cheese!) Make sure your turkey is thawed, and that your needed ingredients and kitchen tools are out/ready to use. ; Use woods to enhance the turkey by adding savory aromas and flavors. And instead of making a gravy of just pan drippings, roux, and stock, I enrich the sauce even further by whisking in Madeira or fresh herbs. Try our best turkey dry rub recipes or herb and spice pairings. Turkey is a wonderful change from ground beef and really absorbs all the flavors. For deeper flavor, I also add fresh thyme leaves, Marsala wine, and the turkey liver (don’t worry, it’s optional). It's already too late to fix the pie but you can add pumpkin pie spice or similar to the whipped cream or sauce that goes with the pie. ; Season under the skin with a combination of butter, Italian seasoning and bacon bits. How to Season Ground Turkey like Ground Sausage Ingredients. Improve the flavor of a bland sweet pie with spices. My husband and I also eat this seasoned ground turkey as a topping on homemade pizza. So with the new freestyle points and Ground Turkey being FREE, I have really been wanting to use it a lot more than ground beef, but let's be honest, it just doesn't have that meaty flavor. Or, add sweet spices to powdered sugar and sprinkle over every slice of pie. Add Beef Bouillon to Ground Turkey and you won't miss ground beef at all! I have also used this for a Friday the 13th celebration at work, calling it 13-ingredient sloppy joes (you have to count salt and pepper separately to get to 13). Add a rich flavor to your turkey or chicken by using a no-salt poultry seasoning. Place skillet under medium heat, add ground turkey and purified water (we add the water so the turkey doesn’t stick/burn). Cook the meat according to your recipe. Plus, thanks to ground turkey's lower fat content, you can incorporate other tasty fats into your cooking (olive oil! Learn how to season a turkey for baking and what flavors go well with turkey for Thanksgiving. Drizzle the meat with some olive oil and one or two teaspoons of your seasoning. To make the no-salt poultry seasoning, measure out and combine: 1 tablespoon of dried ground sage; 1 tablespoon of dried ground thyme without it resulting in overly-greasy food. ; Using a wooden spoon, break down the ground meat; this will allow it to cook well. Delicious! Ground turkey brings as much meaty flavor to dishes as ground beef and bulks up recipes all the same. Brining adds moisture and salt to your turkey, which brings out amazing flavors.

how to add flavor to ground turkey

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