Nonetheless, ethical challenges in the hospitality industry can be overcome if companies adopt right strategies and principles. Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 34(4), pp. The research is purposed to determine whether prescription of several work ethics within the hotel industry may have pronounced impacts in the manner employees perceive the extents to which the jobs they do satisfy their needs, coupled with the degree to which they develop a commitment to an organization. ethical decision-making within the hospitality industry. The data collected will be used to find out the percentage of employees in the top rank and lowest rank hotels respectively in the selected rating index who think that standard principles and procedures of doing their work enable the clients to come with certain anticipations. EBSCO. 91-104, Hospitality & Tourism Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed 6 April 2013. In this research proposal, it is hypothesized that prescribing organizational code of ethics among employees of Ritz-Carton, four season’s group of hotels, millennium hotels and W Hotels, makes the organizations stand better chances of being competitive in the end. 203-214. In the hospitality industry, this will develop a strong base for the company, and increase the loyalty of customers. A thorough review of ethics articles appearing subsequent corporate reputation. Furthermore, when hotels switch to more labour-intensive programs, they do not hire more employees. This is a major ethical issue for the hospitality industry, as its operations rely more on the environment. Organizational Commitment: The Case of Turkey’s Hospitality Industry. Hotels however, engage in this in order to cut on costs and sustain their business functions. Waddock, S. A., & Smith, N 2000, Corporate responsibility audits: Doing well by doing. Therefore, most hospitality companies struggle to cope with these challenges, and sometimes, have gone overboard in their struggle to overcome the challenges. This report on Ethics in the Hospitality Industry was written and submitted by your fellow student. Most hotels have neglected this, owing to the fact that hiring more employees increases costs (Emel & Yukselen 2010). This company also established training programs on human rights and child protection, for its employees. These cases have persisted in the United States, yet there are immigration and business laws, which are meant to address them. On the other hand, Tuna, Ghazzawi, Tuna & Ãatir (2011) note that managers in the hospitality industry must be transformational and uphold high moral and ethical standards. Although there is large scholarly evidence that business ethics may contribute to the success of organizations in general, only a little literature exists scrutinizing the implications of business ethics to the satisfaction and organizational commitment of employees within the tourism and hospitality industry (Lee & Way, 2010, p.349). Management & Business Excellence, 19, 10, pp. The executives in most hotels are overpaid, while other employees are mostly underpaid. Your privacy is extremely important to us. The Service Industries Journal, 28(4), 429-443. "Ethics in the Hospitality Industry." The link between ethics, employees’ morale, and their productivity is critical since it has been also proven that a link exits between employees’ morale and job satisfaction coupled with employees’ commitment to an organization (Pettijohn et al., 2008, p. 547). The implication of this argument is that ethical organizations stand better chances of being more profitable in comparison with organizations, which do not intertwine their operations with social responsibility and ethics. However, when unethical conducts present themselves within the industry, this may be impossible. Muijen, H. (2008). Brooks, L. & Dunn, P 2009, Business and Professional Ethics: For Directors, Executives and, Damitio, J.W. Consequently, it is hypothesized that the firms in the industry (Ritz-Carton and four season’s group of hotels, and millennium hotels and W Hotels) may experience an immense success through a prescription of common codes of work ethics, something that enhances an excellent public image of firms with the ultimate result of increased success of the organization in terms of profitability. In the context of this research proposal, ethics refers to standards of behaviors or conducts. Furthermore, most local communities do not experience any form of economic benefit in hotel and tourism, yet are most affected by the environmental degradation caused by companies in the hospitality industry (Leadlay 2011).

ethical issues in hospitality industry

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