Animal Group Name; Swans (General) Bevy, Bank, Herd: Swans (Flight) Wedge, Flight: Swifts: Flock: Teal: Spring: 237 more rows. Some people saw a gaggle of swans near it during the time of bird migration. Swans are one of the bird species, too. Swans in general are a Bevy, Bank or Herd. There is another way to talk about a group of swans is using the word “bevy”. In daily usage of English, it is always important to follow the grammar rules like the other languages, especially in professional usage. Below is a 3 column fast-sorting table of collective nouns with a related noun and link to the main category. One of these is the usage of collective nouns. Collective Noun Noun; Bank 4: Swans 9: Bevy 11: Swans 9: Drift 5: Swans 9: Eyrar 1: Swans 9: Gaggle 2: Swans 9: Gargle 1: Swans 9: Herd 39: Swans 9: Wedge 2: Swans 9: Whiteness 1: Swans … The word “herd” has a general usage of all the animals when referring to a group of them. There are six species of swan. Bevy means a large group of birds. COLLECTIVE NOUNS. So, it is not bad to define a group of swans as whiteness. There are some examples you will probably need to know. Do enjoy this; remember to share with your friends and send in your comments. A wedge is an extremely underrated collective noun for swans. What do you call a group of pigeons? Well, swans are noble creatures. In other words, we use the word wedge when the swans are flying. They are so elegant when swimming through water so I think a glide suits them perfectly. A group of swans, also once game birds, is a wedge when they’re in flight, likely because of the shape a group of swans takes in flight. SWANS. What is the collective noun of swans? Use the Next Question button to skip a question. At the end of the day, swans are animals. Below is a simple quiz to test your knowledge of collective nouns. Therefore, the word “bevy” could be used as a collective noun for swans. I don’t think it’s a real collective noun but I’ve always called a group of swans ‘a glide of swans’. For the complete list of 900+ collective nouns, please visit our homepage at And while we can call a group of swans a bevy, a herd, a game, or a flight, they can only be a bank when they’re on the ground. Do swans really sing when they die? A has an "Argument of Wizards". The little girl greeted a bevy of swans happily. I don’t think it’s a real collective noun but I’ve always called a group of swans ‘a glide of swans’. Learn collective nouns for insects and other groups of animals. Enjoy! We may not often use them, but it's still good to know the names for groups of animals - even if it's just to wow your friends. The fast search works for all the columns. Because there was a wedge of swans and it was risky to remain at the same altitude. Probably any author of any dictionary can not define being noble without mentioning the swans. I remember the last time we spend together. We have identified the following word(s) that you could call a group of swans: bank bevy drift eyrar flight game herd lamentation sownder team wedge whiting Used in a sentence, you could say "Look at the bank of swans", where "bank" is the collective noun that means group. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); One single detail could be null out all your efforts. While a herd of swans was laying around the tree, our little friend was barking to convince them to attend her games. Copyright ©2020 All Rights Reserved. Variously idiosyncratic, intriguing and often unerringly apt in their descriptions of gatherings of birds, animals and people a damning of jurors, an incredulity of cuckolds — most of the collective nouns we use date back to the mid 15th century. The pilot of the plane decided to increase the altitude of the plane. Check out this list of collective nouns for Swans. What is the collective noun of puppies? Whiteness is one of the great group names for these precious creatures, swans. Because people follow the data flow you created through grammar. There is always a whiteness of swans in Her Majesty’s garden. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Using the collective nouns in your conversations is always important, because they can make your sentences much more intellectual. Bird Orders, Families etc. Originally Answered: Which is the collective noun for swan? Swans are birds of the family Anatidae within the genus Cygnus. There is a unique collective noun for any group of animals. C has a "Charm of Hummingbirds". Group Names: Geese, Ducks & Swans: Geese: A gaggle – on land or water: A skein – in flight: A chevron, wedge – flying in a "V" A quiver of cobras; A bask/A congregation/A float/A nest of crocodiles; A herd/A pack of dinosaurs (pack) Swans are one of the bird species, too. The collective noun for swans is the word you would use to describe a group of swans. It goes on to say that some of the terms in The Book of Saint Albans were "rather fanciful", explaining that the book extended collective nouns to people of specific professions, such as a "poverty" of pipers. Collective Noun For Swans, Collective Nouns List Swans. Some you are familiar with while others sound unfamiliar. Can't find what you're looking for? There is a house in New Orleans, it is called The House of the Rising Sun. Select a letter to view all the collective nouns that start with that letter. This post titled, List of Collective Nouns for Birds, contains the different collective nouns that we use for various types of birds. This information is also found in Lipton, James, An Exaltation of Larks or The Venereal Game. (250+ Collective Nouns For Animals – Names of Groups of Animals) Collective Nouns for Amphibians, Reptiles, Invertebrates, Insects. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. During these activities, people tend to use examples to produce stronger arguments. Discover & share them all with your friends! According to the United States Geological Center's Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, a group of swans on the ground is called a bevy. Swans use their wing for migration if there are no extreme threats.

collective noun of swans

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