Sending positive vibes your way! and the culinary world is your oyster. I love a good spice blend. Search Login / Register Sign in Create an Account. Many store bought fish masala powders also include wheat flour and / or corn flour as an ingredient. You can serve this with any pulao or biriyani. Tantalise My Taste Buds | Publishing fabulous recipes + destination guides since 2015. Made baked fish for guests and want to try shallow frying tonight. 2. Fish curry is my favorite ..I normally use store bought spices but your recipe is just awesome.. definitely gonna try at home.. After I started making my own spice mixes and other pantry items that I used to buy I can’t bring myself to buy them any more. Remember me. share this. I was alway so hesitant to make my own spice mixes but I realized that I had all the whole and powdered spices anyway, and it was just a matter of finding the right combination and amounts. And all the ingredients we already have in the home too! I so love seafood dishes,speacially the fish dish! 1. It seemed that some of the ingredients were added specifically to preserve and extend the shelf life of the product. Fish is among the healthiest foods on the planet. Make small batches of homemade fish masala powder if you don’t use it frequently, so that there are no leftovers that will go stale after a few weeks. This home made Fish Masala spice blend is perfect for your spicy fried masala fish, Cape Malay Pickled Fish and oven baked masala fish recipes. Beautiful images I can’t ignore them. I then bought a packet of fish fry masala powder for marinating the fish at the shop downstairs in my apartment building, and reading some of the ingredients made me queasy. Lost your password? The aroma of poppy seeds and sesame seeds will enhance the taste. turmeric powder, 20g Fish Curry Masala and salt to taste. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. If you liked the recipe above please consider rating the recipe and leaving a comment below. Spicy Masala Fish The inspiration for this recipe comes from a packet of masala mix I bought from a little stall on one of Zanzibar's spice plantations. Add the chili powder, garlic powder, ginger powder, cinnamon powder and turmeric powder to a bowl and mix in the freshly ground spices. Make sure your fish is cooked well on both the sides then add the coriander leaves. Set aside to marinate for 15-20 minutes. Fish Masala is the combination of spices and coconut. Remove the pan from the heat when you see the first wisps of smoke at about 2-3 minutes and stir off the heat in the pan to continue frying the spices for another minute or two. – Heat a frying pan on medium-high and add enough oil to cover the base. This spice blend looks amazing. Take a non-stick pan add the marinated fish in one layer. Kindly post your suggestions and feedback for continuous innovation in the kitchen. Keep cooked fillets warm while frying the rest. Recipe : Coconut fish curry : Clean ½ kg. Mix together the ground and powdered spices. Don’t forget to share the recipe with your family and friends and #tantalisemytastebuds if you share one of my recipes that you made on Instagram! We focus on tried and tested halaal and Cape Malay recipes, culinary travel and meaningful living with an emphasis on compelling written and visual content. To get new recipes delivered straight to your inbox, join our club and subscribe to Tantalise My Taste Buds. Add the coriander, fennel, cumin, black peppercorns and cloves to a small pan dry clean pan and dry roast on medium heat until it smells fragrant. to get Latest Shades of Kitchen Video Recipes, Your email address will not be published. This way I can make enough for one or two uses and it will always taste the same. This dry masala recipe includes red chili powder, turmeric, fragrant cloves, cinnamon, garlic and ginger. They also taste so much better than something that has been languishing on a shelf for months. I might give it a try at home, as I love to spice up my food. Fresh homemade spices tastes far better than the store bought…, One of my favourite dishes and so easy to make! In our home my mother made wet masalas from scratch but because of the amount of cooking and entertaining that she did she normally bought most of her dry spices in bulk. Required fields are marked *. You will know what I mean once you smell the toasted spices and taste the vibrant flavor it gives the food. Subscribe our newsletter to receive the latest recipes.

fish masala spice

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