The truth is that there is really no secret feeding formula that make koks bigger. Flowerhorn Aquarium Setup and Flowerhorn Care Tips. These fish like warm water and the temperature in the tank should be between 80° to 89.0° Fahrenheit. im feeding live daphnia & some times dry. Feeding And Diet. But the brand that I like the most are grand sumo, ocean free xo and chingmix. hi!i am going to get a pair(not a breeding pair but male and a female!) There are some tips about flowerhorn care and maintenance for Beginners. Some have it. Replies. Most commercial breeders recommend that Flowerhorn fish be well fed prior to breeding which should not be too very difficult. ... Usually many foods specially made for flowerhorn are enough for dry foods. However, their aggression means that finding suitable tank mates is where most of the difficulty lies. I don’t recommend sanyu. of flowerhorn next month!can anyone give me some tips on breeding,tank setup,feeding,suitable ph,ammonia,nitrate,nitrite levels for flower horn!also i can only get glass seperators in my area not the net saperators!just say ur suggestions!i will choose a best answer!thanks in advance! Flowerhorn cichlids … The ideal pH range for Flowerhorn cichlids is between 6.5 and 7.8, with a water hardness of between 9 and 20 dGH. Unknown January 27, 2017 at 2:29 AM. because this is … Feeding tips for flowerhorns. Tips :- Flowerhorn Breeding Steps on How to Breed Flowerhorn. Flowerhorn accept almost any kind of food. Reply Delete. ... question is the frys has got 84 days but no hump is visible on that is there any medicine to put on that to improve. courtesy of VinceFL. Before keeping the Flowerhorn as your favorite fishes, you need to know about the fish and how to take care of Flowerhorn … All were fed with the same inexpensive flowerhorn food, yet some just naturally developed much larger nuchal humps than others. From a tank size and water condition standpoint, they’re pretty easy to manage. More on flowerhorn head growth genes. Flowerhorn cichlid care is not that complicated once you have a solid understanding of the fish. Here is an article that will help you to set up an aquarium for your flowerhorn fish. As an aside, another way in which to tell if they are … Feeding Before and After Spawning. Flower Horn is a beautiful fish with a very impressive behavior, temperament, and totally unusual appearance. Owning a flowerhorn fish can be incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. kindly suggest me what to do. Tips :- Hump Growth & Breeding Tips ... hai.. i have flowerhorn fish nearly it is 4yrs old.. still i couldn't grow hump for that fish.. please give me a idea, how to grow hump for my flowerhorn.. i use humpy head & highred food for feed.. Flowerhorn is a big fish, creates a lot of waste and are territorial, so they need a tank that best suits them. Some don't. That is the worst brand i’ve even encounter. The answer lies on the genes. In terms of treat.

flowerhorn feeding tips

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