Smother them in this savory lemon, basil marinade for a super flavorful dish. Refrigerate turkey within two hours and store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. For juicy meat, be sure to brine the turkey. Thanksgiving is not the only time to consume turkey. Most red wines, including cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, mourvèdre, Rhône blends, zinfandel, petite sirah, nebbiolo, nero d'avola, primitivo, barbera, and sangiovese with beef or lamb (cabernet sauvignon is particularly appropriate for lamb). Cover dish with foil and roast 30-40 minutes until turkey reaches 160 degrees F in thickest part. Turkey Tenderloin is an easy option for dinner any day of the week! Add julienned carrots, sliced onions and sliced red peppers to the bottom of the dish. Turn on the broiler and broil for 4 to 5 minutes until browned. This recipe requires only a few ingredients and less than 10 minutes of prep. (I combine … Hi, Lisa! If you try this recipe, don’t forget to leave a review below or share a photo and tag, Creamy Lemon Asparagus Salmon Pasta with Chickpea Casarecce. Sprinkle the turkey with salt and pepper to taste, then place in the baking dish. Welcome to Spoonful of Flavor, where you will find family friendly recipes and fun foodie travel destinations. OK the rose worked great. While it doesn't take as long as a regular Thanksgiving turkey, it isn't quite as fast as other pultry, so be sure to allow for some time to cook. Now readily available year-round, be sure to take advantage of this chicken substitute. For thoe who love Thanksgiving, turkey is a welcomed dinner any day of the week. 3.31731. Sprinkle the turkey tenderloin with salt and pepper, then place in the baking dish. Required fields are marked *. Stay a while and check out our recipes, tutorials and videos featuring meals the entire family will love! Turkey is always a good option for entertaining, but it also makes a great meal for two! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This savory dish is all you need for a mini holiday dinner. Or visit for more turkey recipes and cooking tips! Roast this tenderloin with some simple vegetables and share it with your Valentine, dinner guests and more. Use a meat thermometer to ensure that your turkey reaches a safe internal temperature of 165° Fahrenheit. Simple ingredients create the best meals. Learn how your comment data is processed. Remove the turkey from the marinade and place on the rack in … It comes preseasoned for easy prep in the slow cooker, oven, or on the grill. This was delish. Turkey, while delicious once cooked, needs a little love beforehand. As always, opinions are my own. In a separate bowl, stir together wine, broth, and seasonings; pour over tenderloin. No matter what cut of turkey you choose, cook the turkey to a safe internal temperature of 165°F. Turkey tenderloin is a great recipe to make during busy weeknights because you can just throw it in the oven and let it cook. Sprinkle the turkey with salt and pepper to taste, then place in the baking dish. Grilled Turkey Tenderloin with Mushroom Sauce. Depending on how much liquid you have, I would use a few teaspoons of cornstarch to start. Next, whisk together white wine, chicken broth, garlic powder and dried rosemary. Or save the leftovers to reheat! Turkey is naturally low in fat and provides immunity-boosting nutrients like iron, zinc and potassium. Try making turkey tenderloins for dinner. Have turkey tenderloins for dinner any night o f the week is sort of like getting to enjoy Thanksgiving whenever you feel like it. Cookie laws of various countries require we inform you that we use cookies. This poultry main dish is easy to work with and always soaks up a lot of flavor- so make sure you're seasoning appropriately. Turkey tenderloins are the perfect solution for your Thanksgiving cravings. This dish was easy and quick to make, and it turned out beautifully — really moist, tender and pleasing to the eye. Can I use cornstarch to make the drippings and liquid into a gravy? Thank you for saving the day. It’s the perfect meal for special occasions or an easy weeknight meal. subscribe to get new recipes delivered via email: Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Coat a large baking dish with olive oil. Tempranillo, dolcetto, gewürztraminer, or muscat for roast pork; carmènere with pork sausage; sangiovese, pinotage, or richer sauvignon blancs with stir-fried or braised pork dishes or pork in various sauces; syrah/shiraz, mourvèdre, Rhône blends, zinfandel, petite sirah, nero d'avola, or primitivo with barbecued spareribs or pulled pork, or with cochinito en pibil and other Mexican-spiced pork dishes. Yes, you can use cornstarch to thicken the liquid. We use cookies to ensure that we provide you the best experience on our website. Then turn on high broiler for 4-5 minutes until browned … This easy turkey tenderloin recipe comes together easily to create a light, fresh and flavorful meal. This rosemary herb crusted turkey tenderloin recipe is simple enough for any home cook to reproduce and feel like a professional cook. You can add more to thicken, if needed. Since I’d never made it before, I stuck strictly to the recipe, but the next time — and there’ll definitely be more than one next time — I’ll experiment with different seasonings to give it a tad more zing.

boneless turkey tenderloin recipes

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