My company is about to have both a "Vice President of Software" and a "Director of Software", which seems a bit bizarre and redundant to me. Note that in some financial contexts, the title of vice president is actually subordinate to a director. Which is higher rank director or First VP at Merrill Lynch? In my case, both positions would be writing code. 27 28 29. Wiki User Answered . General manager and vice president of operations are two common job titles within a retail chain's organizational structure -- with VP of operations being the higher ranking position. Does a Vice President rank higher than a Director? Which Position Is Higher, General Manager or the VP of Operations?. Senior management jobs generally include positions within the following groups: Director, Vice President, C-level, and CEO. A vice president is the most junior of the senior bankers and, as far as clients and higher-ups are concerned, carries the first legitimate title. Depending on the size of the company, and the industry in which it operates, you could find that the same job title has different meanings, different responsibilities, and a very different salary. 2010-01-09 08:50:40 2010-01-09 08:50:40. A Vice-President is higher than a director. Director is generally equivalent to AVP. I'm wondering what the industry perception of these titles is, and how they relate to each other in a generic corporate hierarchy. A vice president of external relations, for example, may handle fundraising only at one institution but handle alumni relations, public relations and the school website at another. Answer. By contrast in the american english context "executive director" is roughly equivalent to vice president or senior director in some businesses. VPs are typically members of … Vice presidents in small companies are also referred to as chiefs of a certain division, such as vice president for finance, or vice president for administration. software-industry title. Top Answer. "Head of " is orthogonal to VP/Director type titles, because the "Head of " means that one is the highest-ranking specialist at a given time, whereas Director and VP refer to levels of trust and status within the company. One school may delegate human resources, accounting, facility maintenance and campus security departments to its vice president of administration, while another tacks finance to that list. Asked by Wiki User.