Simply set the air pressure at the regulator the same each time you spray. (LVLP) Air Pressure Setting (Low Volume Low Pressure) 10-15 psi when trigger is pulled for base coat is what most say to set your gun at. If you set the air pressure higher than the recommended level of manufacturers, it can result in low film build, over spraying and poor metallic control. These conversions provided are for all the Atom-miser® air cap types. Close the drain valve, and the compressor will only run until it reaches the cut-out pressure. Knowing the ideal pressure is the real art of getting smooth finishing using an air pressure spraying gun. Slowly let some air escape for the open drain. Most HVLP spray guns will use up 10-14 scfm (air volume) at 40 psi. Increase the cup pressure or fluid tip size in case you want the job done at a faster rate. (Volume of air pressure per cubic foot). Various painting mediums are used to paint interior as well as exteriors of your house, office, etc. A compressor always comes with two pressure set points: the cut-in and the cutout set point. For best atomization, use smaller sized tips at first. It is highly recommended that the pressure setting should be as low as possible for best results. Some spray-gun and finish manufacturers provide a suggested air pressure, and you may find this works fine for you. You’ll get a relatively narrow width pattern with noticeably large dots around the edges. Following the procedure is essential here. While using the heavy-bodied material, you may need to use full open fan setting, full Also fluid knob adjustment and lowest air cap pressure which can provide you with optimum atomization. You do not need any gauges to measure these variations as you can figure out ideal air pressure for your gun and the finishing through just a regulator and the test aforementioned in the article. Open the drain valve and wait until the pressure level drops down, until its low enough to start the compressor. 10-15 psi when trigger is pulled for base coat is what most say to set your gun at. Today’s topic is all about Newbie Spray Gun Setup Tips and Best (PSI) Air Pressure, To Spray With. This test doesn’t work with turbine-air supplied guns because you don’t have the same control of air pressure. Once you reach the point where the pattern does not widen then the previous model and does not get smaller dots, you have reached the optimum level of pressure. Setting the air pressure to about 28-29 PSI for clear will ensure you having great flow out. In order to adjust the pressure at the inlet or air cap, you need an air gauge that attaches to these locations. Painting using Air pressure paint sprayers ask for the right pressure for flawless finishing, and this can be achieved through the test above. Usually, spray-gun manufacturers provide the air pressure details along with their product, and this will help you to get the optimum pressure. When you reach a pressure that doesn’t widen the pattern from the previous and doesn’t make the dots smaller, you’ve gone too far. Apply clear coats and acrylic enamels in two full wet coats as medium wet coats do not contain enough amount of material for optimum flow-out and may give you orange peel effect as well. At cut out pressure, the compressor will stay and will start again once the pressure drops to the cut-in pressure level. It is imperative to consider various factors if you want smoother finishing with spray paint. Therefore, a compromise here is recommended with the tip 1.3 should be used; even 1.5 can get the job done. Each time you increase the pressure, the pattern will get wider and the dots at the edges of the pattern will get smaller. You can get poor atomization and separation of paint particles. Too much film build also results in slowing down of paint dry time, loss of gloss and popping. A pressure differential of at least 1bar or 14 psi is standard. This implies that cut-in is lower than the cut-out pressure. Too little pressure or too high can ruin your wall, as well as your mood. You need perfect balance. The only glitch they might face is condensation. For best results, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations about the ratios for reduction and catalyzation. Low Volume Low Pressure Spray Gun (LVLP) Air Pressure Setting. All you need a regulator and a simple test to get the optimum setting. Use viscosity cup whenever required. Differential pressure should be adjusted accordingly. As you increase the size of the tip used, atomizing air cap psi may also need to be increased accordingly. If you use 1.0 tip, it will not be optimum for completing the whole job in time but will be good enough to end one fender. and spray painting is one of them. HVLP works with the help of two things, air, and the solvent. HVLP gun main feed is a high volume of air to function. The real key to the functioning of HVLP guns is the volume of air CFM- Cubic Feet per Minute that comes out that provides proper atomization. On the other hand, for urethanes and epoxies, the 1.3 or 1.4 will work fine. Most of the tech sheets provided with the product feature suggestions for the optimum fluid tip size. Here's my take on setting the proper basic air pressure for a spray gun: The paint technical data sheets usually give the recommended pressure "at the gun". An important thing to note here is that the pressure should be changed if you change the material or the weather conditions change. Continue increasing the pressure by 5 or 10 psi and test spray on the cardboard until you get your desired spray pressure ideal to serve your need. Now test spray on a piece of cardboard or brown paper. For non-HVLP guns, that pressure is usually between 40 and 60 psig. Start the compressor and let it run until the pressure built up to cut-out level. A few tips and tricks can be determined to produce optimum results. It should be noted, however, that with an increase in the size of the fluid tip, atomizing air cap psi might need to be increased accordingly. It is best to keep the cut-in pressure at 6.1 bar at the minimum, which means the cut-out pressure will be 7.1 bar. The problem one can face with setting the pressure more economical than the manufacturer’s recommendation is the poor quality of spraying finish. It is imperative that the whole time, you are holding the gun at the same distance from the cardboard.

correct air pressure for spray gun

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