Able to carry a maximum load of 350 pounds, … The new Fat Tire Electric Tricycle offers style, dependability and performance unparalleled by other electric … It’s a big wheel high-end trike that’s made to go anywhere and everywhere and, stylistically, is closer to a mountain bike than a conventional trike. The big wheel trike features a lightweight frame that provides a considerable weight advantage over past gas trikes … A 500 watt motor in the hub of the front wheel moves you to speeds of up to 22mph. Do you need a little legroom to get on and off this trike? Our personal recommendation is ‘Addmotor MOTAN M-350 Electric Tricycle… The Fat Tire Electric Tricycle: The FT-1900X. The front powered wheel … Lew's Greenspeed Magnum Big Wheel Electric Trike: Get your own custom Greenspeed Magnum XL Folding Trike. UTCustom 1000W Trike Motor w/Reverse - After two years of testing, we are pleased to announce our new 1000W Trike … It is a partner-trike of the FT-1900 model with a low bar to help you with your getting off and on. The high capacity 48-volt battery system extends your ride to up to 25 miles. These options are the best to evaluate and pick a perfect bike as per your budget, desired features and other preferences. The MotoTec Drifter is a 48 volt, 500-watt Electric Trike for people who like to slide while they ride. An electric trike is a great addition to your garage. This MotoTec big Wheel Electric Drifter is a three wheel trike powered by a 500 watt motor can travel at speeds of 22 mph (35 kilometers per hours!).

big wheel electric trike

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