Noun masculine. 5485 /xáris ("grace") answers directly to the Hebrew (OT) term 2580 /Kaná ("grace, extension-toward"). To obtain a true understanding of this word these scriptures need to be meditated on and notes made of their meaning in different contexts. Grace and favoured feel like very different words in English, but the Hebrew word khen captures both meanings. GRACE/FAVOUR: khen. Both refer to God freely extending Himself (His favor, grace), reaching (inclining) to people because He is disposed to bless (be near) them. This is a through word study which includes every verse that contains a translation of the Hebrew word חֵן 'chen' meaning 'grace or favour' in the Old Testament. The word itself The Hebrew Root of Grace The Hebrew word for Grace is “chen.” It is composed of the Hebrew letters chet (pictured by a fence, meaning private, or to separate from outside) and noon (pictured by a seed of life or later a fish, meaning activity, life, continue, or heir). In Hebrew, the word for grace is chen, which derives from a shoresh (root) meaning "favor, mercy, kindness, graciousness." The Hebrew word translated as grace is חן (chen, Strong's #2580) and is a two-letter parent root. We named our oldest child Grace Anwen… and she is an incredible gift in our lives, a real joy-bringer. In order to uncover the original meaning of this word it is important that we first examine each of the roots and words that are derived from this parent root. Grace is a gift, and to be favoured means we are gifted. (Strong’s 2580).. Root: חֵן Sounds like: khayn.

hebrew word for grace

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