In the drop-down menu. Please note that the costs for such a call are borne by the attendee, which means that they will be charged depending on how long they have been listening to your webinar and what costs their phone providers offer. When organizing a webinar, we want to primarily reach a dispersed group of people and offer them specific content and knowledge. The display of third-party trademarks and trade names on this site does not necessarily indicate any affiliation or the endorsement of PCMag. Then confirm your choice by clicking Done. Go to the Registration tab and turn the registration button to the On position. Choose a Subaccount if you would like to keep your co-workers’, employees’ or contractors’ data private. The left-hand side of the System configuration test allows you to check if your connection to our conference servers is all set, and if the operating system and web browser are up to date. Then it's a simple matter to show a video in place of a desktop share as an introduction or as an explanatory piece. Users can also monitor statistics on which webinars are most successful and bring the most revenue. In most cases, you will need to refresh them to detect the new device(s). This means that if you want to alter the price of the event, you will need to delete the webinar and schedule it again with the changed price. Yes, you can automatically redirect your participants to your thank-you page or any landing page by entering a URL in the Registration tab. Now click the “My groups” tab on the left-hand-side menu. If you choose token protection for your event, we recommend that you disable the phone gateway as token protection will not work with it. Use this option if you want to host small team meetings and see, hear, and talk to all your coworkers, students, or trainees at the same time! Are Paid Webinars available for free trials? The ClickMeeting platform allows your attendees not only to turn on their cameras or microphones but also to display their screen and discuss issues or visualize ideas. To reassign a subaccount, delete the assigned user and create a new one. Please log into your YouTube account and hover the pointer to your name in the right corner. To block this option for the whole audience, please change the event type to a webinar. The first type uses the same link for each session that you’re going to host in the same webinar room. Simply join the event room of your choice and prepare all the elements that are crucial for your conference. You are not asked to provide any billing details in your free trial account – this is only needed when you would like to upgrade your account to a paid one. How much does a ClickMeeting account cost and what are my payment options? You can upload the files to your file library or directly to the event room. Presenters can record the meeting; a blinking red light indicates recording is active. How can I grow my leads with recorded events? How can I convert my account from the free trial to a paid package? You can easily manage those buttons. The same applies to the Automatic follow-up emails option below where you can also attach your recording and send it to people who registered but eventually never showed up in the event room. You can also share various types of media or conduct a software demonstration. To enable it in the main presentation window, go to the Dashboard and enable AV View. The fee for the add-on(s) will then be charged as a recurring payment with the main subscription plan until you cancel. First name and email address are required by default. If you choose nothing, we will send the recommended phone numbers for each attendee. In this section, you can choose the initial layout of the emails that will be sent from ClickMeeting. Huge virtual events, in other words, webcasts. What's nice is that you can use webcams at the same time you're sharing your screen or using whiteboard tools; up to four webcams can be active per meeting. Attendees can either use their computer's mic and speakers or dial-in by telephone. The organizer can also purchase minutes for the attendees to join the event via phone. Yes. From here, you can manually Confirm or Reject each attendee. Embedded screen sharing employs your browser’s native functions. Choose access type – Password or Token – and click Save event. The customers are able to benefit from PayPal account to the extent determined by PayPal for these countries. What is the difference between live and On-Demand Webinars? The Automated Webinar is an event, which is scheduled to start and run automatically at a particular time with or without you or your presenter being present. You can access all your videos on this page. Then click Create survey. Choose Exit myself to leave the room and keep it open for attendees who are still downloading files, chatting or reviewing media. Simply click it or paste it into the browser address bar to go to the room. In what countries is the toll-free option available? Choose the “Address Book” from the drop-down menu. Please remember that when logging in to the event room, you will be asked to provide your name (which does not have to be real) and your email address. If this persists, and refreshing the site has no effect, try removing the file by clicking the Delete link on the right-hand side. If you do not want a certain attendee to share their screen, you can click on their name and disable the screen sharing option for them. You will see a list of your webinar groups. Chat is available to all and can be translated into several languages. The webinars will be recorded on YouTube or Facebook even if you do not initiate the recorder within the ClickMeeting platform. It includes a message and a button to redirect attendees to a custom web page. We highly encourage you to make copies of recordings on your own local devices or external drives, export files to other platforms, such as Dropbox or YouTube, or use only the main storage space. You also need a microphone and a webcam to capture your voice and image. Launch your ClickMeeting mobile application. How do I publish a webinar recording on my YouTube channel? By default, you can host only one event at a time. The dial-in numbers are always included in the event invitation. More info, Sharing a recorded event can open a new way to build your lead base. To set up a meeting, create an event directly from your dashboard. Plug in new external devices before opening your web browser and the webinar room. You will see all the attendees with their payment status. If you decide to hold the webinar another day, simply edit the event. We highly recommend uploading the files before your webinar starts just to be sure you have everything at your fingertips. All details regarding payments update automatically when choosing between different plans. From the Meeting dashboard, there's access to YouTube, which is prepopulated with ClickMeeting how-to videos, but you can search for any video you want. Please note that if you use the Paid Webinars feature, PayPal may apply charges according to its policy. So far, the RWD room version is available for webinar attendees only. Then click Start event. After choosing the right tools to be ready for you or your co-presenters in advance, remember to save your settings. You can also click here to download the app for MAC OS or here for Windows. Please note that even if you have 1 MB of storage space left in your account panel, you are still able to upload the file you need. Log into your account and schedule your event. How can I fix this? Find out how much recording space comes with your service package here. You can customize your meeting space with a choice of background skins, and enable features such as a Thank You page redirect URL, automatic Thank You emails for participants, auto recording, and reminders. After that date, the cancelled add-on will disappear from your account, all data will be deleted, and you will no longer be charged for it.

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