Premium approval between 20 May to June 4. Update 1 Apr 2020: Many people are worried as their status is still showing “Submitted”. The beneficiary's higher education must directly pertain to the position in question or, at the very least, be closely related. H1B premium applications receive result within 15 days of RFE submission. You will have 60-90 days to send your application package and you can change client details at that time. You can change end client information until you have actually filed the full H1B paperwork after lottery selection. Your H1B employer from lottery is obligated by USCIS to withdraw your H1B petition once you have stopped working for them. This flexibility applies to an RFE, NOID, NOIR, NOIT or appealable decision within AAO jurisdiction and the issuance date listed on the request, notice or decision is between March 1, 2020 and May 1, 2020, inclusive. 6 min read. Attempting to navigate issues that pertain to H1B Visas and Requests for Evidence from the USCIS is usually not a very good idea. Beneficiary Qualifications for H1B Petitioners, 9. Validation Instrument for Business Enterprises (VIBE), 6. But, you would need a valid US visa (other than H1B) to re-enter USA. However, most decisions take place within three to twelve weeks. I have listed the steps that you should take to kick start your H1B journey from opening back account, applying W7 ITIN tax form for your dependents, Applying US driving License to understanding US green card process. 10. New i94 with change of status. Judgments on approvals are overseen by an adjudicating officer, and those judgments are final. #4 First lottery will be run arounf March 23, 2020. USCIS status: Case Was Received, June 20 Onward – H1B Consular Processing Regular Application can file Premium Upgrade, May 20 to June 4 – H1B Premium Approvals without any RFE. Earlier, USCIS completed the H1B registration lottery and started sending the notifications in batches. You can travel while your H1B application is pending approval after it has been selected in Lottery. H1B premium cases will start receiving their H1B approvals starting May 20. Premium does not increase denial chances either. A foreign worker that wishes to apply for a Specialty Occupation qualification will be required to meet one or more of the following: Ultimately, the petitioner's assigned adjudicating officer will have the final say when deciding if a foreign worker should qualify for H1B under a Specialty Occupation classification. The adjudication officer that has been assigned to the petition in question will evaluate all of these factors and use the information available to them to determine whether or not the beneficiary should be qualified as a "professional" in their field. Lottery process for H1B 2021 season is now approaching and employers have started working new applications. These are very complex issues and, without help from a professional with the kind of knowledge and experience to work through them successfully, you're likely not going to get the kind of results you would like. Almost 30% H-1B applications filed by IT consulting companies like Cognizant, Capgemini are denied by USCIS as per last year’s data. Job vacancy announcements for the position in question. Chances of H1B RFE and approval as per my opinion: Healthcare sector would be the most in demand with airline, banking, hospitality and retail sector H1B jobs tanking. USCIS status: Case Was Approved And My Decision Was Emailed. You need H1B i797A form in original along with other supporting H1B documents to apply for visa stamp in US embassy. USCIS tries to prevent applicants from being brought into a company and given a different or lesser job than what was expected. A good immigration attorney has the expertise in H1B RFEs to help you navigate the process successfully. Hire the top business lawyers and save up to 60% on legal fees. G is a large company located in Texas that focuses on import and export … USCIS status: Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed, Apr 22 to June 30 – Expect H1B regular Lottery selection Paper Receipt USPS mail. Visa stamp for consular processing. Coronavirus recession may affect the number of H1B applications that are approved finally to start working from Oct 1, 2020. If the petitioning business is unable to support their need with proper documentation, the USCIS will likely conclude that the beneficiary will have reason to look for a better opportunity once they arrive. You may receive the RFE through the U.S. May 20 onward – H1B Premium RFEs (if any). Lawyers on UpCounsel come from law schools such as Harvard Law and Yale Law and average 14 years of legal experience, including work with or on behalf of companies like Google, Menlo Ventures, and Airbnb. To qualify for the specialty occupation requirement, a worker must have completed a level of higher education and be the only person who can effectively do the job in question because of that higher education credential. USCIS status: Oct 1 – First date for H1B work start if approved. Since USCIS must have proof of employment in the U.S., RFEs for H1B visa applications often stems from an unclear application or missing documentation. Professional experience and relevant education. Upgrading your H1B lottery application to premium has same chances of getting RFE as any regular H1B application. If filed multiple applications, USCIS will remove them automatically. Your US status will automatically change on Oct 1 as this is usually the first date that you can start working on H1B. Attorney can also log on to USCIS registration site and see the lottery result. New i94 with change of status. There is NO need to get H1B visa stamp if you do not plan to travel outside USA at this time. These qualifications are used to ensure that applicants meet strict criteria, which include: It's worth noting that simply holding a degree is not sufficient in these scenarios. It is possible that your H1B receives a USCIS RFE after lottery selection. There is a 30 percent chance that your H1B visa application will result in an RFE. Was this document helpful? Some people may have H4 visa or others may have F1 to come back to USA. Contact Us, Chances of H1B Rejection After Lottery Selection, Travel while H1B is Pending After Lottery Selection, US Masters Degree – 2 chances of Lottery Selection, Issues with Indian Passport renewal via VFS Global, Online passport application in Portrait Format, answers here as USCIS announced that status will keep showing “Submitted”, Coronavirus recession may affect the number of H1B applications, H1B documents to apply for visa stamp in US embassy, travel while your H1B application is pending approval, difference between Consular Processing and Change of Status, IT Consulting In-house projects – RFE chance 90%, Approval chance less than 25%, IT consulting end client project ends before approval – RFE chance 50%, approval chance good if new client letter available – 80%, Full time job US employer – 98% chance of approval, Apr 15 to June 4 – Expect H1B premium lottery selection Email. You should understand the difference between Consular Processing and Change of Status. It simply means that USCIS has determined that it needs more information to move your application forward. USCIS status: June 4 Onward – H1B regular application RFEs (If any). USCIS generally sends RFEs to find out if there are similar employees in the company and to obtain more information about the project. Comments are closed. When to Consult with an H1B Visa Lawyer. USCIS will ask for proof that what the company wants the applicant to do matches the job description.

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