Financing also available. And it can also damage electrical appliances such as refrigerators. The odds of being struck by lightning while inside are far worse than winning the Powerball lottery. Moreover, their house was surrounded by 60 foot pine trees. Moreover, most newer houses use Plex tubing made of plastic which is not conductive. If its proximity is near enough, indirect lightning can strike a power line and travel to your home using that conductive path, according to Richard Kithil, of the Denver-based National Lightning Safety Institute in an interview with the national ABC News. Lightning passing through a house will often 'branch' and utilize more than one path to ground at a time. You probably won’t wonder if your house does experience a strike. Lightning doesn’t just travel, it can ignite anything that it touches. Coaxial cables running from your antenna or cable TV provider snake through the walls. Interestingly, the iron gas line coming into your house are also conductive, but like the copper pipes, they are buried underground. The gutters are working perfectly in heavy downpours and with year-long leaves and debris coming down from our river birches. Terrific customer service and a first class product. They were very professional and gave a fair quote. In addition to outdoor fatalities caused by lightning, a number of people are injured indoors every year, including individuals who are using their landline telephone during a thunderstorm (Source: Medscape). A bolt of lightning is damaging enough on its own. A powerful enough strike can tear off shingles and gutters, leaving the roof a disaster. But if it happens to your home, the actions that you take right away can save your home from further damage. How Much Does It Cost to Replace Gutters in Leesburg, VA? And if it travels through wiring, the damage can cause an electrical fire from exposed wires anywhere in the house. *By clicking below, I’m interested in having your products installed on my home and would like to learn more about Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet products and sales in the future - I understand you use an autodialing phone and text system and my consent is not required to obtain a free estimate - I can call 888-543-5638 instead. Does it seem as if seasonal storms grow more frequent and intense every year? That day, the path of least resistance didn’t include any of those taller objects, but was instead their asphalt shingle roof. Most of these conductive wires start at some distribution point outside your house such as a utility pole or a satellite dish on your roof. There is solid gauge copper wire leading to every wall outlet, light switch, and electrical appliance. It not only looks amazing, but the guys arrived on time, were professional and efficiently got the job done. Copper telephone lines leading to every phone jack. If lightning happens to strike nearby, it’s possible the electricity could find it’s way inside your house. They completed the roof quickly and it looks simply amazing! How Much Does It Cost to Replace Gutters in Springfield, VA? That’s why experts advise home owners to quickly check for any signs of fire or charred marks on the roof, in the attic and throughout the home. The crew showed up early, worked all day and stayed late, were professional and caring regarding the project and the surrounding impact it had on our property and home. Anything electronic in your home is susceptible to damage from a lightning strike. The installer who came to replace the product was the same installer from 20 years earlier. But, the odds of you being struck by lightning while inside a building are considerably worse than winning the Powerball lottery. If the house’s grounding system is broken or inadequate, this can exacerbate the problem. Neurological problems are common after being struck by lightning. What You Should Do if Lightning Strikes Your Home. When lightning strikes a house, it can travel in any number of directions. Lightning is a master of trickery and can do some pretty strange things. We definitely recommend Gutter Helmet to anyone considering this product. I understand you use an autodialing phone and text system and that my signature is not required to obtain a free estimate - I can call 888-5-Helmet instead. And if it happens to your home, you might need a roof replacement and many other repairs. After several quotes, Gutter Helmet was the only company that went into our attic to look and see if more damage had occurred. All major credit cards accepted. Insulating a Garage: Is it worth the money? Electronics are Common Lightning Casualties. So the risk of electrocution while taking a bath or shower is lower these days. The surge usually takes the path of least resistance, which means electricity can run throughout all of the wiring and even plumbing in your home. A strike doesn’t have to contact your home directly to cause damage. There’s good sense behind the idiom “as fast as lightning.” In mere seconds, your home can go from perfectly sound to severely damaged from one lightning strike. Everyone at Gutter Helmet inclusive of the office staff were professional and a pleasure to work with. Installing this was a great value for us. About 35 feet from the front of their house was a utility pole. The cheaper solution is to stay off the landline phone, unplug important devices from the wall outlet, and cross your fingers you won’t have to file an insurance claim! Thunder and lightning are loud, but a direct strike is unmistakable. Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet just replaced our roof and we could not be more satisfied. One thing is certain, though. But the electricity produced by a lightning strike can travel through wires and other conductive surfaces. But it can also jump from one conductor to another. How Much Does It Cost to Replace Gutters in Dickson, TN? MD MHIC #48622 - VA #2705036173 - PA #010099 NJ HIC Reg.#13VH04341800 - OH HIC-L00420 - WA #GUTTEHS872LM - Suffolk NY 55091-H Nassau H01067400 - WV055518 - OR CCB #207223 - DC#420218000007 DE Lic# 2014603791 - New Castle DE #LC9214 – MO# F001330273 - IL #71745686 - KS #5223334 - TN#9617. It’s also possible for the lightning to directly strike your house, then arc flash onto the conductive copper wires. Check circuit breakers, outlets, a light switches for functionality, Check the home’s wiring using a resistance tester to determine whether any wiring is damaged, Test landline telephones to see whether they still work, Test the pressure in water supply lines to identify any leaks, Visually inspect for leaks in all plumbing lines. Just remember, the safest place to be during a thunderstorm is in your house. Maybe not, but the media coverage certainly leads in that direction. If you happen to be in contact with one of them, it’s possible you could can get electrocuted. I will definitely tell my neighbors about the Gutter Helmet. A furious storm might take its toll, but we’ll make everything right again. If your roof suffers lightning damage, Harry Helmet is the one to call. How Much Does It Cost to Replace Gutters in Woodbridge, VA? In all that time I've never had a problem until recently a bird's nest found its way into one of my gutters. It went right through the top of their asphalt shingled roof creating a 2×2 foot hole. Harry Helmet is an equal opportunity employer and we operate a safety first & drug-free workplace focused on employee safety. The heart can usually be restarted after a lightning strike if CPR is administered right away. VERY happy with our entire experience adding Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet to our house. We work hard with each manufacturer to offer our customers the best promotions monthly. If you happen to be in contact with one of them, it’s possible you could can get electrocuted.

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