We recommend placing a frame around the plant. That might be a mystery to solve next year. The blueberries are ripening! Secure the netting along the top and sides of the frame at intervals with plastic or fabric ties. I hate spam….despise it as much as 1970s vinyl floors. So make sure that you are either erecting the cage after pollination season or using a mesh wide enough to let these helpers through. Plus the extra room creates a cage that provides enough room for the blueberry bush to grow! My family loves to eat blueberries. And winding up this Week was Homemade Beef Stew Seasoning. We found the best value in a. Overhead Crop Netting. These tasty berries are perfect in yogurt, on a salad, or even just a handful for a snack. Bees are crucial to producing blueberry fruits. Next repeat the same process with remaining two open sides of the cube with one exception. Cut PVC Piping. 62 0 obj <>stream Yuck…. Have a lovely week. I’m going to be honest, I’m petrified of snakes. Birds, squirrels, and deer. Why? 2. 0 ASDR. I proceeded to watch the birds sit right on top of the bush, reach their beaks right through the net and pick berries right off the branches. Ideally, the best time to erect the blueberry cage is when the berries start to turn color. If not, modify accordingly. After you have enjoyed your harvest of ripe, juicy berries, simply snip the plastic ties, remove and fold the netting, and break apart the PVC pipes and connectors and prepare for storage. This fact sheet offers three truth-tested frame designs to support netting over blueberries, includes logistical information about available netting, and … But, I used a mesh size (5/8”) that allowed both the pollinators AND birds through. A wood frame would be far more attractive. In other words, you are covering two sides and the top of the cage. And our blueberries would be ripe for the bird’s picking in about 2 weeks, so we didn’t have time to spare. Probably a dark green color. But this year I’m determined to outsmart those critters! Using the 10’ PVC pipes in half using your chosen cutting tool. Our supplies were fairly inexpensive. Keep an eye out throughout the season, and don’t be surprised if you start seeing evidence of digging under the PVC pipes. Smart Net System's Overhead Crop Netting consists of a suspended, full enclosure application and is ideal for blueberry netting, strawberry netting, saskatoon berry netting, vineyard netting and other crop protection against birds. I hope to see you at next week’s party too! Two years ago, I didn’t secure netting at the ground level, so wildlife got up under the net. ********************************************************. Ugh. Without them around pollinating your blueberry bush, you’ll won’t see many berries. Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy & effectiveness of the information displayed on this website, Everyday Old House is for entertainment purposes only. We only had to buy the PVC pipe and netting – the rest of the items we already had in our basement. Thank you for sharing at #OverTheMoon. Fine mesh netting is a potential option for farmers to protect blueberries from Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) damage. endstream endobj 25 0 obj <>>>/Metadata 9 0 R/Pages 22 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 26 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> endobj 27 0 obj <>stream But you know who else loves blueberries? I've engineered a cheap, easy, quick frame to hold bird netting so I … it was to build. The system fully encloses your crop by mounting the nets above the canopy with wires running through the edge meshes, which are simply … While blueberry are self-pollinating to an extent, they tend to grow larger fruit through cross-pollination with a second variety planted nearby. While the thought of a smaller mesh sounds enticing, the medium to larger size might be a better choice since it ensures that bees and other pollinators can reach any late-blooming. But maybe you do and maybe you are a fan of snakes. Based in Waco, Texas, they focus on a wide range of products that make growing plants attainable for any level of gardener. Wednesday saw Stuffed Peppers. Thursday was Basic Marinara Sauce. For the last 2 years I draped netting over the blueberry bushes. We decided to try our hand on building a blueberry cage for two reasons. Not exactly sure…. Next year I might spray paint the PVC a nice color to blend in with the house and garden. Pest Netting Sheets - Pest netting sheets work well in the Scope out some new blueberry recipes. Simply roll it on, and your blueberries are secure. endstream endobj startxref Leave a few inches of netting along the ground so that you can weigh it down with garden staples or rocks to stop wildlife from sneaking in underneath (they are smart critters!). I couldn’t find a crop cage or tent that was either a reasonable price or wouldn’t be delayed for at least a month. Last year, I placed rocks to hold the netting down to the ground. I could use a new basic marinara sauce – my kids are into pasta these days and I’m trying to mix it up. The mesh size needs to be around 1 mm or less. �H�20�Dz����� ��d6��/f`ڻ$4���Ƈ� ��M on How to Build a Simple DIY Blueberry Bush Cage, Upcycle a Telephone Chair (Simple DIY Tutorial), 60+ Important Papers and Documents For a Home Filing System (Checklist), Friday Favorites Linky Party - Week 533 - Simply Sweet Home, 5 Ways to Clean Wooden Kitchen Cabinets - Straight from the Experts, How to (Quickly) Label A Home's Electrical Panel Directory, How to Install a No Dig Fence (Lowes Grand Empire XL). Come party with us at Over The Moon! So the measurements and supply quantities for this tutorial applies to covering just one larger blueberry bush. That’s it! 43 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<4DD01D2CC92EC3C5A595CF25D7AAD9EF><36F53ACABC0F3A41AB68D5C6DEA97E29>]/Index[24 39]/Info 23 0 R/Length 103/Prev 173582/Root 25 0 R/Size 63/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream JZ��_�5�1-Bk/�yN��=�u:��ݟ�n��ͥ�}�y6N���o�q��c�βq{1�yB��O'�b As a side note, I do know that production of blueberries works best with more than one bush. Double ugh. If you’ve reached the bottom of this post, then maybe you liked what you read? Netting slides easy over the PVC poles versus snagging on wood and ripping netting. ��xh�8jL 8Y�Ӈ�������fQ��@ͩè1SG�q�3!su�8'B�(�M�>�oa],�⛮. Read on…. Yippee!!! It’s been up for a few weeks and seems to be working. We planted it about 5-7 years ago, I can’t quite remember exactly when. This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon. PVC pipe – 10’ lengths of ¾” diameter (Quantity of 6) – we bought ours at, PVC side outlet elbows or corner connectors – ¾” (Quantity of 8) – we bought ours at, Netting – Minimum of 6′ by 40′ roll. Note that it was pointed out to me on my Hometalk page that this mesh is notorious for killing snakes. Admittedly, PVC doesn’t make for the most attractive cage. Once assembled, secure the PVC into the ground with garden staples. Gardzen 6.8ft x 30ft Anti Bird Netting, Pond Net with 20pcs Cable Ties - Protect Your Garden Vegetables Fruit Plants Ponds.

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