So when things are nicely balanced, and EQ’d, the thing you reach for next is the compressor. Also, whenever you’re compressing make sure that you don’t get extreme level differences when you bypass the compressor because it’ll make you think everything sounds better when it just sounds louder. Mistake #2: Using Extremely Fast Attack Times. You can play for hours if you just follow the simplest of systems. Learn how to turn boring, lifeless compositions into interesting and captivating arrangements. In this article, I’ll share five tips I use to bring snare drums to life, and help them cut through the mix in a pleasing way. Sure, it might take a while to do, but it’s the trade-off to not learning how to compress correctly. The Waves C1 Compressor allows you to perform upwards expansion, and so does Eventide’s Omnipressor. Many compressors only have these parameters and nothing else. Let me tell you how to approach compression by telling you a little story about gambling at a Vegas Blackjack table. This works well if we take similar settings as we did when compressing for player dynamics, but turn the ratio way up or turn the threshold way down (or both). A high tide floats all boats and the ocean is big enough for all of us to explore. Reading a 4,000+ word article on the internet? We do this by offering simple and practical music production and success skills they can use right away to level themselves up to the next level - while rejecting negativity and gear-shaming from the industry. The stock compressor that comes with your digital audio workstation (DAW) is probably excellent for general compression purposes. Then you can add a second compressor in series after your FET compressor. Ratio – This is the “amount of compression.” So if you have a specific level go over the threshold and the ratio is 2:1 then it will divide the amount that goes over the threshold in half and compress it down by two. Whether you are trying to solve a problem in your mix or add a textural effect to your mix, you should be able to quickly choose which compressor to use and what settings to start with. When your attack time is too fast, it grabs the initial … 07:10 AM EST. Multiband compression is a lot more complicated than that. Learn how you can use an EQ to make room for your low-end, remove inaudible frequencies, and more. That’s why many all-in-one compressors have a “type” button that allows you to change the character of the compressor. Bass guitars start with the ratio relatively high, the attack fairly fast and more gain reduction than other instruments just to get it fat and steady. It makes the softer signals louder and the louder signals softer. As far as you think it sounds good, and you’re not audibly squashing the audio without a purpose. *Spam sucks and I will not share your email with anyone. Check out the multi-band compression workshop right here. If the attack is fast, it’ll compress immediately after reaching the threshold. Especially if you’re happy with your source sounds. Metering window – The window is convenient for seeing the waveform on the screen, what the compressor is doing to the signal and for seeing how much gain reduction is going on. Getting a great mix from the top-down with multi-band compression lets me dial in the right... To tame muddy bass guitars. The result is an audio file that’s snappy and punchy. That takes dedication. Perhaps you’re mastering a track in which the kick and snare, two of the most prominent elements in the mix, aren’t present and impactful enough. Get the "Mixing With Compression" video course now, sign up for a free online music production lesson, 4 Tips For Music Producers Who Collaborate. They have a particular sound or character that’s different from generic, stock models. You'll notice in the image above that compression isn’t applied to the signal until after the transient has peaked; this is due to a slow attack time. That way you’ve used two different compressor models to accomplish two very different things. Peak compression has been applied to the second half of the following audio example. (or you might choose a more expletive exclamation). First off, let’s talk about the threshold and the ratio. Faster release times means faster recovery time for the compressor. There might be already much treble and sheen etc on the music. Four different types of analogue compressor are widely used for mix-bus compression: optical, variable–mu tube, VCA (voltage–controlled amplifier) and FET (field–effect transistor). However, compression on individual tracks is crucial to creating a good mix. Normally, automation is the last step in making a mix sound good. The best mixing engineers and sound designers know their tools inside out. Compressing bass is a fundamental part of any mix, and getting it right means having a great foundation to a song with well-balanced energy and an intelligible groove. I've applied processing in excess so that you can really hear what's going on. Deciding which compressor style to use doesn’t have only one right answer. Release – This is the opposite. How to Make Your Drums More Powerful With Multi-band Compression. You always assume that the dealer’s other card is a 10, so by default you’ve lost. 29. Peak compression can be used to deal with overly present transients. It wasn’t until I realized the problem-solving capabilities of the multi-band compressor that I finally got hooked. If the attack is slower, it will take a minute to react. For example, Logic Pro X has a very powerful stock compressor that includes multiple different compression algorithms. It comes down to the mentality of using compression as a tool, not as a crutch. You don’t always win, but you can end up playing for a long time without losing any money. Is every compressor serving a purpose? I will usually compress all of them. By attenuating everything but the kick and snare, you’ll be able to draw attention to these two elements and help them sit above other track elements like synths, pads, and vocals. You always hope the dealer busts, and when he has a low card, there’s a higher chance of him losing. Especially at games like Blackjack where you have a system and don’t just rely on blind luck. So the higher the ratio, the more extreme the compression. We can create an audible swelling effect that restructures the rhythm and completely changes the vibe of the track. Using compression on the master bus is sometimes done when you want to get a taste of how your mix will sound mastered. Please take these compressor settings with a heavy grain of salt because each compressor is unique in its design and functionality. I hope you’ve learned a lot about compression so far, but I understand that applying it in your mixes can still be confusing. So instead of slapping a compressor plug-in on each track because that’s how you think it’s done ask yourself what the end goal of using the compressor is going to be. My system helps me work faster since I know from experience what usually works. Using compression works the same way. drums, bass etc? To make your mix more punchy, you’d set your threshold just below the level of your transients before engaging expansion mode on your compressor. Vintage broadcast limiters like the Fairchild 670, Teletronix LA2A, Neve 2254, (modeled as PuigChild Compressor , CLA-2A and V-Comp ) that have multistage release characteristics are perfect for this technique. Sometimes, you might not even realize the amount of different sounds you can squeeze out of your compressor. Here are just a few of the ways I’ve been using the multi-band compressor lately: On the master bus. It works well for parallel compression if you don’t want an aggressive attack/release. So when your favorite producer says that he always likes to put his drums through a 1176, you can easily get close to that same sound. Let’s talk about some of the most common ones: FET – Any plug-in that emulates a FET(Field Effect Transistor) is emulating an 1176. It just depends on the style you’re going for, and the sound you want out of your mix.

compressing a mix

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