On a 1973 issue of Rolling Stone, Crowe’s first byline with the publication — a story about the band Poco — was teased on the cover. “And the excesses of the Beck Group’s Truth album (most notably its self-indulgence and restrictedness) are fully in evidence.”, Mendelsohn returned to review Led Zeppelin II, bringing industrial levels of sarcasm with him. Three of the members agreed to do the piece, but Page remained uncertain. In 1982 he adapted his book, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, into a feature-length film. “I hatched a plan to stay on the ’75 tour until they decided to give the RS piece a chance,” he says. Cameron Bruce Crowe (born July 13, 1957) is an American director, producer, screenwriter, journalist, author, and actor. It was a fan experience, their shows sold out by word of mouth. But, in 2000, Crowe decided to turn those “volumes of transcripts” from his days of touring with Led Zeppelin in his teens into a coming-of-age story. Joe Walsh said I should trust you.’ He posed for the cover holding an armful of black roses. [Led Zeppelin’s music manager] Peter Grant found himself involved in constant crisis management (Crowe, Box Set). The band had provided the soundtrack for my own adolescence, but I kept that to myself. The film received rave reviews thanks both to its detailed treatment of the era and its poignant and thoughtful depiction of adolescence. That was his statement to Rolling Stone. They didn’t have to take an ad out for concerts or put out singles. “This is one fucking heavyweight of an album! “I was relieved to discover that I felt the exact same way about Zeppelin as I did when I was 21. https://uproxx.com/movies/cameron-crowe-led-zeppelin-almost-famous In 1980, Led Zeppelin decided to disband when drummer John Bonham was found dead in Page’s home following a night of heavy drinking. Not Zeppelin. “The magazine that trashed ‘Layla,’ broke up Cream, ripped every album Led Zeppelin ever made!”, Rolling Stone had, in fact, panned Zeppelin’s first two albums. I love music too. 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By the mid-’70s, Led Zeppelin was one of the biggest bands in the world. Which is not to say that there weren’t wild days and nights of debauchery, there were, some of which I witnessed and some of which I saw the effects of the next day… but in the years of covering and touring with artists for RS and other publications, I never ran across a single musician who wasn’t transported while talking about or playing music they loved. The result was “The Durable Led Zeppelin,” Crowe’s biggest feature to that point. It also advanced both Crowe and the band’s reputations. Stillwater, Led Zeppelin & Cameron Crowe: The True Story Behind ‘Almost Famous’. It wasn’t a job to me. The magazine chose a live shot in the end.”, Crowe says Zeppelin wore their negative press like a badge of honor. Led Zeppelin, then rarely in the habit of lending their music to films, licensed four songs for Almost Famous. Everybody listening to the whole debut album, side to side. I like melody, wit, vocal harmony and expressiveness, all of which are lacking from Led Zeppelin. From there, Crowe began to rack up an impressive résumé, interviewing the likes of the Eagles, Peter Frampton, and Deep Purple; he even a scored a feature about The Who for Playboy when he was too young to legally buy a copy of it. We want to hear from you! It’s all just showing off.”, In This Article: He was only 21 when he mailed his Led Zeppelin I review – which he’d originally written for his college paper at UCLA – to Rolling Stone. “We began to be amazed that a kid was getting in there and grinding out stuff we could actually use,” Fong-Torres told the Seattle Times in a 1992 interview. “The latest of the British blues groups so conceived offers little that its twin, the Jeff Beck Group, didn’t say as well or better three months ago,” wrote John Mendelsohn in the March 15th, 1969, issue of Rolling Stone. “When I discovered YouTube, I started watching a bunch of videos by old bands,” he told Rolling Stone in 2006. Led Zeppelin will continue to have a presence in the hearts of their admirers and few have captured why its music — or any music — means so much as well as Crowe did in Almost Famous. “Considering how many bureau people and stringers worked a year or two before they broke in with a big story, that was amazing.”. Rolling Stone wasn’t alone. “Unfortunately,” John Mendelsohn wrote of Led Zeppelin’s 1969 debut album, “[Jimmy Page] is also a very limited producer and a writer of weak, unimaginative songs, and the Zeppelin album suffers from his having both produced it and written most of it (alone or in combination with his accomplices in the group).” Subsequent reviews of the band’s early albums weren’t much kinder. There was only one problem: Led Zeppelin hated Rolling Stone.

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