Marijuana Tincture Tales. 6. Before we get to that, though, let’s delve briefly into the history of marijuana tinctures. Add the lungwort leaves to the pot and pour over the 300ml boiling water. 4. Place in a dark cupboard or in a paper bag on a shelf. Cover and set aside to infuse for 10 minutes. The first column is the common Name, Ayurvedic or Pin Yin ( Chinese Name ) . How to Make an Herbal Tincture. 7 Health Uses of Lungwort with Natural Remedies. Lungwort, also known as lungwort leaf or Pulmonaria officinalis, is a natural plant that has been used around the world for a variety of respiratory ailments, including coughs, colds, bronchial detoxification and catarrhal concerns. Strain into a cup or mug, sweeten to taste with honey and serve. Oregano Label and date the jar. 1. 1. Lungwort is found in native damp habitats and coastal areas in Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa. How to make a marijuana tincture; We’ll also share three different tried-and-true marijuana tincture recipes for you to experiment with at home. Dosage for adults over 65 y.o is 3 ml once or twice daily. To use lungwort to heal lung conditions, take as a tincture, or drink as a tea. of dried lungwort leaves and flowers per cup of boiling water. Chop large leaves, flowers, or roots; leave delicate leaves and flowers whole. Cool it. Seal the jar tightly. Please note that the adult dose for any tincture is 5 mls at least once per day, but generally twice per day. The evergreen perennial plant, Lungwort (pulmonaria officinalis) derives from the genus of flowering plants in the Boraginaceae family known as the borage, or forget-me-not family.The plant takes its name from the Latin root Pulmoa, meaning lung.Records of a lungwort remedy first appear from Leonhart Fuchs (1501 – 1566), a German physician and one of the three founding fathers of botany. Take 4 to 5 fresh Lungwort leaves. Cover with a lid and shake vigorously. Herbalists recommend that this is taken three times a day. Strain and drink … Fill a quart jar with: 1 oz (28g) decarboxylated cannabis (to adjust strength see calculating tincture dosage below) 2. In spite of how novel they may seem to so many cannabis consumers, tinctures are really nothing new. Include the plant parts tinctured and the type of alcohol used. Boil it in a glass of Water for 10 minutes. The University of North Carolina classifies lungwort as a herb useful for reducing irritation and providing soothing qualities . lungwort tincture/extract (macerating the plant at 40° alcohol or vegetal glycerin). Lungwort is an incredible Herb that takes a good care of Lungs. Contact me for Children's dosages which are calculated according the child's age. Cannabis Tincture Recipe. Lungwort Uses for Respiratory Tract Infections (airways inflammations, phlegm cough, flu, bronchitis, hoarseness, persistent cough) Make an infusion with 1 tbsp. Add: 2 Cups Everclear, Moonshine, Vodka, or Brandy (go here if making a non-alcoholic tincture) 3. The high mucilage content of lungwort is known to be helpful for respiratory conditions like asthma and chronic bronchitis . Whether or not the tea has any medicinal benefits, the mucilage from the lungwort leaves combined with the honey will help relieve a sore throat. Then fill the glass jar loosely with the plant material, and add enough alcohol to cover the plant materials.

lungwort tincture recipe

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