We all tell lies. If your behavior is compulsive, you may be required to seek therapy, or find a support group or other treatment center. I do not know when, but I know I will do it again because I want to do something that I want to do. If we’re honest about it, we parents and caregivers lie too, starting when they’re little. My parents are super strict about basically everything. I get conflicted in how my dad says why do you lie and not care about anything. Parents want to believe that their children always tell the truth, but unfortunately, kids of all ages lie for a variety of reasons. In “How to End Lying: The Cliff Notes Version,” child behavior expert, Bryan Post says,“The lies will not stop until the fear subsides.”. The lie that you are telling yourself is “Only I am smart enough and tough enough to handle the truth.” And that’s actually two lies. Don’t be too rehearsed about it or your parents will know you’re lying. Parents should expect kids to lie at some point and try to resist the urge to simply get upset (and punish). But an older child who skimps on the truth sets off parents' alarm bells -- and rightly so. I know why lying is bad, but I get caught in it sometimes. “If you cross your eyes, they’ll get stuck like that.” “The tooth fairy must’ve had the night off.” Parents usually manage to remain calm during the years when children's lying takes the form of fantastical stories or denials of having raided the cookie jar. When you label your child a liar, you run the risk of that label becoming an identification and mode of behavior for your child. Even if you’re telling the truth, repeating your story out of order will be difficult. I would be curious as to whether you have a track record for lying, and that perhaps this is why he questions your truthfulness on a regular basis. Rehearse your gestures as well as your words. Find a Treatment Center or a Support Group: If all your attempts to stop lying fail, it will be great if you find a therapist who can help you overcome it. For example, I'm not allowed to hang out with my friends outside of school, I'm not allowed to go to dances, I'm not allowed to have a phone, and I'm not allowed to go anywhere alone. It's important to find a therapist when you can't stop lying. A lie confessed to quickly is one thing, but over the weeks, months, and years you’ll find yourself telling lots of other little lies to cover up the first lie. I never get to tell my parents this because they never let me talk. If your gestures look forced, that’s a clear indicator that you’re not being forthcoming. Stop believing the lies. For example, in a 2011 Psychology Today study, 120 of 121 high-school students admitted to lying to parents about at least one area of their lives 5.If your child lies to you, you'll need to hand out a consequence to help prevent your child from lying again. This means that when your partner discovers the truth (and it is almost always when, not if), saving your relationship will no longer be possible. I am speaking as one who, when he was young, had a track record for lying. When you lie to others, then you are lying to yourself. They want me to have the perfect grades, perfect attitude, perfect life, but they refuse to let me actually live.

how do i stop lying to my parents

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