In Chicken Tikka Masala, the chicken is made beforehand as Chicken Tikka, and then added to the finished cream based sauce. In Butter Chicken, the chicken is cooked in the sauce, which can contain large quantities of butter and then finished with a small amount of cream. Butter Chicken vs Tikka Masala. This butter chicken is easier to prepare and has a mild, buttery flavor with a sweeter sauce. It’s super easy to make this rich and tasty dish! The primary difference is that one is Indian and the other is British. How To Make Butter Chicken. Butter chicken and tikka masala are similar, but tikka masala has different spices. Butter chicken will often look very similar to chicken tikka masala; the difference is that tikka masala has more of a complex, layered flavor from the spices, while butter chicken tastes like, well, butter, with a milder, sweeter gravy.

butter chicken vs tikka masala

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