And none of them might ever be a team again! His rage and self-loathing caused him to lash out at those around him—keeping friends and family alike at arm’s length. Arthur, Orm, the Trench, Xebel, and more battle not just for the crown but for the future of Atlantis and beyond. Collects The Forever People #1-11. Simone has two useless parents and a general distaste for her life, so much so that she’s planning on taking some rat poison and ending it all—and then something changes. Now we have learned that Batgirl, Justice League Odyssey, and Batman and the Outsiders have joined in having their final issues in October. DC Comics is going to keep the Watchmen train going as now they have tapped Tom King and Jorge Fornes to explore what happens in that universe post-Watchmen. Barry Allen feels helpless in his life in Central City. Plus, who is dating whom in the 31st century? When a recent, gruesome crime scene suggests a connection to The Joker, the GTO, and FBI agent Hector Quimby turn to Harley as the one person with information that could crack the case. But just as things couldn’t look any worse, a string of gruesome murders has left a trail of the most corrupt in Gotham City losing their heads...literally. Fun in the sun will have to wait—because if Diana and Max can’t uncover this illegal arms trade, the entire city could be blown sky high! Click for full cover view of Batgirl #50. It’s 1976, and this is the concluding chapter of the Eisner Award-winning American Vampire! Click for full cover view of DCeased: Dead Planet #4. Even Professor Crane has doubts about what he is doing, and questions how a man who has dedicated his life to education can continues with a plan like this. One of the things that is not getting much attention is the current status quo of Damian Wayne. DC Comics October 2020 Solicitations Analysis BATGIRL AND OTHER ONGOING COMICS COME TO AN END. They’ll need to face down their fiercest foes once again if they hope to accomplish their mission and bring back a power capable of stopping the Darkest Knight. 13: ROGUES REIGN TP. art by FERNANDO PASARIN and OCLAIR ALBERT. As the year barrels forward into what will become a turning point for the Dark Knight, Batman must grapple with the very citizens he has sworn to protect...while a familiar face looms large as a new threat on the horizon: Damian Wayne! With Damian Wayne renouncing his role as Robin and leaving the Teen Titans behind, Jon Kent returns from the future and the Legion of Super-Heroes to ask the remaining Titans some tough questions about his best friend. When he wakes from a coma, he realizes he can run at incredible speeds. Collects The Flash #70-75. art by JACK KIRBY, VINCE COLLETTA, and MIKE ROYER. At least that is what recent solicitations of Teen Titans have implied. Maybe this new direction will address the fact that Bruce has been ignoring his son and not working together as Batman and Robin in order to properly raise Damian. Wonder Woman has been an inspiration for decades, and while not everyone would choose her star-spangled outfit for themselves, her compassion and fairness are worthy of emulation. art by MITCH GERADS and EVAN "DOC" SHANER, 6 OF 12 | FC | NO ADS | CARD STOCK COVERS. art by CLAY MANN, TRAVIS MOORE, LEE WEEKS, MITCH GERADS, and. Deathstroke’s body count has grown even higher after murdering his therapist en route to escaping from Arkham Asylum, which prompts Commissioner Gordon to expose Slade’s identity as Deathstroke to the public! But that’s the thing about truth…when it turns to fact, there’s no disputing its godlike reverence…and so enters the Darkest Knight. This book introduces a group of young, otherworldly adventurers: Big Bear, Mark Moonrider, Serifan, Beautiful Dreamer, and Vykin, five young heroes who, with the help of their mother box, have the ability to summon the mighty Infinity Man. What happens when Batman encounters a true urban legend after speaking its name three times in a mirror, or when Madame Xanadu enlists the help of Man-Bat to take down a shadowy specter? You can catch up with all of Kevin’s thoughts about comics, anime, TV shows, movies and more over on Twitter. The cliffhanger to Season One led to this cataclysmic confrontation! Skinner Sweet has exhausted all efforts to regain his lost immortality. Welcome to the Other Place, where the Upside-Down Man rules without equal, and where all the odds are bleakly stacked in his favor. Neron, the ruler of hell, makes DC’s villains—and heroes—an offer they can’t refuse, dangling serious power upgrades at the cost of their souls. Guest-starring Jonathan Kent, Conner Kent, Supergirl, and the Legion of Super-Heroes. This book presents tales of the real-world heroes who take up Diana’s mantle and work in the fields of science, sports, activism, diplomacy, and more! DeMATTEIS, JOE KELLY, and others, art by ED McGUINNESS, DOUG MAHNKE, CARY NORD, MIKE McKONE, STUART IMMONEN, YANICK PAQUETTE, PAUL PELLETIER, and others. written by MARK WAID, PAUL KUPPERBERG, ALAN GRANT, ROGER STERN, and SCOTT PETERSON, art by HOWARD PORTER, PHIL JIMENEZ, J.H. After a heated consult with the Justice League, Diana finds herself on her own with the supposedly reformed Max Lord to complete her mission—and to make matters worse, each side is using Lord Industries’ stolen tech to turn their forces into mind-warping super-armies! Also featuring the classic story “For the Man Who Has Everything” from Superman Annual #11 in which Superman, Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman battle Mongul. In tales that ushered in the new millennium, Superman returns to Smallville and teams up with Superboy! THE FLASH VOL. It’s up to one detective to uncover the true identity of this would-be killer—and it will take him into a web of conspiracies involving alien invasions, disgraced do-gooders, mystic visions, and yes, comic books. Welcome to Sanctuary, an ultra-secret hospital for superheroes who’ve been traumatized by crime-fighting and cosmic combat. Batman’s greatest shame is finally revealed! The character spotlight covers have been used by DC Comics to give us an idea of specs for new or old characters modern day looks. Seems the pantheon of Greek gods is having a hard time with some of Cassie’s choices. This collected edition features the entire nine-issue miniseries! Thirty years after Batman: The Killing Joke changed comics forever, Batman: Three Jokers 
reexamines the myth of who, or what, is the Joker and what is at the heart of his ongoing battle with Batman? While Superman responds to the global chaos caused by Leviathan, Metropolis faces a local menace: the invisible mafia and its metahuman enforcer, the Red Cloud. What exactly is going on over there? This issue features a battle so costly that the team’s roster will be forever changed. As Superman deals with the continuing fallout from the world knowing his truth as Clark Kent, he finds himself faced with a physical threat beyond anything he has ever faced before. When Superman and the Justice League declared themselves the ultimate authority on planet Earth, only Batman stood against them. And when Superboy asks questions—he demands answers. Batgirl, Batman, Dark Nights: Death Metal, DC Comics Solicitations, DCeased: Dead Planet, Detective Comics, Justice League, Justice League Odyssey, Rorschach, Copyright © 2020 | MH Purity WordPress Theme by MH Themes, In this episode, Rokk and Steven review Forceworks #1, X-Force #8, X-Men #7, Leviathan Dawn #1, Red Hood.

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