The computer medium heralds the absolute closing of the human mind and cultural diversity by subverting all ends to its means it creates the condition necessary for total domination of the human spirit. Iconoclasm is the central liberation mission of the church in its declaration of the gospel. And the universal inanity of technological neutrality that provides the false sense of individual control over technological use, rapidly degenerates to technological necessity and inevitability of technological progress in actual daily behavior. People could just leave a message if I am not home when they call and they did before the cell phone. “The image tends . There is thus no longer a distinction between reality and representation – just simulacrum. Hawking stated, “We are not going to stop making progress, or reverse it, so we must [recognize] the dangers and control them.”{32}, In asserting “NO!” to unlimited technological advance and establishing personal and communal limits to our use of all technology, especially the cell phone, computer and TV, we free ourselves from the technological necessity darkening our future through paralyzing the will to resist. To freely choose in love one’s own path, identity and destiny is the essence of individual dignity. On Facebook, friends can number into the thousands. The technological reconstruction leads us to believe that the illusion “can give us more reality than nature can.”{12}, Hyperreality reflects a media dominated society where “signs and symbols” no longer reflect reality but are manipulated by their users to mean whatever. The first step to freedom for the slave is to recognize his condition of slavery and the possibility of a different way of life through self-determination, but that is impossible without a degree of abstract analysis and a measure of critical reason. What a wonderful world. Plato's simulacrum is a debased reflection, understood as inferior to the abstraction from which it is derived. The computer increases the average work load and illiteracy, reduces jobs, depersonalizes individuals, kills privacy, creates universal surveillance, makes pornography and depictions of violence readily accessible to children. In total these three definitions convey the ideas that the simulation is usually of a set of actions, and furthermore is deceitful in its display of “some situation or process.” In comparison simulacrum is defined as “a material image, made as a representation of some deity, person, or thing,” as “something having merely the form or appearance of a certain thing, without possessing its substance or proper qualities,” and as “a mere image, a specious imitation or likeness, of something” (OED). The power of the media is everywhere in sight. The same is true of the game last night—I caught the highlights on ESPN—no difference really—it never happened! The self-referentiality within the film, with its framing of a virtual reality videogame inside of another videogame, portrays the simulated world as not only tied directly to the experience of emotion and sensation, but as a world in which logical action is rewarded and meaning sublimated. The only reason people give as to why they use media technology is because of its convenience, it is easier to send an email or text than write a letter and use a postage stamp. The purpose of all institutions is the promotion of values or social norms, impossible through the online medium. Hawking said bluntly, “I think the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” Quoted in “Rise of the Machines” in the Dallas Morning News Sunday, February 14, 2016, 1P. Through reduction of the individual to a cell (atomization) in the social body, one never feels out of place, discomfort or disease, etc., because there is no longer any sense of individuality or difference. But in the second and third definitions we can see that the simulacrum supercedes representation in terms of the accuracy and power of its imitation. When the general audience mistakes or confuses the hyperreal for reality, it allows itself to be deceived. . Mimesis reduces the population to impulsive consumers. Human freedom is lost with each new artificial technical necessity, resulting in an increasingly nihilistic society; where power increases, choice is lost, resulting in increased meaninglessness. As an online professor I did not know how to write a letter of recommendation for a student I have never met in person. Ellul, The Humiliation of the Word, 122. 2001 W. Plano Parkway, Suite 2000 Necessity (whatever we fear we cannot live without) is always a limitation placed on human nature, such as the basic biological needs to eat and sleep. We enclose within the image everything that belongs to the order of truth” (Ellul, The Humiliation of the Word, 94, 95). One generation works to achieve a level of wealth that the next generation inherits with all the benefits of wealth but none of the sacrifice of the previous generation. I see friends shaking hands, sayin’, “How do you do?” 29. By worshiping the creature humanity dehumanizes itself by bowing down to the created order lower than itself.

examples of simulacrum in advertising

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