Whatever the market is having now, DMT corporation has contributed a lot. so my father gave me a very fine sharpening stone (looking at it it almost has the look of a block of metal but its not just very fine now i have heard some stones are ment to be used dry just as they are and others made to be used with water on them and even others made to be used with oil on them as lubrication. Want to stay up to date with Paul's blog? With … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. When it comes to particle size as you rightly say I have used 250, 800 and 1,200. They are reputational in making diamond sharpening stone so no doubts that we have some items here in the top 7. I am always being complimented on the condition of my tools and their sharpness. All I care about is a sharp, sharp edge that will reasonably hold up while doing the work. It’s fine to use the Veritas guide on diamond plates. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It is to help prevent metal fines from sticking to the sharpening surface. Do you have any advice to sharpen knives? Nov 22, 2017 #2. it most likely has to do with the fact that diamond stones didn’t exist back then. Diamond Whetstone Models Sharpener in Hard Wood B… I switched to diamond stones a while back after using water stones for a long while. Results are what matter. One of the wood-working gurus some of you have probably tuned into used to be a sales rep at Lie Nielsen, and now represents Wood River…he used to talk about sharpening, and 8000 grit was the pinnacle…now on his website he offers what is called the Minimalist Kit offering a 300/1000 diamond stone and a Ceramic 16000 stone for $443. Can I use this guide with the diamond plate? I use a little water to clean the diamond stones because that is the method reccomended by DMT. Paul Sellers & Company Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with the company number 10347569. Is an auto glass cleaner like auto gym fast glass what you mean? Though it may start out flat, it cannot stay flat, so we have a built in problem all around. Thank you for your time. *Ingredients:* <5% perfumes, Benzisothiazolinone, Mehylisothiazolinone. About $50 for the pair. Best Regards! Hi Guys, I am a complete amateur, so I got “sucked in” to all kinds of views about sharpening. It took less passes with the Atomas and it was easier to feel where the high and low spots were, which I'll talk more about in this section. I wouldn;t worry too much about scratch marks in the surfce and superfine polishing, try the tool and see how you feel about the results. How does this brand compare to DMT? I have a Veritas MK II Honing guide. I was using only water on my stones and trying to flatin my plane blades it seams to take over 8 hours to do. What I can’t seem to wrap my head around is topping at a 1200 grit. Maybe the DMT 325 exhibits this as well, but I don't remember experiencing it. One aspect of the Atomas I didnt not expect was the feedback. Very informative. Those have been discussed here recently, in at least a couple threads: ... Latest Reviews… Many such people lose sight of the fact the wood itself is abrasive and so what starts out at 15,000 or 20,000 becomes  reduced to a few hundred in the first few strokes anyway. Is this difference, so minute to the eye even under magnification, really going to make a practical difference? Its funny really . Also, are your stones 3″ x 8″ x 1/4″ Flash Diamond Stones? Obsessed with Edges. Looking to get a kitayama 8k in the future FWIW. A few years ago, for about three decades, all the guru woodworking writers were advocating Japanese water stones. please any help would be much appreciated -dave, Dear, well everyone i suppose….has anybody here including yourself mr sellers tried the average rubber erasive to try on your diamond stones just to declog and add a bit of life back in them? Anyway, I welcome any comments or advice from anyone. I have also gone over to DMT diamond stones for much of my sharpening and also have water stones. It's somewhat difficult to feel the diamonds by touch but make no mistake, these things will grind pretty much anything. There is always some reduction on wheels on stones of any type, but not noticeable. Eventually I replace the coarse because of this. Muddy stones will do this as well and give more resistance when you reach a high spot but to experience the same on a diamond plate, even to a significantly smaller degree, was surprising. It came out comparable, but certainly not as clear a polish. The only strop I have ever used is the palm of my hand ! I don’t use DMT though I have used them on a very limited basis. Remember that many of our present day “experts” became gurus through slick sales talk and we have seen them go through the gamut of selling planes, selling techniques and selling sharpening stones or plates. Poundworld didn’t have anything similar. My father never used them. I am sure that it is measurable and that it makes a difference with a first or second cut, but in the practice of every day the first and second strokes take that edge and so within a few strokes you are reduced to a lesser level before you can derive great benefit from it because no tool can actually retain that perfect edge. Part of the reason why I did this resurfacing on my plates was to try and prep them for flattening use. Just go for EZE-Lap solid plates. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methylisothiazolinone, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benzisothiazolinone. What starts out as coarse 250 ends up being much finer the more I use it. These things are very heavy. For some highly specialised work such as carving a violin scroll I need this, for chopping a mortise and paring an oak tenon I usually don’t. I’ve been losing sleep over which sharpening system I should use but the more I read into diamonds the more I like about them. Are you able to be a little more specific about what’s in the cleaners you use, or even name them? I’m thinking of buying the 3×8 double-sided Medium/Fine (DD8M/F) and also a smaller 1×3 extra coarse (21XC). Just use a strop, even without buffing compound on the leather, to break the burr from the cutting edge if there is one. I do love the diamond plates and of course I use EZE-Lap not DMT which are less expensive and of course they never hollow. Most of my sharpening has been my pocket knife or the occasional kitchen knife. You probably don't need either the Atoma 140 or the DMT 120, but again the Atoma wins though the gap is much smaller. Like on the tip where everything gets wiped off. You don’t say what grit size your’s are so it’s hard to answer.

dmt diamond stones review

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