Strenght build user here and i gotta say, i love the Zweihander. It's not even the best ultra greatsword. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Invader, Monster Hunter and professional BellBro. If you cannot, then you need to git gud moar! Press J to jump to the feed. I have the claymore infused with fire and it is doing pretty good damage. It has the same move set from DS1. I promised myself I wouldn't use Katanas again this time around, and also am not interested in straight swords.. Also has a versatile move set that is a lot of fun. It's FANTASTIC In PvP, well at least I have a lot of fun with it, pancaking people, stabbin em, crushin em, slashin em, it's AWESOME, I love it, my personal favourite ultra-greatsword, I mean SURE it's damage is a little lower than the rest, but it looks so badass, and I can pancake people! However, it's light, so you can go full havels and have some back up weapons ready for different situations. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Even tho the attacks are slower then katanas, each attack staggers most enemies and hostile npcs so its sort of a good life ensurance when you play. - Page 2. While it does not have any special abilities or innate elemental damage, dealing only average damage and having seemingly average scaling at first, this weapon is very light for its class and features one … #1. Try the Claymore, IMO it's the best sword in the game. edit: but that's not really what you asked. ". Useful for low level pvp and so, because of the relatively low requeriments and weight for a UGS. User Info: jcrest87. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. OP fashion souls. hint: don't level dex for it. I heard it scales B/B refined, are there any other greatswords that scale well for a quality build? Has the claymore gotten better since launch? At higher levels you might be better off using other UGSs, unless you really like its moveset. It has IMO, the best moveset out of all of the UGS. how to get gud? If its wielded by Giant Dad, it will gives infinite poise to Giant Dad. Since weapons in this game are mostly hand jerks to past games I think it's safe to say it's among the best, unfortunately. Problem with Zweihander is, that like all UGS, range and damage are totally OK for PVP, hyperarmor is ofc there - but speed, recovery time and stamina consumption are factors that make using them hard. i dont' think i am particularly gud, but i win quite a bit more than i lose (invasions that is), so here's what i do: 2hr2's are my bread and butter; they are unparriable and you can vary the delay to catch the rollers. Astora on the other hand is the oposite and reaches the best AR when sharp-infused with high dex investment and is as viable one-handed as it is two-handed. This is the right answer. But here I am finding myself using the Uchi again. As a pure strength weapon it's not great. Any weapon can be good but what are we trying to do? Yeah, when I ran into it in DS1 I accidentally ended up making a Giant Dad build (wasn't aware of the legend back then) just because it was so good. PSN: JCrest87 (on PS3 & PS4) 3DS Friend code: 4682-8481-4793. One thing - damage is not all. For ripostes and backstabs. Ofc, weapon that has 200AR is lacking, but once you cross 400-500AR more important are factors like speed, range, recovery time, hyperarmor, stamina consumption and weight. I love the Zweihander with a Heavy Infusion, eventually gives it an A scaling. Using it to every benefit possible for your build and purpose. Since weapons in this game are mostly hand jerks to past games I think it's safe to say it's among the best, unfortunately. User Info: jcrest87. for low level pvp invasions (lv 38 with prisoners chain) it's great - the moveset is awesome: wide 2hR1, variable delay 2hR2 (for those parry fishin' sunbros), and the roll pokes. The Zweihander is probably the best UGS for a quality build, jumps from a D to a B scale rating for both STR and DEX at +7 after infusing it with the refined gem, I don't know if it scales any higher, but jumping from D to B at only +7 is pretty impressive.

dark souls 3 zweihander any good

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