But, you may need to use your palms to push flyaways into place. Depending on the composition of the product, it may slightly reduce the hold, however - which helps achieve the messy, natural style you’re after with this product. You would never use a hair clay for a formal style. This strong hold clay can be used to achieve definition and separation while adding softness and maintaining the health of the scalp. Best Way to Apply Hair Clay. While that's great for the hold, it is difficult to work out of the container. With its anti-oxidant rich formula, it’s ideal for all hair and skin types and is sulfate and paraben-free. But, it will give you a solid 12-14 hours of sheer bliss. It is lightweight, easy to style and control, and has a refreshing finish. They’re not bad at controlling the frizz, which makes it a great choice for men that fight that battle every day. Loreal Professional Homme Clay. Best Hair Clay in 2020 ~ Top 6 based on Hold, Shine and Ingredients It is expensive for a hair clay but the jar can last up to several months, so it is not too bad of a value. Most have medium to strong hold, though some hold like gel – but without the shine. This amazing hair clay is surprisingly easy to wash out despite the mix of its ingredients. The use of natural seed oils actively nourishes and hydrates the scalp while at the same time conditions the hair, providing long term nourishment from roots to ends. But, considering it has everything else in exactly the right place, we had to give it the top spot on our list. Nope. You can either use your fingers or a comb to tame it in place. No really, expect to add some volume if you apply this to damp hair and style with a hair dryer. There are a few users that find this is a little too thick for what they’re looking for; they have a little difficulty with the application. It is much more of a paste or clay; it is thick and tacky so it needs a little effort and practice to get the hand of styling. While it is on the pricier side, it’s absolutely the right clay for this hair type, and therefore, usually worth it. These clays are more often used as a pre-styler that thickens your hair while adding a fair amount of texture. We can’t say that we’re supremely blown away when working with hair that needs a high hold, but this product also wasn’t designed for that. But, when blended with pomades, you get a little more shine and a little more hold while still getting all the volume you want from a clay. Inside the confusing list of ingredients, you’ll find bentonite clay and beeswax (as you should expect). Don’t expect more than a day’s duration out of this. Work until it’s evenly distributed, and there aren’t any chunky bits. The minty smell is uplifting and refreshing. It’s a thick whitish-grayish putty. So we advise putting it under hot water while sealed to soften the product a bit before application. Either way, it dissipates quickly and if everything else is in place for you on this product, you shouldn’t let the smell stop you from trying it. Aside from that, it will last you a long time - up to several months in fact! After 38 hours of research evaluating 56 products, we picked Pete and Pedro Clay as our top choice. It’s also in the affordable range and adds volume and texture to hair with its awesome blend of ingredients. You will definitely need to work this clay in your hands before you place it in your hair. 11 Best Hair Clay Brands: Ranked If you want a little more volume, use a hair dryer on the cool setting. This lightweight hair clay comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That said, it holds up well through some difficult elements, including sweat, which is a real plus. very. This hair clay is too strong for those who have thinning and short hair. Whether you work with clean hair or you add a little more product to yesterday’s clay style, you’re alright. The petroleum base mixed with beeswax makes it a little more difficult than we would like for a clay. No. If you dream of a hair with high definition, then you must give this product a try. Shape your hair to whatever style you want with this clay and it will maintain the same state all day. However, most users rave about the ease of application (not to mention the desired result), which is made easier by the fact that you really only need a small amount (as little as a fingernail-sized blob). When you’ve been jealous of the natural good style of celebs that clearly don’t have any product in their hair, you’ve been coveting their little tub of hair clay. As such, you’re probably not going to find that many hybrids on the market yet. Don't opt for this product if you’re after a strong, all day hold. But, there are a few that make the most of ground wax ingredients. Some guys find they don’t even need a shampoo to get this water-based product out of their hair. It offers medium to strong-hold that stays pretty much in place all day, without appearing stiff or greasy. And the baby has incredible hold but still a natural look! In general, you would reach for your clay when you want a messy bed head style or a brush-up style. With a satisfaction guarantee and good customer service, there’s little reason not to. This doesn’t feel like a clay, but it sure works like a clay. Generally speaking, clays are a little stickier than pomades, but it won’t stick to your hands or create little globs in your hair (as long as you apply it appropriately); you shouldn’t see any residue on your hair or scalp. And, yes, some are creamier. It washes out easily, though you will need shampoo to get this clay out of your hair (it does an amazing job of really clinging to the hair to make it appear thicker). If you’ve worked with pomade before, you shouldn’t experience any difficulty working with clay. At best, we’d describe this hold as medium. Nice, right? Lock your hair in place while you style away, leaving the shine off the table. This will definitely make your hair appear denser and it’s also got a medium hold that is certainly stronger for guys with fine hair. We kind of love that, because you actually want a clay with some hold otherwise it just thickens your hair. Now, on to the big question, with pomade in the product name, should you expect some shine? Seriously. For any style, you’ve got power at the tip of your fingers (literally). Sure, the hold is a little weaker than other clays, and the expected duration is definitely shorter, but most guys find the hold is more than enough, especially if their hair is on the thinner side. And, there are also a few clays that are so light that you may need to use a hairspray to keep your do in place. It’s better than medium, but it’s far from the strongest. The best styling product for men with thick hair is a hair clay that has a strong hold and a medium matte finish. There’s almost no smell and it washes out easily. But, most people don’t even notice it. (May we suggest a wax for these types of styles?). So, it’s authentic, which is always a good start…but it gets even better. You’ll need to do the same here, but nowhere near as much as with other “budget” options. Imagine that pomade and putty had a product baby, and you’ve got yourself hair clay. It’s also paraben free. Use a comb, your hand, or a toothpick if you want—this works easily when you want it to, and holds up against rain, wind, and the stuffy, uncomfortable heat of the train station. (Okay, if you want super poofy hair, and we’re not judging, we would suggest an actual volumizer - they exist.). It’s got a creamier texture than other clays, but it’s actually a pomade blend. We’re not going to lie about the price of most clays. The primary clay in here is bentonite. As with any styling product, it’s much easier to add a little more if you need it to complete your look than it is to claw it out of your hair. And, if that wasn’t enough, he's also a best-selling, award-winning author of fantasy novels! It also produces a gentle and mild scent. Don’t put hair clay into your hair if you have other products in it, which also includes residue shampoo or conditioner from the shower. Then, all you need to do is push it into the style you prefer. Don’t worry—it’s not real cement. Scanning through its ingredients, it’s composed of mostly all natural oils like spearmint, vetiver, and lavender that have antibacterial and calming properties that are good for the hair and scalp. WHY TRUST US: Faveable spends thousands of hours researching, interviewing experts & testing products, to create carefully selected lists trusted by millions of consumers since 2013. Indeed, we think you’ll appreciate how effortless it is to get hair clay off your hands and out of your hair. Waxes are better for serious pompadours if that’s what you want. The aroma is not strong, it's a subtle vanilla scent that smells good on hair. And, it doesn’t leave any greasy or waxy residue on your hands the way some products do.

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