Talk to an audiophile, and they will tell you that this is a normal process; the electricity that flows through the speakers will broaden the sound quality or the break-in. Still, the bigger the wattage value, the more power. It might be a little surprising at first glance, considering how small the tube amp actually is. If you don’t mind this, along with the fact that there’s no carrying case with the amp, then the Blues Junior IV is good for both private and venue use. Don’t leave it outside for very long when you’re not playing, or store in a bad area. You can hook up your pedals and play around with guitar effects to your heart’s content. The AC4TV is suggested for beginners and players that don’t need anything more than what four watts can handle. With a whopping 75 watts and over 300 crafted presets from some of the world’s most famous bands, this amp is definitely a winner. None of these get into the boutique-level of pricing that some 5-watt tube amplifiers can reach. The fact it's only 4 watts means you can drive the 2 x 12ax7 preamp tubes and el84 power tube without destroying your hearing. If you do want to crank up the volume, be prepared to hear a little clipping. The Bugera V5 Amplifier is a 5-Watt powerhouse that’s modern and very powerful. It’s made from fiberboard and may crack or break if you drop it. You should also update the firmware before you get started; the amp won’t sound very well if you don’t. At only 4 watts of power, this amp will really hit. Here are the main features that you need to look for. Loud enough to be used for personal sessions or live gigs. It had 15 watts total but can be reduced to 1 if needed. Classic brands tend to be better for the genres that have been around longer, but not always. Doesn’t sound well prior to using the USB. Tones are level enough to use the amp during recording sessions. To avoid confusion, the gain is not a way to control an amp’s volume. Line 6 Spider IV 75 75-watt 1×12 Modeling Guitar Amplifier best combo tube amp for under 300 dollars-2020. Heavier items are a pain to lug around from venue to venue, and the chances of damages occurring are much higher, especially if you’re going solo. It packs 30 watts of power and has a top-notch Celestion in the interior. If you need something that’s tiny enough to fit inside a small bag but has the power to punch out all sorts of great tones, this is the right tube for you. The way they amplify is more efficient, so lower wattage doesn’t mean there’s no volume. If you can manage that, then the Fender Super Champ X2’s 15 watts of power will definitely keep you playing much longer than you were before. You can get decent options in both, but there tend to be more portable, powerhouse types in the tube category. the cleans are crisp and tight, and won’t lose their pitch as you play. Good airflow from the rear that doesn’t cause humming from the speakers. If you have other speakers that you plan to use with this one, setting everything up shouldn’t take too long. Having gone over recommendations on Amazon while scouring depths of Reddit, and extrapolating from the findings based on our own research, we have found 12 small tube amps that are perfect for anyone. When played on its own, cleans are robust on both low and high-quality guitars. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,, and any others that may be affiliated with the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. The Vox AC15C1X is a good way to test out alternative instruments if you have any. Although it's a 15 watt amp, you can drop to 7 watts or as low as 1 watt via the flick of a switch. The handle will likely erode and brittle over time. Best 15 Watt Tube Amp – Orange Amplifiers Rocker 15. A typical tube amp will come with at least one or two channels for controlling the gain and volume. In fact, chances are high that you won’t even need a pedal to do this. On some guitars, getting the right sound is heavily reliant on how the strings are touched. It’s not cheap but this is an amp for life – it records wonderfully and, despite its comparatively low power rating, is a great gigging amp too. If you are lookig for the best studio monitors, but don't know how to choose them, read our reviews of the best studio monitors on the market! By plugging your amp into a computer, you could also change the quality of your music, depending on the type of software you have available. We’ve included some 1-watt options on our list. Stick with what you want, but try out the two mentioned if you’re not sold. It’s easy to tell what can though, at the handles will protrude out of the case when putting on, along with the brand informing you of the tubes that will actually fit it. Amps are sometimes described as having a “British” or “American” sound. The Fender Blues Junior IV is a 15 Watt amp that’s all black in color and outfitted with a Celestion 12-inch speaker. With this being said, it’s time to dive into the meat and potatoes with the Buyer’s Guide. Many players love to modify their amps by changing the interior components to accessories that improve the quality of their sound. Gibsons and Epiphones are well suited for it, along with the Danelectro. A good, resonating chime can also be heard when tuned correctly, and it won’t become muffed or distorted from a lack of headroom. Although it doesn’t look as boutique as other amplifiers, it’s not as traditional as it looks either. You may have to do a bit of adjusting, but the overall sound quality should remain on point and free of distortion on most volume levels outside of high.

best low watt boutique tube amp

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