There’s a support page from Google that lists out the EOL dates for every single Chromebook, ... decided to start giving all these Chromebooks a new lease on life with extended … Your Chromebook will continue to work even after the EOL date. In some cases, you might get extended life up to eight years too. Here's what you need to know about security and feature updates While they’re often a steal, we want our readers to be aware of what they’re buying. About a year later, ... (AUE) – and extended support for new Chromebooks to 6.5 years. For our Chromebook, that's set for Jun 2024 and that date will represent the last month the HP Chromebook x2 will see an automatic update. However, you will no longer receive security updates or new features. Prior to the latest extension, EOL moved to six-and-a-half years. Finding Your EOL 04 Finding Your EOL 05 When Chromebooks first rolled out in 2011, the EOL was five years. Yes. Most Chromebooks that launched in 2020 and later will have an AUE of eight to eight-and-a-half years. Can you still use a Chromebook after its end of life. In 2016, Google introduced an End Of Life (EOL) policy that offered support for five years. We have, on multiple occasions, pointed out the upcoming EOL dates on these Chromebooks. Though it has been extended for a handful of devices, the majority of new Chromebooks sold have far too little update life in them for many potential customers. 7 months ago. A list of Chromebooks and their EOL dates is available on the Auto Update policy page. Yes! Google's End of Life Policy sets a schedule for retiring older Chromebooks after about five years, but the details are murky. Where can I find the Chromebook EOL list. In November 2019, Google announced that they would extend AUE for 135 Chromebooks by six months to two years. I just checked mine and got a full extra year.

chromebook eol extended

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