That's a current estimate of how many, Made pastrami with a rolled venison neck and it wa, I’m thankful for a lot, but 2020 has made me ext, GIVEAWAY

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