Do not call the store about Penny Items. Keep an eye on our FB Group for verification on Tuesday Morning! NOTE: Last week none of the items that were supposed to penny actually did, so keep that in mind. I recommend joining the Dollar General Penny Shopping group to learn more, there is a whole lot of information in there and you can study up so you know when you go into the store what you are looking for. I will be working to verify UPCs as I can, but keep in mind the UPCs may vary on what you see in the store until we can confirm them. These are usually found in cardboard display cases in the aisles and NOT on the regular shelves! SOME DID NOT. These items will not ring up a penny until TUESDAY. Know before you go that you may have issues buying these items. Tagged: dollar general penny items 2020, managers dont know about these penny items at dollar general, penny list for dollar general, dg penny items, christa coupons penny list, suprise penny list, dollar general pennt shopping, dg penny shopping, dg penny list. Dollar General Markdowns & Penny List October 06, 2020. Please keep in mind the current public health situation before heading out to stores. REMEMBER NOTHING IS CERTAIN ON THIS LIST UNTIL WE GET IN STORES TO VERIFY! REMEMBER NOTHING IS CERTAIN ON THIS LIST UNTIL WE GET IN STORES TO VERIFY! Make sure to scan with the DG app – this could be a YMMV list! HEADS UP – there are NEW Yellow Dot Toys out now! Do not call the store about penny iyems. HEADS UP: This is WINE on the list – these items are alcohol so it is taxed differently on a state by state basis and this list may not penny in all locations and they mail not sell the items. The new penny list will start Tuesday July 16th 2019. REMINDER: These items will NOT be a penny until Tuesday January 29th. HOME STORE LOCATOR LINK (which doesn’t have all of the stores. Penny shopping Tuesday November 3, 2020. REMEMBER NOTHING IS CERTAIN ON THIS LIST UNTIL WE GET IN STORES TO VERIFY! It is possible these penny Monday. These items will not ring up a penny until TUESDAY. So far it doesn’t look like there is a penny list on July 24th, BUT there could be some surprise pennies, we have been seeing lots of those lately. Today we have some SURPRISE PENNIES with Valentine’s Day Stick Balloons! UPDATE: Looks like last year it was worded the same as this year and it didn’t reset. PS. The new penny list will start Tuesday August 6th 2019. ALL UPCs ARE CORRECT FOR THIS LIST! Do not ask employees about penny items. Remember do not ask employees about penny items, do not call the store about penny items. I have checked multiple sources as I do each week. Happy Hunting! REMEMBER NOTHING IS CERTAIN ON THIS LIST UNTIL WE GET IN STORES TO VERIFY! THIS IS A YOUR MILES MAY VARY LIST AND IT IS EXTREMELY LIMITED! Penny items are discontinued items that Dollar General employees are suppose to remove from the sales floor. REMEMBER NOTHING IS CERTAIN ON THIS LIST UNTIL WE GET IN STORES TO VERIFY! Do Not ask Dollar General employees about penny items. The new penny list will start Tuesday October 22nd, 2019. Alright guys, we got some hostess pennies, you shouldn’t need the UPC on these, just match up the product exactly. I recommend hitting PHOTOS on the side of the group page and you can see what others are posting. We got a new penny list for May 7, 2019. PENNY LIST VISUALS LOCATED ON THE FREEBIE GUY INSTAGRAM. THESE COULD VARY STORE TO STORE AS HAS BEEN THE CASE WITH SEVERAL LISTS LATELY. Alright guys – we have a SURPRISE NCI (HOME STORE) Penny list! Just because things are opening doesn’t mean shopping is the right decision for you or your family. I will be up early to check and make sure the list is working . Not sure how many more stores will have graduation at a penny this time around, but it could be the rest of stores that were still regular price last time. Tagged: christa coupons penny list, dollar general penny shopping, live penny shopping, dg penny shopping, dollar general penny list, dg penny list, Tagged: dollar general surprise penny toys, dollar general surprise pennies, penny blocks, surprise penny blocks. The new penny list will start Tuesday, June 30, 2020. It is common to have weeks with no pennies. Make sure you are checking The Freebie Guy’s social media accounts on Wednesday morning for verification that this is a go! This is the Dollar General penny shopping list for Tuesday 10/13/20. Tagged: nci penny list, nci penny items, dollar general nci store, dg home store, dg nci store, surprise penny list, dg surprise penny list, dollar general penny items 2020, penny list for dollar general, christa coupons penny list, Do not ask employees about penny items. Happy shopping! Items on the list with a * next to them have had their UPC verified as accurate! Baby Ruth Mini Assorted 10.5 oz – 99900100170, Sweet Smiles Swirly Pops 3.4 oz -54954231586, DURACELL RETRAC MICRO CBL  – 680988283918, LAC PPWDR MINERAL – S/HONEY – 81555793746, COTY M B/MIST – DAREDEVIL – 3614224823047, BRDWY LSTICK TM- LEMOM PIE – 731509656572, LAC L GLOSS – PINK PARADISE – 81555789299, WNW L COLOR – ML-CHERRY PICK – 77802596505, WNW L COLOR – ML- RED VELVET – 77802591050, WNW LSTICK LIQUID C/5-VIXON – 77802593122, BRDWY NP-GEL- WHAT/FEELING – 731509692365, BENGAY P/RLF CREAM ULTRA 2 OZ – 74300081939, VISINE EYE DROPS DRY EYE 0.5 OZ – 74300010670, NAPHCON-A EYE DROPS ALLERGY RELIEF 0.16 OZ – 300650085526, THERMACARE CREAM PAIN RELIEF 2.5 OZ – 305733023112, OPTI FREE MULTI-PURPOSE EXPRESS  10 OZ – 300653144503, DG HEALTH A0637 CREAM P/RLF COLLHEAT 1.25 OZ – 376168402445, ASPERCREME P/RLF PATCH W/LIDO 1 CT – 41167058473, HOT SHOT LIQUID BAIT ANT 4 CT – 71121957627, HOT SHOT WASP AND HORNET TWIN PACK 28 OZ – 71121134127, RAID ANT/ROACH SPRAY ORG.BREEZE ARSL 17.5 OZ – 46500775338, RAID WASP AND HORNET FOAMING 13 OZ – 46500771316, RAID AEROSOL REPEL SPIDER&SCORPION 12 OZ 46500718892, PEST GUARD INSECT GLUE TRAP 4 CT – 71555808908, Jack Links Beef Jerky Combo Turkey/Cheese 1.2oz (Front End Checkout) – 17082873675, Voortman Wafers Sugar Free Peanut Butter  7.1oz – 67312002696, Verizon – Caper POSA: 799366840794 (Already $0.01), Verizon – LG Optimus Zone 1Ct: 652810815239 (Already $0.01), Verizon – LG Optimus Zone 2 1Ct: 799366223511, Verizon – Pantech Breakout 1Ct: 799366238454, Verizon – LG Optimus Zone 3 1Ct: 799366172758, Verizon – Motorola Moto G Play 1Ct: 799366431299, Verizon – LG Zone 3 Sim LK 1Ct: 799366433569, Anagram Balloons Grad Jr Shape 1Ct: 13051008598, Anagram Grad Balloon Jumbo 1Ct: 13051011086, Anagram Grad Balloon Stick Ast 1Ct: 13051011048, Anagram Grad Baloon Helium Ast 1Ct: 13051011017, July 7th, 2020 – Dollar General Penny List, Aquahydrate Bottled Water PurfdW/Electro 23.7oz – 182136000236, Clover Valley D0012 Bf Jerky Original 2.75oz – 47500016223, Clover Valley D0011 Bf Jerky Teriyaki 2.75oz – 47500016230, Clover Valley D0010 Bf Jerky Peppered 2.75oz – 47500016247, Puma Ladies Socks Assorted Packs 6 pk – 430000965212, Puma Men’s Socks Assorted Packs 6 pk – 430000965205, Sleep/Int/Sck.

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