Be sure to back up all claims with research and cite your sources during the presentation. When thinking about visualization of research results, many people will automatically have an image of a graph in mind. A co-culture is a group whose values, beliefs or behaviors set it apart from the larger culture, which it is a part of and with which it shares many similarities. Americans, senior citizens, gays and lesbians, even gang membership. A co-culture is a group whose values, beliefs or behaviors set it apart from the larger culture, which it is a part of and with which it shares many similarities. Neither approves of their 16-year-old son’s loud industrial music, his ear-piercing, and his outlandish hairstyle that they think might keep him from finding a “proper” job. You need to portray a credible image for your organization. or through our Anywhere where a group of people interact and share the same language (including jargon and slang), values, norms, symbols, interests, etc., we can identify their group as one culture, or society. Author/Copyright holder: University of Phoenix. This is especially important when managing teams from all over the world. (play a game, do a group activity or ask questions). 2. There’s a danger of oversimplification. A student resident of London’s Chinatown might have a British passport, but he could be described as having a set of co-cultures, including Hong Kong parentage, bilingualism, being a business school student, drone enthusiast and a 20-something, living with parents. Follow basic speech format: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. One cent is the difference between $1 and $0.99, but psychologists have known for many years that shoppers are more likely to persuade themselves to buy something if it appears to cost less. Here, we can instantly picture a profile of the targeted sub-culture. In other words, the show reflects your values, and you may notice that the studio also has another series that’s based on one of the characters. To improve the chances that your design will engage an audience, we must focus on how it can stand out. Also include these research sources in a reference page along with outline. Are you going to approach a famous DJ? You’ve never met Jimmy, but your design achieved such presence that he forgot he was looking at an app on a site over the Internet. As we can see, co-cultures may show a lot of dividing lines; however, those different values and tastes also link people across the world. However, the way they present the goods and services that they offer to customers differs around the world. larger US culture. Co-cultures are groups of people who share values, norms, and interests beyond their national citizenship. Cultural theorist Stuart Hall has explored and discussed the global social hierarchy, and a wealth of information exists about such considerations. One of Hall’s most important observations is that, “a message must be perceived as meaningful discourse and be meaningfully de-coded before it has an effect, a use, or satisfies a need.” The success of a design, therefore, depends on its ability to be received by the usership, who can “de-code” it and react with approval. Copyright terms and licence: All rights reserved.Img. Jimmy, 16, wants to be a DJ when he leaves school. Copyright terms and licence: All rights reserved Img source. Taking Aristotle’s three appeals, logos (the facts), pathos (the emotions), and ethos (our identity as the honest voice of the organization), we have: 1. Of course, culture is more than just national identity. In conclusion, as shown by several examples, culture plays a fundamental role in communication. When I text with a high schooler, I am easily able to understand the meaning of the message I receive as well as being able to communicate back using the same jargon Join 5,000 DJs who have given us 5-star reviews!”. Or, we could take a car manufacturer, such as Ford, and plan our design for a domestic market. This is like polishing the “mirror” so they see themselves (i.e., their values) perfectly in it. I may be Polish-German, but I associated with other’s that were Irish, or English, or Mexican. When you stop at a TV show that you do like, you may be too busy enjoying yourself to realize that the production company has accessed your tastes, and has framed your values. Non verbal communication can be a cultural barrier as well as language, and often it may lead to misunderstanding, especially when people are not familiar with other cultures and contexts. You know you’ll have to persuade users such as Jimmy to try it (and, hopefully, buy it!). Author/Copyright holder: Ford. Also, being aware of the nature of the organization you’re designing for is key. Jerry lives in a small town. We may not notice, but it is already all around us. The general type of values framing is obvious to us anytime we go into a store and see a price tag. It can be very visible, but can also exist in places we might not consider, such as office buildings and schools. websites – don’t just rely on the web). Be creative! Concepts may include, but are not limited to:   Power factors – issues with participating within a “dominant” cultural system,   Unique customs or traditions or rituals – marriage or dating customs, holidays,   Worldviews: Individualism / Collectivism, High or low power distance. Doing so, we are face to face with the cultural iceberg, seeing only 10% of that society’s characteristics, not seeing the 90% of underlying elements, such as approaches to decision-making and concepts of self. Diversity Communications: 5 Brilliant Examples . Let’s remember that we’re also designing to win the trust of our targeted users. Your group can choose any co culture but here is a list of possible ideas: Non Traditional College Students African Americans Deaf Culture Juggalos Trekkies Comic Con Jewish Americans Muslims Mormans Gay, Lesbian or Transgendered Amish Farm Laborers Buddhists War Veterans Gang members - Oriental Troop, Mexican Mafia, Italian Mafia Goth Culture Bikers (Hell's … As such, they will have interests and tastes that you can design for. For one thing, China is not monolithic; there are many groups, based on such factors as ethnicity, age, interests, and let’s not forget genders, among others. This is because, while universal human values are common to all, different nationalities place emphasis on different values. Orbe was the first to refer to this type of work as "co-cultural communication theory". concepts should not reflect stereotypes, but rather consistent communication patterns or 3. If, on the other hand, we wanted to think of pickup trucks, we might imagine a driver in a rural area, Jerry, who: 4) Transports a lot of heavy farm materials. If you turn on the TV and a show you don’t like is on, you turn the channel. A student resident of London’s Chinatown might have a British passport, but he could be described as having a set of co … If we think harder, we might envision people in China, their language, dress, and cuisine. Be aware of different styles of communication - some may be more direct than others, or only give feedback at certain stages. While the People’s Republic of China may appear to be harnessed as one powerhouse of an entity, the reality is that it, like any other country, is made up of many smaller cultures or co-cultures. This can include people in different nations with different cultural views but sharing a hobby. presentation! For example, many world cities have a Chinatown. By some strange coincidence, you’re the designer of that app: 3-6-0-Scratch! Something about “My Pet Jellyfish” speaks to you; you may live in a big city, in a small apartment, like the lead characters, and you may understand how hard it can be to show and celebrate individuality in a corporate culture. The selection of different communicative practices is the result of ongoing, constantly changing series of implementations, evaluations, and revisions. Dutch social psychologist Geert Hofstede developed his cultural dimensions theory based on extensive observations of national behaviors. Or, such a term can include a group of people whose financial status has made them “first-time house buyers”. Cross-cultural communication is divided into two main types, verbal and nonverbal. “UX and Culture: Bridging the Gap in Six Strides”.

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