The idea with the roller nut was to improve tuning while using the tremolo. When you have finished with the cutter job, perfect it with a file or a Dremel. You only need a cutter, a file, a screwdriver and a drill with a small drill bit. However, we may be unable to answer the phones. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Roller nuts reduce nut resistance to the strings natural movement during play. Mounting hardware and instructions included. Available in brushed Chrome only. NOTICE: The Pacific Northwest is currently experiencing extreme weather conditions. 42x3.5x4.5/3.5mm. Fender® LSR Roller Nut, 1 11/16" Wide, Chrome Right Hand only. You can hurt yourself, break the cutter, or both. Fender LSR roller nut instructions. It is slightly more challenging if you want to place it on a maple neck because that type of wood is very hard. Doing it with a simple cutter is easy. Once screwed, I drill the second hole to finish the job. You can achieve this task within 20 minutes. Open strings resonate long and clear, sounding like your fretted notes because they are terminating on metal just like your fretted notes. It is a straight forward job easily attainable. Meaning there is no more need to file out a nut if you want to increase sting guage. You just have to adjust the springs according to the strings. The LSR Roller Nut dramatically reduces the usual friction and nut slot binding that can cause tuning instability. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or tips to add. NOTICE: Please turn on Javascript in your browser to enable Checkout and other features of this website. The Fender LSR Roller Nut will accept string gauges .008 to .056. The Wilkinson nuts were inferior to later LSR Roller nuts (above) that started to appear mid-1993. Check out the 2nd video posted at the footer of this article to see me setting up a vibrato in floating position by simply adjusting the claw. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. On this one, the guitar was perfectly set without being obliged to fine tune. The better job you do, the less adjustment you’ll have to do later. It’s the fifth roller nut I installed, and my guitars are fantastic. I drill only one side to hold the L.S.R roller nut in place. Support. Later all the Plus Deluxe models had Pearloid pickguards. Best Alternative Component to Flowd Configuration. Are you sure you wish to clear All items from your cart? These made string changes much easier, as each string rode on top of a set of roller bearings—a really great improvement over the Wilkinson nuts. Your email address will not be published. You get a stable tremolo by setting up the springs tension right. Right-hand isntruments only. I am also a composer as well as an arranger. I had to insert one on the treble side and two on the bass side. I used to own a black 2000 Fender American Deluxe Strat with the locking tuners, LSR roller nut and Floyd Rose II bridge (strings locked at bridge saddles, no fine tuners). 1-11/16 Nut Width necks only. (Nut: 42×6×3cm) 4.4 out of 5 stars 75. I was doing it on a Floyd Rose vibrato, but the technique is the same for every vibrato using springs attached on a claw. The roller nut, locking tuners, and locking bridge worked great with no issues for me. This nut uses ball bearings to allow the string to travel with minimal friction, always leaving your guitar in tune even after the biggest of dive bombs. Fender® Parts and Accessories 1-Year Limited Warranty. Those systems prevent you from setting the tremolo right. Will accommodate string gauges from . Later years Fender moved to a LSR roller nut that made string changes easier. Features. Nevertheless, I also perform bass guitar, mandolin, Ukulele, and invented string instruments. Out of all the six guitars I installed it on, only one required shim’s insertion. The Wilkinson nuts were inferior to later LSR Roller nuts (above) that started to appear mid-1993. All rights reserved. Comes with a Wilkinson nut adapter for converting older Strat® Plus models, instructions, mounting screws and shims to get the nut height just right. Orders can be placed on the website as usual. Max string gauge per string - E .013, A .017, D .026, G .036, B .046, E .056. LSR Roller Nut. How to install a Fender L.S.R Roller Nut on a Stratocaster. LSR-Linear String Rotation-reduces friction that can cause tuning instability. The tremol-no is easy to install and to set up, but it is useless. This one has the newer Wilkinson Roller nut. If the guitar wasn’t buzzing with the original nut, and if you didn’t go deeper than the original nut’s slice, you should be able to set the roller nut without any shim or just a few. Price may vary by color. Fender LSR Roller Nut Features: Ball bearings reduce friction that can cause tuning instability; Brushed-chrome roller nut assembly looks great and improves performance; Instructions, shims, mounting hardware, and Wilkinson adapter included for your convenience; OEM part — no fear of poor build quality or incompatibility The Fender LSR Roller Nut will accept string gauges .008 to .056. You have to lower the fingerboard with the bottom of the slot of the original nut. I uninstalled the Hipshot Tremsetter and the Goldo backbox, and I still have a few Backbox unopened that I am going to sell on eBay. Especially if you install it on a rosewood fingerboard. You just have to unscrew the two screws, loosen the strings and insert a shim in between the roller nut and the retainer cage. This six-string linear string rotation (LSR) top mounting roller nut will allow each string to “roll” in a string groove on a camshaft rolling pin reducing undue friction. Here is  an old bearded video in wish I’m explaining how to setup a vibrato in floating position working on the spring’s tension. For string gauges .008 to .056. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. It only blocks the tremolo or prevents it from going up. Copyright © 2020 Warmoth Guitar Products. Metallor 6 String Pre-Slotted Bone Guitar Nut Replacement Compatible with Strat Stratocaster Tele Telecaster Style Guitar White Unbleached. I use the strings to align the roller nut and to maintain it at the right position. The lsr accepts from .52 to .08 easily. It is a straight forward job easily attainable. Wilkinson Guitar Roller Nut Linear String Rotation (LSR) Roller Nut 6 Individual Rollers. In this post, I’m going to cover how to install a Fender LSR roller nut on a strat. $8.99$8.99. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. How to install a Fender L.S.R Roller Nut on a Stratocaster. The Best Gear Reviewed by a Geek for the Geeks, How to set up your Strat so that you can blend all of, Jazzmaster Wiring Series/Parallel Switching Source by, Wiring an import 5 way switch Source by axegrinderz, … pickup wiring diagram gibson les paul jr. Required fields are marked *. It is a straight forward job easily attainable. Over the years, repairing and trying to further improve electric guitars that a majority of times did not have to be upgraded converted me right into a self-taught luthier. 008" to .056". $6.74$6.74. Fender LSR roller nut instructions. The very first ones in 1989 came with a “split” Wilkinson Roller nut. et voila! NOTICE: We will be performing scheduled maintenance on our website on. Right-hand only. Brushed-chrome LSR roller nut assembly. Your email address will not be published. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Right-hand only. Keep in mind that the Fender L.S.R Roller Nut has a radius and can only be installed on Stratocaster type of neck. To get a perfect tuning stability on a Stratocaster sporting a tremolo you need: It is not necessary to use any devices such as a Goldo Backbox, a Hipshot Tremsetter or any tremolo stabilizer. LSR”Linear String Rotation”reduces friction that can cause tuning instability.

fender lsr roller nut specifications

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