1/2 Teaspoon Cardamom Powder/ Velchi Powder. It is a nutty flavor and it is absolute perfection in a biscuit. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Mostly it used to meet the dustbin after making desi ghee from malai or butter. These ghee residue biscuits are crunchy and munchy. But if you find difficulty in binding the mixture into dough, you can add chilled milk just be spoons. And in the same series, there’s a huge number of recipes made using leftover desi ghee residue. Now our cookie dough is looking like half circle (like a D). This is a refined sugar free, refined flour free recipe with goodness of almond and whole wheat flour. Shape into small balls. You know that ghee residue is that leftover brownish fat, which is left behind after making desi ghee at home. Biscuits are ready. Likewise jaggery can be replaced with sugar. The garam masala we have used is also homemade and you can find the recipe of the same by clicking here. If you are also habitual of collecting malai/cream from milk and make desi ghee from malai, then it means ghee residue is integral part of your kitchen’s leftover food. These whole wheat ghee biscuits are eggless and … In our case, it was 3/4 cup of ghee residue but in your case, this could be totally different, we mean more or less. (375g.) It’s free. Whereas this is very versatile ingredients useful in making variety of recipes from sweet to Savoury. Make sure the syrup is lumps-free. Using cookie cutter, mark cuts on the flat rolled dough. Mix everything well and combine everything into a dough. One thing to note in the recipe, since I essentially replaced the butter with ghee, I had to add some applesauce to the recipe to make sure the biscuits were still soft enough. Recipe has been titled as ghee residue masala biscuits because garam masala is used in making them. Cookies will be little soft initially after baking but once they cool down, they will turn crisp. Discard in case you don’t find it good on your tongue. The main healthy ingredient in this bake is ghee residue, which is a diary byproduct obtained during ghee preparation. Bake @160℃ for 18 to 20 minutes or until biscuits turn slightly dark. First and foremost important thing is to taste the ghee residue. Method: Take Powder sugar and ghee in a big bowl. Place on baking trays and bake in a preheated oven ai 400°F till lightly browned. Though earlier also we have tried biscuits with ghee residue made of oats and named as eggless oats cookies with leftover ghee residue and the another one is simple Ghee residue biscuits but both were the sweet one. They are so delicious and yummy that you can not resist to have them all in one go. ALSO READ : RECIPES USING DESI GHEE RESIDUE. Desi ghee residue is such a versatile ingredient which has always been underrated. Our mixture was moist enough to combine together so needed no liquid. Gratitude for subscribing. We have used round glass as cutter and after cutting into round shape, further cut the cookie round dough into two halves. (665g.) For quite a long time, it wasn’t known to many that it can be used in cooking. Poke the flattened dough with fork so that it doesn’t puff up while baking. I think the Ghee lends a very particular flavor to the biscuits that only makes them taste that much better. If you proceed with the spoiled residue, all your efforts, ingredients and money go waste. Whole wheat flour can be replaced with all purpose flour or both in the equal ratio. Now by slowly adding water, bring all together into a dough. Ghee biscuits are soft, crumbly and healthy biscuit recipe for kids and great for evening tea time snack. However you can used all purpose flour or both in the ratio of 50:50. And believe it or not i have made 7 cookies recipe including this one. We are here again with one more recipe using desi ghee residue. Don't make it too thin. Barring a few recipes, ghee is an excellent substitute for butter in baking.

desi ghee biscuits recipe

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