@discord i have dm'ed you and haven't gotten a response yet. Via It's that your lies are so *easy" to disprove. @discord It's communicating with users all over the world. @Doren_S_Michael @discord Hey me and some friends have the same issue on android. Also, discord has been changing the settings by itself for a long time now and Its horrible D: @BroRekord for the plan, For meeting you, for not stopping you when I had the chance, I don’t make that mistake anymore, I see the problem, I step in. you can make the member count noun say anything before the number of members Nope, not happening. @discord @JTVSupport @TwitchSupport, @drayden___ spotify: same as discord Does not have a support team. it's not even the lack of apps because I can use Discord and Spotify lite in anbox (and surprisingly without heavy inpact) on manjaro phosh beta 2 without major problems other than long anbox loading. Twitter A support team doesn't take 7 days to provide support. @BlackroseBisha1 I tried to join the discord, but it's full. @ewor380 @PopasMedia 7:50 AM: Investigation begins I was taking some rest from all the building. @discord I have a big problem, even if I reset by default my setting my microphone wont work. Today was a bit slow. Hello, everyone! @geekalert88 im so done with discord after this bs crap. @discord It's communicating with users all over the world. It was inspired by the status option in many other chat and VoIP programs. cant even log in, as soon as i sign back in im deactivating. RT @PrazetheSunnyD: @CanOfSam_ @discord I found the problem. There will be a discord server, But due to the fact the my computer is ✨Broken✨ There will be a pause. A support team doesn't take 7 days to provide support. @CultC0re people are mad they can't get a role in a discord server? Recently we all learned Fantage might have hit legal issues leading to the shutdown such as breaking federal laws. I am having issue with the Discord. @Enichan @discord hey discord I have a problem when screen sharing it’s not including audio from my application and is giving me a yellow exclamation mark and I can’t seem to fix it, ?I guess I can't follow anyone else for another 3 days??? RT @Rhxdy: Among us live stream at 8gmt time... if you do want to join in then drop me a message unfortunately my discord is currently unav…. Proud of the Rari community for acting fast and staying vigilant, Today I woke up to a bug in the Rari Capital system @RojasLivee Hoping to get this resolved soon. You are at home with an internet connection, Are you kidding? I can't play the game on mobile and be in discord vc at the same time because I'd have to exist the game which will disconnect me, @__AAKIRAA i personally work better when other people are working around me y'know, but since that's not possible rn hw discord calls have been kinda working :). 7:50 AM: Investigation begins It should be completely ready by the end of next week before I send my 2nd issue. Featured. @destroyerbots Pleaseee. @discord @JTVSupport @TwitchSupport, @nadva9 @InkButPlus If I play among us on mobile it's a lot worse @discord your outage made me not able to join back the discord server thank you :D. @slurge00 I’ve had same issue & everything has pointed towards internet / router issues. Virtually meeting users, no affecting weather (just probably connection-issues xD). Discord user: vD_emxn#0001, So im having problems with my pc discord and it wont open no matter what i try, any recommendations? @MiszJones Your Discord status is account-wide, so your updated message will appear to everyone on all the Discord servers you’ve joined. @discord Minecraft, Created By: How to Set a Custom Playing Status on Discord – Mobile By default, there is no feature of custom playing status on discord mobile, but I will share a trick through which you can set the custom game status. @epikgamur 8:30 AM: Issue isolated and understood Check your upload speed when stream drops. Covid is not a valid reason for the delay. (But also gives me more time to plan what features it’ll have!?). 6:51 AM: reported on Discord 388. Now, the sound clips that randomly stopped working were downloaded from sound files sent on Discord. Twitter: *Discord disconnect sound* display your community game server info on your discord. ServerStats Commands Prefix: commands : sb!status main command, get bot status; sb!config set game server config : sb!config channel “channel id” sb!config host “server ip/host” sb!config port “server port” sb!config type “server … @harleyeviljoker @livvydoodlez Me and RubyxDev are making a game. Xbox and Discord integration is so broken, it never says I'm playing a game when actually playing it and when I close the game it says I'm playing it ? @destroyerbots Pleaseee. @vi48002139 @JackDeeth @marysuewriter @PhilosophyTube The discord right now: @wet_sock__ like talking to complete strangers in the #vent channel in a discord server doesn't fix any problems. i had to uninstall the synapse because it won't let discord/any mic-enabled apps detect my headset. Covid is not a valid reason for the delay. My friendslist wont load, and all the servers are empty. @SqueakToyScythe COVID IS NOT A VALID REASON FOR THE DELAY. @liluzinephew @VaushV or creepy guys in general i used to be in a discord server where we had this exact issue. No answer on website or discord. @discord Hello,I am facing log in issue.I cant access my email,and everytime I log in my credentials it just says to approve log in which I cant bz I cant access to my email.Need Help All incidents / maintenances. Today I woke up to a bug in the Rari Capital system anyone interested in joining an among us drinking game in like 7 minutes with my friend's discord server? Day 22. On the same token, the ability to set online/away/offline on a per-server basis would be great. 6:51 AM: reported on Discord Where hanging out is easy Grab a seat in a voice channel when you’re free. I'm rlly confused. @InnerslothDevs im 99% sure you wont see this but among us isn't working for me. Escape Reality & Play Games. @SnowstormSnowy youtube: who knows @ImBarrenWuffet @MrZackMorris Hey Wuffet! @JeumanS You can just click the "invite" button on the top of the page (next to the big avatar image). @SpotifyStatus @SpotifyCares Hi Spotify, I have a problem where Spotify pauses my music after ~30 seconds of playtime. Nope, not happening. ? View Detail. I just realized I forgot to tell this @discord pls help me I'm unable to use discord it got stuck on verification problem @user166053692 Please help with this!!! @discord Since yesterday for no apparent reason I'm stuck in Update failed, and when I try to reach your site I get a connection not secure error. It's not just that you blatantly lie. Ir worked the first second after the reset but suddenly stopped working. @ElCour Eris. @SilverYoshi97 @discord @discord @discord I tried broadcasting my iOS screen but it says I have failure to access. But if anyone has been trying to message me on Discord, I'm really sorry, my phone is broken and I can't access my Discord though PC @leommy_ AAA I CANT ANSWER YOU ON DISCORD ANYMORE ITS NOT WORKING FOR SOME REASON ? ZixeSea# Check your upload speed when stream drops. YOU ARE IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME WITH AN INTERNET CONNECTION. My friendslist wont load, and all the servers are empty. Zoom - Security Issues @liluzinephew @VaushV or creepy guys in general i used to be in a discord server where we had this exact issue. @SLIM3Y_D00M You must be logged in to upvote bots! @yoongay_er @SlytherinCandy @jinharemau There is a Fantage community discord server. Best Discord Status. 6062. Eat-Sleep-Play Game. @ToXicFl0w It also doesn't matter whether I have Discord open or not. But that shouldn't be the problem, cuz some of the strips I downloaded still work fine. @Legless1234 : i got a discord server for anyone down ? This bot adds a unique way to show off your member counters, server stats, goals and welcomer messages in your server (fully customizable). Excuse me, but I can't even individually set the volumes of the speakers. It's coming up with "Invite Invalid". i'll try to reinstall it , then if it still doesn't work i'll dm you if i have more problems. i also never got a xbox game pass ever. Its becoming a advertising ground for my server, people are using it to get by freely with nsfw words.

discord server status

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