Preparing for a fire inspection? We use Google Analytics, a web analytics service of Google Inc. (“Google”) which uses cookies to Protective Caps shall be provided to protect the integrity of the GL Series sprinklers; … The manufacturer, through us or otherwise, will provide pricing and a lead time. Google will use But another manufacturer we proudly stock, Senju Sprinkler, offers a plethora of cover plate options as standard. media provider. Shop Reliable (Rasco) fire sprinkler cover plates by SIN, model, and temperature at! (2 Pack) GREATEST PRODUCTS White Fire Sprinkler Head Guard for Both 1/2" & 3/4" Sprinkler Head for Protecting Flush Mount & Side Wall & Semi - Recessed Sprinkler Head Cover - Hardware Included! Domed, flat, and cleanroom plates available for G1, G4, G4A, G5, CCP, RFC, SWC & RFS heads in white, off-white, black, chrome, or bronze. IP address) is transferred to a Google server in the United States and stored there. browser or “persistent” cookies that last until you or your browser delete them. Concealed fire sprinkler heads above ceilings with cover plates not only allow for a flush finished look, but more importantly they protect the sprinkler head from accidental contact and possible activation. Additionally, they go out of their way to provide residential cover plates that match the ceiling perfectly, as demonstrated by the image above. Social media providers have their own terms These companies may employ cookies and web beacons to measure advertising or messaging In addition to the life-safety implications, painting a cover plate voids the warranty on your fire sprinklers. These paint covers stick in place on the escutcheon plate with a ring of tape. More specifically, most common concealed fire sprinkler cover plates are designed to release at about 135°F (57°C), freeing the sprinkler’s glass bulb to activate at 155°F (68°C). In older editions of the NFPA guidelines, when they realized they needed a section specifically addressing fire sprinklers in spray areas and paint booths, they unfortunately used language that was a bit generic, leading to some confusion. Warning: DO NOT paint or in any other way modify your fire sprinklers or their cover plates! Redford Supply Pro Outdoor Backflow Preventer Insulation Cover for Winter Pipe Freeze Protection - Multi-use Waterproof Pouch for Water Sprinkler Valve Box, Meter or Controller (24"W x 30"H, Beige), Coverdome fire Sprinkler Paint Cover with Magnet 25/Pack, Happy Tree (10 Pack) 1/2 " IPS Fire Sprinkler Head Semi-Recessed Escutcheon Plate 2 Piece Cover Ring Chrome, Happy Tree (4 Pack) White Fire Sprinkler Head Guard Cover for Both 1/2" & 3/4" Sprinkler Head 6" Deep Cage, Happy Tree (2 Pack) White Fire Sprinkler Head Guard Cover for Both 1/2" & 3/4" Fire Head for Protecting Flush Mount & Side Wall & Pendent Head Semi - Recessed Sprinkler Head Cage, FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon, Happy Tree (2 Pack) 3/4" NPT Fire Sprinkler Head Escutcheon Standard Cover Two Piece Rosette White, QUICKSTOP Q-MT Multi-Tool Fire Sprinkler Heads Shutoff Tool for Managing Accidental Fire Sprinklers Activation and Water Damage, Works On Upright, Pendant and Sidewall Sprinklers and Recessed Heads, (5 Pack) GREATEST PRODUCTS Fire Sprinkler Head Guard Red Plated Easy Screw Cover Guard for 1/2'' IPS Pendent & Upright & Horizontal Sidewall Head - Double Hook, Happy Tree (2 Pack) 1/2" IPS Fire Sprinkler Head Semi-Recessed Escutcheon Plate 2 Piece Cover Ring White. are purchased and in what amount). visit and details of your transaction activity, such as the amount, date and time for each You MUST purchase covers that are the same brand, size, and temperature as the original. Usually, cover plates screw out but occasionally they have tabs that hold them in place and require a gentle but firm tug to remove them. Now you know why you should never paint your fire sprinkler cover plate and what your options are for matching your sprinkler system and ceiling color. Part 2, #370 – NFPA Guidance on Fire Hydrant Testing, #369 – Replacement Fire Sprinkler Escutcheons: Finding the Right Model, #368 – Fire Safety in Historic Buildings: A Rehabilitation Planning Guide, #273 – Discolored Water in Fire Sprinkler Pipes: MIC Corrosion & Other Causes, #299 – How to Dispose of Fire Extinguishers in California and Replace Them, #46 - How to Use a Pitot Gauge for Hydrant Flow Testing, #153 – How to Remove Concrete Anchors: The Complete Guide, #48 - How to Replace Fire Sprinkler Escutcheons Using Retrofit Escutcheons, Guides for Fire Protection Equipment and Fire Safety Systems, Standpipe Systems and Fire Department Connections.

fire sprinkler head protective paint cover cap

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