F rom beginner wood-workers to expert carpenters, the Internet is an excellent resource. This is the kind of opportunity that drives smart contractors to seriously invest in their website design. Being selective…. Well-Designed water mitigation or disaster recovery websites will help people imagine themselves after they’ve been helped by your company. Hook More Leads As a Fearless Persuasion & Conversion Admiral, Closing More Deals As a Video Marketing Samurai, Lead Generation Guide 2021 | How to Get More Leads Now. Make sure you partner with a company that understands how Google reads the internet, not just a company that can make your website look pretty. If they say 30-70-year-old working professionals with a 500k+ home. From the 700+ words of information provided about basement remodeling, or the visual outline of the process from design to execution – we facilitate the prospective customer’s learning process and give Google what it wants and helped get Treasured Spaces major increases in rankings for the services they offer. Good photos and good fonts are half the battle when making a website feel high end. Find amazing examples on Awwwards, Behance, Dribbble and Pinterest, and trust yourself. They cut corners because it’s easier to let the client dictate how a project should go rather than being a professional and making strong suggestions that will positively affect the mileage you get from your website. These sites (whether our designs or other website design companies) really demonstrate some excellent principles of effective web design and general aesthetics. What do you do with all of this info? No matter how stylish your website is, what’s most important is the ease of use, the clarity of your message, and nudging people in the direction of the action you want them to take on your site. We believe content marketing and SEO are an easy way for growth-focused companies to get more out of their marketing dollars, and we help them save time and get leads with our aggressive approach. (612) 772-9555 send us a message for a free consultation, Secured Roofing & Restoration (A Roofing Website We Designed – In Development), Trader Construction (A Construction Website We Designed – In Development), Dwell44 (A Contractor Website We Designed – In Development), Northface Construction (A Roofing Website We Designed), Yellowfin Roofing (A Roofing Website We Designed), Spec7 Group (A waterproofing website we designed), Puustelli – Construction Materials (Custom Scandinavian Cabinets) Website Design, Adorned Homes (A Real Estate & Renovation Site We Designed), Schaefco (A Multi-family Construction Company Website We Designed), Treasured Spaces (A Contractor Site We Designed), Anchor Builders (A Construction Company Site We Designed), Alpine Asphalt (An Asphalt Site We Designed), QuickDry Austin (A water mitigation website we designed), 7 Ways to Make a Construction Website Design Beautiful + Effective, Some frequently asked questions about contractor web designs, Places to Connect with Web Designers in Minneapolis, http://forensicconstructionconsulting.com/, 41 Hilarious Construction, Contractor & Roofing Memes, 16 CSS Gradient Backgrounds | Blue Gradient CSS, Grey & Many More, Onboarding New Clients as a Construction Contractor: Be Selective. Let’s get that out of the way now. For that reason, we drew out those aspects in the wording of things, and actually identified a few headlines that could be used in other marketing materials as well. But if you aimed at a 47-year-old mother with a husband that works ALL THE TIME and said “you have more on your plate than you thought you could ever handle – let us take remodeling off the ‘honey-do’ list, and into reality’ – imagine how that might resonate with 37-year-old men, and with 55-year-old women too! QuickDry needed a website that represented them well to ideal customers and we are currently working through this design process with them. First American Roofing (A Roofing Website We Designed). 600 Washington Avenue North Suite C203, We identified the ideal customers of this company as folks who cared about a healthy and wholesome lifestyle and their kids. Best Carpenter Website Designs Share Tweet Pin It +1 StumbleIt. The first way is word of mouth and referrals – from there, growing construction companies will want to scale into two main forms of marketing. Waterproofing Contractor Websites – (Not Launched Yet). This renovation/design-focused realtor was a client of mine, and we did our best to take the absolute best of the best photographs they had from their interior decoration and design work and make them central to the site. Good marketing makes your current employees proud, it makes future ‘A Players’ easier to attract, and it makes your current customers feel like they made a great decision. Some people are just coming to the site for this reason, so it’s OK to lead with it, and use verbiage like ‘get started,’ ‘get a free consultation,’ or ‘get a free estimate.’. Generalities and platitudes rarely are emotionally persuasive. We were particularly proud of “The Home is The Anchor of Your Family,” and some of the headlines that make this high-end, white-space infused construction company website look phenomenal. Custom Home Builder Web Design – http://athomesbuilder.com/. Of course – if you are looking for a company that’s built 20 plus sites for contractors, home services, and other construction companies – send us a message for a free consultation. This can be in simple ways, like making the big billboard photo of the website – an ideal customer of the company enjoying the benefits of the product or service. I’ve had a lot of success helping contractors get their websites looking professional, so I jumped at the chance. The ideal is that a website tells your unique story, is built around your best images, and doesn’t look like any other competitors’ sites. Get the free 'Construction Lead Gen' package now! If you need any help with your construction company marketing or website design – check out our work and get a free consultation. In the end, we came out with a site that showcases their positive reviews all over Google, Facebook, and Angie’s List – and provided the right information to customers so that they could get started. I hope you enjoyed these awesome construction company, and general contractor websites – and got some ideas about how you might implement some of the things they do well on your construction industry website design. Your website will be entirely bespoke and tailored to your specific needs. Good For: Carpenter, craftsmen and skilled workers . We’ve built so many general contractor websites – but really still love to poke around and find other amazing sites that are out there. Beyond website design – being visible on the web is by far the most important part of marketing yourself online. If we aim super tightly, and really think about the psychology of a tightly defined group – then we’re more likely to appeal to people in general. Local SEO + Marketing Guide: Are Zombies Stealing Your Mktg Budget? SEO is important during the build of contractor websites because you need to make strong suggestions for where to include more text (Google has to be able to read and understand what a page is about), and in the development process, there are all kinds of decisions being made that will affect the way Google indexes a page. How Long Should a Blog Post Be for SEO in 2021. Make the play button inviting – and sometimes use a still from the video in the visual design / UI of the site. Search engine optimization should be considered during your website design. Brand marketing, and lead generation marketing. Electrical Contractor Web Design – http://www.empoweredglobalinc.com/. Brin Building above Black Sheep Pizza I’m extremely excited about the new look and how we might be able to show the professionalism and quality of work on their website that they previously haven’t. A video background shows plans being drawn and then turns into a frame and then a fleshed out building. Nothing is more persuasive than a markedly different after photo, sitting next to a before photo that looks like the ideal client’s current situation. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Commercial / Multi-family Construction Company – (Still in development), Commercial construction company website design, and multi-family company website design are not outside of our wheelhouse. Having worked on 15+ construction and home services websites now, I’ve learned some things I think will help other designers – and possibly the owners of these companies or marketers working on their behalf. Asphalt Company Web Design – http://alpineasphalt.com. The AT Home Builder website design could also have some more content built out so that Google and other search engines have more information about what they sell. Once again this site is a little thin on the content, but in this case, the visual aesthetic is striking. In this case, this site is being built to showcase the area and the high-end details that are going into the construction of these properties. Are they looking out their window at a clean lawn, despite the fact they just saw 5 people replacing their roof, and removing all of their equipment?”.

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