(Clematis) Quick Clematis facts Name : Clematis Piilu Height : 5ft + Flower colour : Rosy pink with paler pink. Flowering time: May - Sept Best aspect : Sun / semi shade Pruning group : 2 can also be treated as … Cuttings: Choose a location in full sun or part shade, in average but well drained soil. Double ruffled lavender blooms are produced on old stems in early summer, and single flowers follow on the current season’s growth. Piilu® Clematis Clematis 'Little Duckling' Sku #2179. Exquisite, two-toned, pale pink and red-violet flowers with light purple-pink sepals. Blooms continuously from top to bottom, first as double blooms, and … Clematis may be grown from cuttings, planted in a container or planted into the ground. With a petite habit and the ability to bloom in both double and single flowers, ‘Piilu’ clematis is a wonderful vine for the deck or patio. Part-shade. Clematis roots should always be cool and uniformly moist. Pronounced Pee-loo. Very hardy. Annuals or perennials may be planted to shade … The pretty double, and single, mid mauvy-pink flowers have deep rose-pink bars, irregular white markings and a crown of yellow stamens. The later blooms are always single.

clematis piilu shade

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