Jul 12, 2013 - Vintage and Veteran LLP, formed in 2009 by Ken Ashton and Phil Haywood are purveyors of fine motorcycles from the 1890s through to the 1930s. The earliest type had a 362 cc engine with … The earliest four-cylinder FN was used by Osmont on a widely publicised journey through Europe in November 1904, terminating at the First World "Salon de l'Auto" in Paris. FN. FN (Fabrique Nationale de Herstal) is a Belgian company established in 1889 to make arms and ammunition, and from 1901 to 1967 was also a motorcycle manufacturer. Four cylinder FNs 1914-1923 The first FN to offer full mechanically-operated valves appeared in 1914 alongside the original FN which retained its atmospheric inlet valves. I have described these earlier fours in a separate article . Motorcycles made in Belgium in the years 1900 to 1913. Its production ran from 1905 till 1926. FN 1930 350 engine RHS. FN Motorcycles Gallery. In 1905, FN produced the first 362cc shaft drive in-line “inlet-over-exhaust” four cylinder motorcycle; Percy Pierce (Pierce-Arrow) purchased a 1908 model and it became the point of reference for the first Pierce Four produced in the United States in 1909 FN Gallery; FN 1900-1913 Gallery; ... FN 1908 Four Cylinder. FN 1930 M70. FN M90 1931. FN 1930 350 rear view. FN 1930 M90 500cc. FN 1930 350 Engine. https://all-andorra.com/vintage-motorcycles-fn-4-cylinders-1915-750-cc FN 1930 350 Left Side. To many enthusiasts the FN four has always been one of the most appealing machines of veteran and vintage times. FN 1930 350 Carburettor. FN; FN 1912; FN 1914; FN 1920; FN 1923; FN Directory; Sarolea; Galleries. This machine was 363 cc (45 mm x 57 mm) and like all pre-1914 FNs had automatic inlet valves. FN 1930 350 RHS. It featured shaft drive and magneto ignition to electrify the spark plugs, but had no clutch or gearbox. Vintage & Classic Belgian Motos FN 1930 350 controls. FN ca 1930 Sidevavle. FN 1930 M90 500cc. The 1904/05 FN was the world’s first quantity produced motorcycle with four cylinders, a revolutionary engine configuration for the time. frame # 50072 engine # 1697. FN manufactured one of the world's first four-cylinder motorcycles, was famous for the use of shaft drive in all models from 1903 to 1923, achieved success in sprint and long-distance motorcycle racing, and after 1945, also in motocross. FN 1930 M70 Engine. FN 1913 498 cc four cylinder a.i.v. 1904 FN Four Cylinder.

fn 4 cylinder motorcycles

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