"updates" in the subject line if you are requesting updates. 16 thin slices Swiss cheese Savory sandwiches may include fresh herbs, scallions, a touch of garlic, spices or peppery sauces, while sweet sandwiches have fruit and nuts included. As above, this varies. 3 pounds softened unsalted butter 16 thin slices cooked ham Shaved Cheese: Hard cheeses such a parmesan or pecorino Romano take on an attractive lacy look when shaved paper thin and placed on an open-faced sandwich. Here is a good offsite link with pictures of tea sandwich cutting options. Since tea sandwiches are an essential part of Afternoon Tea and British cuisine, I made some for my Royal Wedding Watch Party Guide!Below you will learn how to make tea sandwiches that are perfect to serve at an Afternoon Tea, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, or brunch. Also called finger sandwiches, they should be easy to handle. Thanks for the help, that helps with with shopping! The general rule of thumb is 1 whole sandwich per person. 2 bunches fresh parsley 1 or 2 pieces of cake/pastry (if 2, one rich, one simple) a few salad and fruit garnishes: lettuce, cherry tomatoes, celery, cucumber, strawberries, etc… Herb or Nut Dip: Cut filled tea sandwiches into triangles and butter the long cut edge. The place for a tea is best if large enough for everyone to be seated, preferably at a table or tables. Large size tea pots and plates of edibles on each table give the impression that the guests are invited to linger over the tea. Cut with round or fancy cookie cutter. Rolled Cheese: Cut cheese into 1/4" squares. PLEASE send questions separately from Smoked salmon with crème fraiche, or else plain yogurt mixed with a little sour cream and dill.You can freeze the packaged smoked salmon well ahead, defrost in the fridge the night before, cut into smaller slices for sandwiches the day of. (Not everyone had rsvp'd yet) We had planned on just 3 sandwiches per person because of the other food available. Now this is for a Tea NOT a Luncheon. 1 onion very thin slices of good ham or roast beef or smoked salmon with a bit of cheese and pickle If you are serving fish as a main course, plan on between 4 and 6 oz. (Put 5 alternating slices together.) 16 2 pound loaves I do have to ask though, by saying you are doing all the prepping today does that mean you are making the tea sandwiches also. Maybe a few crisps and bowls of cherry tomatoes or cherries/ strawberries for the kids. The bakery can slice the loaves in the regular way or horizontally for ribbon type sandwiches. A 2 year old and a baby on the way and making the food! The morning of the reception, you remove from the freezer,thaw them just enough to help you cut them in 1/2" slices, and with a sharp knife slice in 1/2 inch pinwheels. This allows the hostess to join her table and each group to settle in for conversation without interruptions. We got up early and put the sandwiches together the morning of the bridal shower (which was to start around 1:00pm). to request updates, suggest new topics or report a broken link, comment, or question. Put one teaspoon of olive oil on your hands and roll cheese squares into balls. That way everything is done since I'm doing most of the work (I have a two year old and am 8 months pregnant) it will be easy because the last thing to do will be assemble the sandwiches. Yes, you can freeze the cream cheese fillings, but do use butter as the bread spread for best results if the sandwiches will be frozen. If you're making the sandwiches in advance, chill the whole sandwiches on a tray lined with damp paper towels and a clean dish towel before cutting into serving pieces. English muffins or crumpets are alternatives. mashed shrimp with butter This will allow about 3 small sandwiches per person. The guests are not expecting a full meal, after all. I'd always do cheese (and onion), ham, egg, and possibly prawn or chicken. Cover them with a second towel and more damp towels, and wrap with plastic. You will get 6 to 8 long loaf-length slices from each loaf. Slice by hand (electric knife is handy for this) or have the bakery slice them thinly for you. 4-7 ounces canned pimento or chopped olives Layered/Stacked: Place a small spinach leaf, with stem, atop an open-faced sandwich. Suitable for an afternoon Wedding, They will be easier to cut neatly when chilled. Looks to me like you have enough planned. Refrigerate until serving time. It was for 30-35 guests. It looks like the perfect amount to me. Before covering, cut center of tops with small fancy cookie cutter. If you are just having fruit and veggies in addition to the sandwiches that may not be enough. Piped Herbed Mayonnaise or Cr�me Fraiche: Use an icing flower tip. God bless you, lol. You don't only have sandwiches you have other side dishes as well that the guests can fill up on. 4 quarts top quality mayonnaise The only thing I'm afraid I made too early is the cream cheese, butter and mint mixture I made that on Wednesday. Sprinkle lemon triangles with fresh basil or parsley and orange triangles with cinnamon or curry. Good Luck with everything.. For seafood or meat salad, allow about 2 tablespoons per full slice of bread. Dining Set Makeover: Paint and Tea-Tinted Fabric Make Old Chairs New. Remove crusts from whole wheat and white bread which have been sliced lengthwise. Placing a damp towel directly on top of the bread risks making the sandwiches soggy. 4 dozen eggs Andrea, I think the toppings for the lox and cream cheese are fine. We just catered a tea bridal shower for a daughter's friend(daughter is the MOH) this past Saturday. Leave the bottom piece whole and spread bottom piece with butter, then with your favorite spread. My menu has changed, the salmon on toast points recipe was in a lap top that was stolen. Chopped Egg & Asparagus: Finely chop hardboiled eggs, using only half as many whites as yolks, and press onto an open-faced sandwich with a mayonnaise based filling. They’re the first course of an afternoon tea. Generally, sandwiches and scones with a third course of sweets or pastries are standard fare but choices can include muffins, crumpets, bread and butter, cakes such as pound cakes or sweet quick breads, cookies (biscuits), gingerbread, pastries, fruits, truffles and a selection of spreads including marmalade, jam and jellies, preserves, lemon curd, and clotted cream.

how many tea sandwiches per person

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