when rock and roll began, right? The maple neck is finished into a soft-V shape, a reimagined and modernised take on the classic pointy V-shaped necks of the ‘50s. But select the series mix and hit the S-1 switch and it really is a strangled thin tone, which might work in a psychedelic funked-out and effected setting, but we’d suspect many might find it unusable. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? The two ‘50s inspired models, in this case a ‘50s Modified Two-Colour Sunburst and a more straight-down-the-line ‘50s Strat in Sea Foam Green are a step up again. The guitar is topped and tailed by a synthetic bone nut and vintage-style six-point synchronised tremolo, while vintage-style Fender tuners complete the guitar. Setup, too, is very good. This production level does create what many might view as a generic feel that’s less ‘vintage’ than an American Original or certainly a Custom Shop model. Our ’60s Strat really would give the latter a run for its money, even though its neck is slightly less deep in higher positions and the fretwire, as we said, is slightly wider and a little lower. Bath Plugged in, the Modified ‘50s Vintera Strat is instantly rockier than its ‘60s counterpart. The reorganised range comprises seven Telecasters, five Stratocasters, a pair of both Jazzmasters and Jaguars, and a single Mustang. On both we have a tone control for the neck and middle (tone 1) and the bridge (tone 2). Beautiful, balanced, stable, malleable, versatile, and tough-as-nails—it succeeds fantastically as a tool of musical expression and as a landmark of industrial design. Although there are some tweaks to the pickup voicings and the look and feel of the toned necks, these are essentially guitars we’ve all seen, played and probably owned and modded, too, over the past couple of decades. The “mid-'60s C”-shaped neck has a 7.25”-radius maple fingerboard with 21 vintage-style frets for classic playing feel. The tone from this Strat is easily the most unique of the three – but in the best way. It’s got an alder body with a bolt-on maple neck and pau ferro fingerboard, as well as 21 vintage-style frets (short and narrow as opposed to medium or medium-jumbo style frets on the series’ counterparts) along its 25.5” scale length. Thank you for signing up to Musicradar. Setup, too, is very good. But damn, the Fender Telecaster comes close. Fender Vintera '60s Stratocaster Modified deals, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. Crystalline and bell-like, they have the crisp, articulate tone that put Fender on the map. That said, the Strat has attack to it than a vintage-spec, but retains some bite from the bridge. You will receive a verification email shortly. They’re vintage with modern and contemporary additions that make them phenomenal instruments for a player of any level. These reflect numerous player mods: improved hardware, a flatter fingerboard radius, bigger frets, hotter pickups and some switching additions. ), but with modern modifications if and when you want them. At the end of the day, the stock standard ‘50s Strat is still a great guitar and will play whatever role you need it to play in your guitar collection. Perfection is an elusive, mostly impossible ideal. We check out three guitars from the new range that combine vintage inspiration with real-world functionality. Position two on the five-way pickup selector provides a solid, punchy and consistent tone that is noticeably more modern, but that may be because guitarist have been pulling tones with this seemingly perfect configuration since the 50s. Classy era-specific build modded with two-post vibrato, hotter pickups and the ‘seven sound’ mod. The Vintera Series continues into the '60s, some of the most creatively vibrant, if also turbulent and transformational, years in modern history. The lightweight alder body and maple neck combine to make a bright and resonant body that's been loved by players for decades. But tonal shade aside, it sounds like a Strat and as we get used to its mettle, it does the job and proves quite the all-rounder. All the guitars feature the iconic triple singlecoil pickups and vintage-style tremolos. Fender’s recent Vintera range has been a decent replacement for the Big F’s Mexican-made Classic range, and its 60s Jazz basses come in three color options –three-tone Sunburst, Daphne Blue and Firemist Gold. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, The Classic series replacements are the standard vintage-spec models - all 21 frets with 184mm (7.25-inch) fingerboard radius – while the Modified models replace certain Classic Players, vintage hot-rods if you like. Each note in a chord is heard and the harmonies resonate beautifully. The ‘60s models feature period correct neck profiles and pickups, as well as simply being phenomenally made guitars. Different settings on the five-way toggle between the three Vintage-Style ’60s singlecoil Strat pickups are reminiscent mostly of coveted players like Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix, allowing you to have big fat bluesy leads or phasey, thin tones to help you pop in and out of a mix of blues and rock. Who is the best acoustic guitarist of 2020? A 17-strong guitar range that encompasses eight different Fender models spread over three decades is never going to please everyone in terms of colour choices or specification. BA1 1UA. Visit our corporate site. Vintage features, frets, neck profiles and colours, as well as woods that have been tried, tested and used endlessly by Fender. Select both pickups in parallel and push down that S-1 switch and it’s far from the thin ‘strangled’ out-of-phase sound we expect: it’s less nasal and adds more bass back to create a very usable alternate mix.

fender vintera '60s stratocaster review

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