The Climate Justice Fund seeks to support climate legal initiatives, including litigation, in those areas where the greatest impacts are being felt. As thought leaders and organizers we build our agenda and strength with our grassroots community. Climate justice-oriented policies began to emerge at the state level, too. Climate justice operates at the intersection of racial and social rights, environmental and economic justice. We will be fast moving and provide small grants for small to medium sized organizations and enable the collaboration with private law firms and practitioners as well as academic legal research and expert evidence. Below are five organizations working on the ground, both in the U.S. and abroad, fighting harmful environmental policies, listening to frontline communities, and standing up to powerful corporations. Since then, federal protections gained or lost traction depending on the administration in power. But long before climate justice became a buzzword, organizations have been fighting for the rights of those most affected by the devastating effects of climate change. Environmental and Climate Justice Resource Organizations Key Organizations—General Deep South Center for Environmental Justice (Dillard University)—New Orleans, LA Zero Hour is a youth-led organization started by youth climate justice activist Jamie Margolin to focus on climate change and climate justice. It focuses on the roots causes of climate change, and calls for a transformation to a sustainable, community-led economy. She became involved with the global climate justice movement while assisting in the organization of the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Bolivia in 2010. Like resource rights, climate justice also means that those most impacted offer the most effective solutions. Civil Society at the UN Climate Change Conference: African Activism at COP17 February 6, 2012 admin by Katherine Austin-Evelyn In early December 2011, Durban, South Africa hosted the 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17), otherwise known as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Front and Centered (formerly Communities of Color for Climate Justice) is a statewide coalition of organizations and groups rooted in communities of color and people with lower incomes; we’re on the frontlines of economic and environmental change. For the past two decades, she has worked in advocacy and communications to support progressive social movements and causes within the United States and abroad. In 2012, the Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice (DCJ), a network primarily driven by organizations and social movements from the Global South, was launched with a ten-point platform of people’s demands relating to climate change policy.

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