This video was shared by the Peardale Chicago Park Fire Protection District. [42], The fire grew over 2,000 acres (809 ha) and to 35 percent containment, as the fire burned into August 1. Smoke will increase on Monday across our region as upper level winds shift to the southwest, bringing wildfire smoke from the CA wildfires. At early stages, the access to Whiskeytown–Shasta–Trinity National Recreation Area was halted, specifically in Shasta County, including access to Whiskey Creek and Whiskeytown Lake. [3][4][5] The fire destroyed multiple towns around Whiskeytown Lake. The fire directly impacted the water sources Keswick Dam and Shasta Dam. When the National Weather Service … [1] Lake Redding Park and the adjacent golf course were closed due to the fire after it jumped the Sacramento River, destroying close to 40 homes in the surrounding neighborhood. [60] A sixth fatality was reported on July 29. [45] Thus far, the fire had destroyed 1,546 structures, including 1,058 residential and 13 commercial. LOYALTON, California -- 2020 has reached into its bag of tricks again and tossed out another surprise -- this time in the form of a swirling fire. [31], A sixth fatality was reported on July 29, as the fire moved from densely populated areas and into rural parts of Shasta and Trinity Counties. [46], On the morning of August 2, the fire covered 125,842 acres (50,926 ha) and remained 35 percent contained. [1] The fire jumped the Sacramento River and portions of the western area of Redding were put under mandatory evacuation orders. Highway 273 was closed in many areas. At its height, the fire engaged as many as 4,766 personnel from multiple agencies. Power to residents in North Redding was shut off by Redding Electric Utility. In July 2018, a giant fire whirl generated by the Carr Fire in Redding, California, produced wind damage equivalent to an EF3 tornado, a National Weather Service investigation found. A state of emergency was declared by Governor Jerry Brown. The deadly Carr Fire burns through forests west of Redding, California, on July 30, 2018. [1], Access to the remains of the historic ghost town of Gas Point was restricted due to the fire. [21] A second firefighter, Jeremy Stoke of the Redding Fire Department, was killed and it was reported that three firefighters from Marin County sustained burns. One was a contract firefighter, Donald Ray Smith, who was driving a bulldozer when he died. Early that morning, a Cal Fire heavy equipment mechanic was killed in a traffic incident, bringing the total number of fatalities to eight. [59] The second was Redding-based fire inspector Jeremy Stoke. [16] The evacuation center at Shasta High School was relocated to Shasta College. [54] The Bureau of Land Management closed trails in western Redding. Artifacts had been removed before the fire. Source: LA Times. [52] On July 28, a great-grandmother and her two great-grandchildren were found dead, as they did not have a car and were unable to evacuate. [48] Later that day, President Donald Trump approved the request for Shasta County. [39], A powerful fire whirl with winds estimated in excess of 143 mph (230 km/h)—equivalent to an EF3 tornado—developed within the Carr Fire in Redding, California, on July 26. All three were released, with one being evaluated at the University of California, Davis Burn Center for burns on his face, hands and ears. [50], By August 9, the fire grew to 178,752 acres (72,338 ha), with 49 percent containment. [50] On August 9, a Cal Fire heavy equipment mechanic was killed in a traffic incident. The Carr Fire continued to grow as the terrain, wind, and dry fuels continued to create challenges for fire crews. Highway 299 was closed and French Gulch was placed under mandatory evacuation. One of the tires on the trailer blew out, causing the steel rim to scrape along the pavement, generating sparks that ignited dry vegetation along the edg… [28] The communities of Happy Valley and Anderson, as well as other areas, were put under mandatory evacuation in the mid-morning. [32] The next day, repopulation began of areas of western Redding, Shasta Lake, and Happy Valley that had previously been evacuated. However, crews were stalled in their work due to the fire's extreme behavior. The phenomenon is sometimes mislabeled a fire tornado, firenado, fire swirl, or fire twister, but these are a separate phenomenon where a fire has such intensity that it generates an actual tornado. "That was the grandaddy." 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[26], By the next morning, over 38,000 individuals had been evacuated. California Governor Jerry Brown toured the site and announced that he had requested a major disaster declaration, which provides federal assistance. Above: Fire tornado filmed by the Helicopter Coordinator on the Carr Fire July 26, 2018 near Redding, California. In 2018, the massive Carr Fire in California produced a vortex with winds clocked at 143 mph by the National Weather Service (NWS), a wind speed equivalent to an EF-3 tornado on the Fujita scale. [41] Substantial damage occurred in areas untouched by fire, including signs of ground scouring. [25], Large portions of Highway 299 were closed as a result of the fire. Red flag warnings and heat advisories were put in place for the area.

carr fire tornado

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