It’s important to have strong shoulders and this popular dumbbell exercise abides. A Lean Life. Jay Cutler. The Best At Home Dumbbell Shoulder Workout. Ideally, you should do 6-12 reps of each exercise, but the actual number of reps you’ll perform depends on how heavy your dumbbells are. While the shoulder press focuses primarily on two portions of the deltoids, it also works a wealth of other muscles; namely your trapezius, triceps and rotator cuff muscles. You can use your bodyweight, but it helps to have resistance bands and/or dumbbells. Dumbbell Shoulder Press. A quick and effective shoulder workout with dumbbells at home, and you only need two sets of dumbbells. The shoulder press works out the entire shoulder muscles along with the chest and arm muscles. One of the best dumbbell shoulder exercises is the shoulder press. To keep things simple, just rep out until you are 1-2 reps shy of failure. Fast and effective. Each workout only uses dumbbells. You’ll notice that each workout has a specific purpose: Workout 1: This is meant for a shoulders-only day (so there are more exercises and overall volume). Below are 3 shoulder workouts you can do. *One of the benefits is you can do these workouts in the same section of the gym! These structures all have to work in conjunction with your shoulders for this exercise to be successful. Extend your arms straight up above your head and come back to the starting position again completing one repetition. Both variations will effectively target the front delt. Best home dumbbell workout for beginners. Hold a dumbbell in each arm above your shoulders with the palms facing forward and elbows bent at 90 degrees. The shoulder press can be done standing or seated. How to do Shoulder Workouts at Home “Building stronger shoulders is just as easy to do at home as it is to do in a gym, and you don’t need a ton of equipment,” Thieme says. The dumbbell should press can be done … This exercise will act as your primary compound movement for the shoulders. Before you start your workout, make sure you're all warmed up and that your heart rate is also in the right zone: roughly 50-55% of your max heart rate. Do 3-5 sets of the following exercises. Dumbbell shoulder presses will also activate the middle and rear delt. Shoulder Workouts.

home shoulder workout with dumbbells

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