Start with the basics, and make sure to share powerful and compelling stories and case studies. Bicycle travel is particularly beneficial for rural communities. The number of female cyclists is on decline. As for helmets, they are strictly enforces in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Namibia and Argentina. Bicycle Route. Twenty percent of cyclists aged 20 and over who were killed in 2018 had blood alcohol concentrations, A total of 854 bicyclists were killed in crashes with other vehicles in 2018. Data shows that the health benefits achieved through Barcelona’s bike sharing program outweigh the risks 77:1. … Bicycling as a form of tourism is one of the primary ways that communities can capitalize on sustainable economic development opportunities. Thank you for appreciating the work we do in this site. Here are some interesting facts that help us understand this situation better: According to BuzzFeed, for every 3 male cyclists, there is just 1 female cyclist. Biking is too slow 5. Countries with the highest rates of cycling and walking have the lowest rates of obesity. It’s a huge number. Sign up and get new stories and inspiration delivered right to you. You can use them if you link back to this source. To gather the information, they asked 1,784 e-bike owners all over the US. As you can see, some of the cities with the highest usage rates do not have high theft levels at all. The Twin Cities has one of the biggest percentages of female cyclists in the US – 37 – 45%. The Outdoor Industry Association released a study in 2017, The Outdoor Recreation Economy, which found that bicycling participants spend $83 billion on 'trip-related' sales (bicycle tourism), and generate $97 billion in retail spending. The percentage of children that walk or cycle to school has dropped from 82% to just 14% in the last 30 years, which is alarming. Bicycle tourism can encompass many things, but has been defined by the Path Less Pedaled as “any travel-related activity for the purpose of pleasure which incorporates a bicycle.” Most types of bike tourism fall under these main categories (which often overlap), and can include road, gravel and mountain biking: Bicycling is one of the fastest growing types of outdoor recreation and tourism nationwide. The numbers may vary depending on which study you reference, but they all similarly indicate that: 82% of touring cyclists have a college education 52 is the average age 58% make over $75,000 per year 8.1% are international tourists But where are these bikes stolen? In 2016, 66% of bicycles sold in the US were imported from China, whereas 27.5% came from Taiwan. Gravel vs. Cyclocross Bikes: Are They Really Different? In 2017, they made $1,06 billion in sales. Here are the results. In 2005, this was 0.4% of all commuters; in 2009, it was 0.5%; whereas in 2013, that number was 0.6%. Please see our dedicated EuroVelo project page . There is lots of information from the 2000s, but not much from 2020. Many studies have measured the economic benefits for communities, states, and specific trails and found significant impacts. You might think that they would be cheap Mongooses, but here are the results: The more bikes on the road, the easier it is to sell a stolen one. . The ATTA estimates the international adventure travel market can be valued conservatively at €580 billion in 2017, with an average annual growth rate of 21% since 2012. One of the best infographics I have seen so far with a ton of information and stats. It's estimated that 48 million people bicycle recreationally per year, contributing $96.7 billion per year to the economy (2017, Outdoor Industry Association). Within adventure tourism, cycling is booming. I am looking at new bikes and this is a great website. Bicycle recreation spending also contributes to the creation of 848,000 jobs. It’s pretty well known that Danish people love cycling and the numbers prove it: However, that also means that the number of bikes that get thrown away is on the rise as well. It truly sounds like the perfect activity to do if you need any of these results. I wonder how much time you spent researching to write such an informative article? According to a research conducted among British bike commuters. They are pedal-powered and travel more slowly, resulting in longer stays in a region as well as more spending for services. These have an estimated economic impact of €44 billion. Accell’s net sales from FYI 2008 to FY 2017 (in million euros). Bicycle Guider has gained more than 2,000,000 readers and has sold more than 40,000 cycling related items so far, with the support of, ©2020 - Comprehensive Bicycle Guide for 2020, Bicycle Guider is a registered trademark. In the European Union, e-bikes are most popular in Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Italy. Bicycle tourism also plays an important role when considering the size of the market: The Accell Group includes different bike manufacturers such as Diamondback, Raleigh, Ghost, and others. As you know, cycling is not only good for the economics. The cycling industry is simply huge and it’s constantly growing. Cycling instead of driving a car can also positively impact your personal finances: If you’re wondering how much money you’d be able to save annually by cycling to work, you can use this calculator to come up with an approximate number. Adolescents who cycle to school have a lower risk of being obese or overweight. Employees with a flexible work schedule are more likely to ride their bikes to work than those on a fixed schedule. According to Special Eurobarometer, the three main reasons why the Europeans cycle are convenience (49%), speed (27%), and price (24%). A cultural, historical, or scenic attraction that your area is known for, like wine country, the Great Lakes, or Route 66, could draw visitors who want to experience it by bike. Here are some other facts that will spread awareness of the importance of safety precautions when cycling: By analyzing cycling fatalities by age and gender, we can see that males are at much higher risk: Part of the year and time of the day also affect cycling fatalities: Of course, where you ride also affects how much at risk you will be in traffic.

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