The CK-12 is an edge-terminated, large-diaphragm microphone capsule made in the style of the AKG CK-12. Please note, this post is strictly for those guys who have a professional working experience with the original microphones and at least two different clones. im starting to look around for a decent tube mic. Manufactured by AKG from 1953 to 1963 (and originally designated “C 12” using AKG’s numbering system), it is considered by many to be the ultimate multi-pattern large-diaphragm tube condenser mic. C12 Clone Microphone "BC12" Beesneez Microphones. Each CK-12 is a dual-diaphragm capsule, suitable for use in multipattern microphones as well as Cardioid-only microphones. The NUDE C12 is not pretending to be an exact copy of that fantastic microphone. NUDE RECTANGLE - A LUSCIOUS, WARM MICROPHONE WITH A TRULY DISTINCT TONE. From Australia; AKG C 12 VR Condenser Cable Professional Microphone New - Made in Austria . a pad and roll off switch would be nice but not necessary. something along the lines of a c12 or u47 clone. Yes there are some good mics that pop up in the $1700-$2000 range, but it may be hard to find one that gives the OP a proper c12 … This is my attempt to organize some opinions. I didn't realize used was an option here. C $1,897.91; or Best Offer; Calculate Shipping ; 19 Watching. This complete kit provides all of the parts required to build our C12 or ELA M251 clone microphones. i guess one is a u47 clone and the other is a c12 clone. I have been fortunate to use an original AKG C12 at The Power Station in Connecticut. Even compared to other supposedly unattainable vintage classics like the Neumann U 47, the C12 is fabulously rare. There is no microphone in the world quite like the AKG C12. NUDE STEREO Blumlein RIBBON MICROPHONE - The "Swiss Army Microphone" - Most versatile microphone … Complete documentation and project support can be found on our official build and support thread at so what else is out there? It is an excellent complement to a modern C12-style tube microphone mod, and a superior choice for any vocal or voiceover microphone. NUDE C12 CLONE- AS CLOSE A CLONE OF THE AKG C12 AS I’VE HAD THE PLEASURE TO LISTEN TO. C $6,228.42; or Best Offer +C $135.43 shipping; 6 Watching. prefer something w/ a variable pattern i can switch from the power supply. The aim of any C12 clone is the capture vocals with that creamy pure and rich top end at the same time as giving it sufficient 'bite' to never disappear into the mix. Budget and Premium. There are so many threads about microphone clones on this website! From Croatia, Republic of; AKG C12 VR Reference Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser Microphone 2221X00040. We offer this kit in 2 grades. so far i been looking at an older soundelux e47 or u95.

c12 microphone clone

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