A company has many possible successful outcomes. What I do every day has not changed. A company has many possible successful outcomes. This emphasizes company mission over beefing up individual resumes. You will work with product owners, technical leads and engineers to delivery best in class solutions to satisfy business needs and key metrics. But I now try to focus a bit less on product delivery and more on longer term or outward facing tech. Similarly, media companies are generally failing at digital streaming, unlike MLB, which has invested in streaming tech ten years ago and is now riding its huge competitive advantage. was published on May 07, 2015. The job of a CTO is to continuously ensure that all possible outcomes are enabled with technology, while the job of a VP or Head of Engineering is to execute on the outcome currently chosen. These two jobs are different responsibilities, but involve a lot of doing the same kinds of things. What is the difference between a CTO and a VP or Head of Engineering? Alternative job titles are ‘Head of Engineering’ or ‘VP Engineering’. When done right this yields a healthy tension that strikes the balance between short, medium and long-term thinking. New Head Of Engineering jobs added daily. A brilliant example of business transformation enabled with technology is Amazon, which began by selling books, but succeeded at becoming an infrastructure company and an e-commerce behemoth. My job title has recently changed from Head of Engineering to CTO, and many people outside of Artsy have been asking me to explain the logic behind this. Practically being a CTO means being less focused on the day-to-day in order to avoid getting caught up in your own bubble and missing the next big turn, sinking a company into years of painful un-digging from their own systems. By using this site, you agree to this use. What do I mean by all possible outcomes? A big part of remaining competitive with technology is understanding the business, competition and the entire technical landscape, which means looking out vs. focusing on product delivery, which is looking in. Powered by. Get email updates for new Head Of Engineering jobs in Australia. © 1994-2020 Daniel Doubrovkine. See a typo? This is only possible because I have incredible Engineering leads working with me, and they have taken on all of the software systems. Leverage your professional network, and get hired. See our, Results for "Head Of Engineering Jobs in Australia", Technology Director // Head of Engineering // Customer Experience Agency, Head of Engineering - Structural Engineering, Head of Grid Connection Engineering - APAC, Chief Product Officer (CPO)/Business Lead, Australia, Head of Enterprise Architecture, Governance, Innovation and Emerging Technologies, Solutions Architect jobs in Melbourne, VI. A brilliant example of business transformation enabled with … Amazon continues to innovate and experiment heavily and explore many new business opportunities, but is also executing very well. What do I mean by all possible outcomes? Titles don’t matter much in a small organization, and you definitely want to avoid title inflation in early stage startups. Is it all about the title and why do titles matter at all? A CTO carries a unique responsibility of placing technology within the non-engineering organizations and to represent the technology point-of-view with investors or the board. Organizations iterate and find a business by trial and error. A more important question is what is the difference between a CTO and a VP or Head of Engineering?

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